Something’s Wrong

Something is clearly wrong.

I have overslept twice in all the months that I’ve been blogging; it does not happen often. When it does, it is usually because I went to bed too late the night before, which was not the case last night. This morning, however, my brother tentatively cracked open my bedroom door at 6.35. That is an hour and twenty-five minutes past my alarm (and over half an hour past the time that I usually leave the house)!! I can’t understand it — I went to bed by 11.00! I said a dirty word and leaped out of bed while thanking my lucky stars that I had taken a shower the night before. So much for trying out one of my new cereals… A baggie of this one somehow wound up in my hands as I dashed out the door. I don’t usually have a lot of time for breakfast, but at least I can sit down and eat my cereal with a spoon like a civilized person. Sigh.

Waking up late is aggravating; it throws off the whole day. If my brother hadn’t woken me when he did, I might still be sleeping! I went to my “Friday” gym (it’s closer to my office, but it opens later than the one I usually go to), which was a little anxiety-provoking, but I was grateful that I was able to go at all.

And you would think that because I had that extra sleep, I’d be less tired… ha, not so much. What did help with that was the Excedrin Migraine I took during the day; I get aura, and I am so terrified of migraines that at the slightest hint of spots before my eyes, down the hatch go the pills. Excedrin Migraine’s caffeine keeps me awake like nothing else can!

Because the vent in the office has been open for the past couple of days, some internal warming was in order.

Yes, I eat crap. I’m entitled. (Doesn’t it figure, however, that they closed the vent midway through the morning? Not that I’m complaining about that!  Now if they’d only empty the trash can…)

There was also, naturally, an embarrassingly enormous salad.

Romaine, baby corn, zygote carrots, zucchini, Lightlife burger.

Then it was off to some of this…

…and this:

Can I just say, I have serious issues?  (Tell me something I don’t know…)  In one of my classes — obviously, not the one with the professor who likes giving tricky pop quizzes which just serve to prove the point that I am a total dumbass — the discussion is actually pretty interesting.  Not that I participate in it, or anything; even if I wanted to, even if I could get over the notion that anything I could possibly say is just so stupid that there’s no point in saying it, the very thought of voicing anything in that forum literally makes me freeze.  I sense a problem…

In my break between classes, I bought these pastry crisps.

They played the role of last week’s soy crisps.  (Seriously: I want one day where I don’t freak out / obsess over something food-related.  One day.  Is that asking too much?!)  Look at what I saw in the store:

Yes, that is a real bird.  It was chomping on something.  I was completely grossed out, and will never buy anything in this store that does not come in a closed package!  (Even though the only things I ever appear to buy there are Glenny’s crisps…)

The professor for my second class (the one that proves my stupidity) wastes time… I won’t even begin to describe what he does.  But at least he lets us out early, so we spend less time wasting time!  I have my preferred procrastination methods, and apparently they don’t coincide with his.  Anyway, as soon as I got home I jumped in the shower — I usually slather myself in moisturizer while my skin is still damp after my shower in the morning, and I was starting to feel its absence!  That, however, means that I am now waiting for my hair to dry.  Again.  I actually think I remember reading once that healthy hair takes longer to dry… um, right.  Must be the horsetail extract in the normalizing conditioner I use after I go swimming.  :p

Ehhh… I don’t know about that.  But I am very, very tired.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


16 responses to “Something’s Wrong

  1. dude me must have the same thing BECAUSE I”M NOT GETTING UP EARLY ANYMORE?! WTFFFF?!!?

    and you know, at ucla, once a dog ran into my physiology lecture. after 10 minutes, it ran out. I DON”T BLAME IT.

  2. sometimes sleeping in can be a good thing! i generally don’t feel well rested afterwards but i think your body will thank you :]
    have a great night!

  3. ohmigosh!! SAME HERE!! I’ve overslept a few mornings too, and I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. I can’t even hear my damn alarm clock, and I made sure to have TWO!!
    And on days when I actually sleep in and get my full 8-9 hours of sleep, I feel even more tired. I don’t know what’s wroooong?!

  4. wow so weird about sleeping in!! oh my gosh-A BIRD IN THE STORE! what the heck?!1 thats so weird!

  5. Ugh I wish I could over sleep. I can never seem to sleep past 5; I consider 5:15 a success.

    That’s really weird about the bird in the store… he obviously has good taste in nut butters though.

    I hope the rest of your week goes great 🙂

  6. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    EW i would have cried if i saw a bird in the grocery store. gag. i hate birds. hey if that’s an embarrassingly big salad, then i should be cowering in shame bc my salads are like 5 times that. volume veggie eater i am indeed. hope you get some sleep tonight and wake up rested (and on time!)

  7. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i know how you feel, but try not to stress 😦 maybe your body just needs the sleep..but ewww about the bird in the store, wtf! hahaha


  8. I really like that picture of the pen on that page of type… Very trippy in the best and most artistic of ways. 😉
    Ugh I despise accidentally sleeping in. I’m typically pretty anxious and whatnot throughout the day, but panicking the moment you open your eyes and look at the clock? Not so fun. Hopefully tomorrow you wake right on time and feel rested… And don’t have any run-ins with random birds!


  9. Wow, 6.35 is an hour and 25 minutes later than you normally get up?! You really are a morning person! I get up at 8 most days 😛 but then I don’t really have anywhere to be. The picture of the bird is so funny and random – I love that it was sitting on top of the nut butter, it must have blogging sensibilities 😉

  10. Man, I WISH I could oversleep! I wake up so early! Don’t let it throw you off. It could be your body telling you that you’re working to hard during the day. Delicious looking salad!

    I eat crap sometimes too, it’s all good 🙂


  11. First, they were giving out free Steaz samples on my campus yesterday, and I thought of you immediately! I am no longer a Steaz virgin, woot woot. 😉

    If you overslept your normal wakey time, your body needed it and it is nothing to beat yourself up about. I’m also an early riser, and I know it majorly throws things off to get a later start occasionally, but try to look at it as an impromptu exercise in flexibility, practice makes perfect!

    That’s a cardinal! Interesting, they are usually less common in commercial-type areas than scrappy little sparrows, which I have seen in stores before.

    I used to be super-shy about speaking up in class, but that slowly morphed over the years and now I am that kid with her hand constantly in the air. Sometimes it takes a certain professor or subject that you’re into to really break the shell. Do you find it less stressful to speak up in classes that are in your main subject of specialty?

    Take care and treat yourself kindly today!

  12. ohmigawsh, what a crazy day! i would have totally freaked out… i hate waking up late. luckily, it rarely happens when i *need* to get up, but if it’s a day where i have nothing in the morning, it is soooo hard these days. i’m blaming SAD.

    i can’t believe the bird! crazy!

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  14. Looks like that bird likes expensive nut butter!

  15. Do you think your body is telling you to get more sleep? Or is it a fluke?

  16. You are joyous

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