I really, really, really, really, really don’t want the weekend to be over.  This is, like, kicking-and-screaming status.  I am so not ready to face the week.  Though if Steaz has anything to say in the matter, I am perfectly prepared…

Ah, yeah.  Right.  As if!

I watched this DVD today…

…with a side of air-popped popcorn.  (Is it just me, or does anyone else pop corn primarily for the heavenly scent?!)  I have so little patience to watch anything… I had to multi-task, of course.

Happy Sunday!

That white bowl got quite a workout today.  It also played host to Hugh Jass, Sr.

Let’s see… romaine, broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts, tofu, whole-grain rotini, honey dijon vinaigrette.  A huge bowl of deliciousness.  I do not understand how anyone can not like vegetables… (do you hear me, O brother of mine?!)

I also broke open the new jar of peanut butter today.

I really liked that it wasn’t as thick as regular peanut butter (read: the kind that contains sugar / additives)… it would be a lot easier for me to stir this in to yogurt / oatmeal / whatever, because it’s so runny.  I don’t think I’d mind the crunchy bits in that case, but as a spread, I found the pieces of nuts to be a bit weird.

A new-to-me apple variety (hey, that kind of rhymes):

Pinata!  It tasted very similar to a Gala, except that it was much firmer and crunchier.  Which, in my opinion, makes it preferable.

This is notable because it is the second apple in a row that I managed to core properly.  See how skilled I am?!  :p

On my way back from Blockbuster, where I went to return the DVD, I stopped in at the public library.  I need to have a very big stack of books available to me at all times, and my stash was getting a bit low.  Not like I have much time for leisure reading these days, but the stores have been replenished:

You think I might have enough reading material?!  I think there are over thirty books lined up here now.  Hello, I am a biblio-holic.  There are worse things in the world.

Stef passed me this award:

The rules are to list 8 things that make my day, and then tag 8 other bloggies.

  1. Waking up feeling energized; love the kind of days where I’m actually awake before I stumble into the shower!
  2. Taking a walk during my lunch break; I need me some vitamin D!  Even if it’s yucky outside, the afternoon feels so much more cheerful if I get outside for a bit in the middle of the day.
  3. Finishing a crossword puzzle / sudoku without making a single mistake.
  4. Listening to my favorite morning radio show on my MP3 player while I walk from the gym to my office.
  5. Going to the gym; most of the time, I’d be a snappish zombie if I didn’t get in a morning workout!
  6. Having the chance to curl up with a good book and read it in its entirety in one sitting.
  7. Warm fuzzy socks.  Even in the summer.
  8. All of your lovely comments!  (No, I am not just saying that.)

I hate doing this, but I really don’t think there are eight bloggers who haven’t been tagged in this yet; if you haven’t been, I apologize for neglecting to pick up on it, and you can consider yourself tagged.

…And with that, this oh-so-exciting post will draw to a close.

Have as great a Monday as a Monday can be!


13 responses to “Biblio-holic

  1. love those 8 things that make you happy!! very unique!

  2. who doesnt love veggies!<3 yum
    great salad

  3. I am usually very good with self-control when it comes to buying things, but put me in a bookstore and I will blow a budget to smithereens. I go through them pretty fast, but I still usually have a stack of at least a dozen (sometimes two or three times that) lined up to read. If you have to have a problem, having too many books ain’t a bad one, or at least that’s what I tell myself. 😉

    Apples are absolutely my favorite fruit, I’ve never heard of this pinata type before, will have to keep an eye out for it! I have a guy friend that refuses to eat any fruit/vegetable, I really can’t understand it.

    I hope your week gets off to a good start!

  4. 3- best one ever.

    hahah salad.. i want some honey dijon vinagrette. i know i butchered that one. whoops.

    pinata. HMMMMmm. must taste, if i like galas. and girl, you got the coring skills to A TEE!

  5. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    i’m such a crossword fan too! i have this “supersized book of sunday crosswords” from the new york times, um…they’re pretty hard. but i love em! your steaz caps are hilarious. poor company tries so hard don’t they? i love mornings when i wake up energized too. rare, but it happens!

  6. A pinata apple? I’ve never heard of such a thing! But I love crunchy apples. The firmer the better in my eyes, so I bet I would like that kind. I wonder if you hit it with a bat if all sorts of goodies would come flying out… Seeds maybe? 😉
    I’m pretty sure crosswords puzzles are the greatest thing on the planet. My mom got me a whole book of them for Hanukkah. Quite possible the best gift ever. I haven’t started doing them though because I’m “saving them.” Aka I’ll probably never fill out the book because I don’t want them to run out. Craziness.
    Oh and warm fuzzy socks = perfection.


  7. Great eats, you will get through this week, just breathe!

  8. Crunchy PB, I’m loving it more and more…

    Have a great week! x Julia (Taste of Living)

  9. Hey hey, someone with book-hoarding tendencies to rival my own 😀 I have three overflowing bookcases and many more stashed in my attic. Books are my friends…I can’t just disgard them because I’ve read them umpteen times (and dropped many of them in the bath at various junctures…I like to read in the bath a little too much)

    Walking outside IS so lovely and energizing. Actually, I agree with every point on your list…except I’m not bright enough to finish crosswords or play sudoku…or finish a book in one sitting 😛 But if I was then it would certainly make me happy. You must have an amazing attention span / ability to focus.

    Apple blasphemy! Nothing will ever rival the Jazz, King/God of fruits (after the banana of course)

    Hope you had a stressless Monday!


  10. Socks, books, sudokus, walks…no wonder I like talking to you 😉 our tastes are very similar! I actually have a grand total of 80 books sitting around my room waiting to be read, and another few hundred that I would like to read again. People need to stop publishing books for a while so I can catch up 😛

  11. I love this list! I’m with you on waking up feeling energized… it’s rare!

  12. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    yay for 8 things- they made me smile! and boo for the weekend being over 😦 i love yoru little affirmations a la steaz haha. never had that crunchy peanut butter- i want to tryyy


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