A day I was dreading actually began with something pretty exciting.  LOOK!

I finally, finally, finally finished a jar of peanut butter!  This one was a long time coming.  (I must examine this detail, because I think it took me a lot less time to finish the last jar; I just can’t figure out if that’s because I used to eat peanut butter more often, or if I cut down on the portion size!)  Obviously, this means only one thing: oats in a jar!

I microwaved a packet of oats mixed with cinnamon and Truvia, then spooned it all into the jar and topped that with half of a sliced banana.

I always wondered how people get “peanut butter in every bite” — especially since the little bit that was left in the jar was all on the bottom!  I needed a super-long spoon to mix it all up.

My mixing skills in this regard are nonexistent, but it was good anyway.

Oh, and in case you were wondering?  This jar has been replaced with another — because while flavored peanut butters are all nice and good, I like to have at least one “original” on hand:

Crunchy, because that’s all they had.  I don’t think I’ve ever tried crunchy peanut butter before in my life, and I have a feeling I prefer smooth… but I’ll have to deal with this one for a while!

The meeting today met my expectations… that is, it was boring.  And long.  And the articles I was reading were even worse… I don’t understand a thing!  To top off the joy of the day, when I was riding home, a girl in my subway car barfed on the floor.  Why am I suddenly surrounded by vomiting people?!  If my stomach had been full, I might have joined her; such is my horror of emesis.

Later in the evening, I experienced Nappus Interruptus.  I was exhausted, and because I knew I’d be forced to stay out past my “bedtime,” I decided to go to sleep for a bit.  Not exactly the easiest feat for someone who takes forever to fall asleep.  Just as I was dozing off, my mom came to ask me something and wanted to know why I was lying on the floor.  I told her I was tired.  She dispensed this brilliant advice: Go lie down.  Um, yeah.  That’s what I was trying to do!  But at that point I abandoned all hope of sleep.  Instead, I chased the 20-ounce diet Snapple iced tea I drank earlier with a Steaz… and followed that with another Snapple.  Hopeless cause.  And, of course, I’m exhausted right now.

So… we went to this restaurant that is supposedly a sushi and noodle bar, but since kosher restaurants aren’t going to be “authentic” to regional cuisine anyway, they tend to be sort of a mishmash.  (I’m sure that these things taste nothing like “the real thing,” but since I have no basis for comparison, what do I care?)  Anyway, this was the plan according to my nutritionist: since I really hate ordering entrees, because they’re always massive and they freak me out, I was to get two appetizers instead.  Getting to that point was tough: soup?  Salad?  AHHH?!  But there were actually only two appetizers on the menu that I would even consider, so that part wasn’t such a difficult decision.

Shumai Steamed dumpling with mixed vegetable and soy beef

Edamame Boiled soybean pods

And because it is a sushi bar, after all, I was supposed to get a cucumber roll.

This was pretty much the only semi-stress-free part of the ordering process.  And, actually, the sushi was pretty good.  Weird how something as simple as nori, rice and cucumbers can taste different depending on who makes it.

Anyway… I asked what vegetables were in the dumplings, and I was told that it included “cilantro.”  Since when has that been upgraded to a vegetable?… I hate cilantro.  With a passion.  So, of course, since I had determined that I was not going to freak out (this was helped along by the fact that I managed to semi-dissociate myself from the whole situation), I called my nutritionist.  I ended up ordering miso soup.  There was a choice between “with tofu and seaweed” and “with shiitake mushrooms.”  I asked for the mushrooms.  This is what I got:

That’s a really bad picture.  Here’s a closer look:

Mushrooms (which I’m pretty sure were not shiitake).  And seaweed.  And tofu.  It was okay, I guess; good, but I wasn’t blown away.

As for the edamame, I don’t know why I was expecting them to be shelled, but they were not.

You don’t even want to know how late it was by the time I got this; the service was abominably slow.  It made me very glad that I stuck to appetizers.  I had shoved my watch way up my arm under my sleeve so that I shouldn’t be able to see the time and freak myself out all over again every few minutes… but as soon as I picked up the first pod, I came crashing out of my self-induced dissociation, because these boiled soybean pods were coated in oil.  I have an almost deathly fear of oil, especially discernible oil!  Remember that panic attacks in the company of my family are a bad idea.  Kind of in the same way that throwing the bowl across the room (my initial reaction) would have been.  I guess I should be proud that I ate it anyway.  But I can still feel the grease seeping through my fingertips.  😦 

And I (very uncharacteristically!) also told the waiter that they should really re-work their menu, because a bunch of things were wrong.  My mom ordered baked ziti, and it looked like a bowl of ziti with a tomato cream sauce.  But then my brother-in-law ordered it too, and his had a cheesy crust, so I don’t know.  We are not going to be returning to this restaurant.

Before I pass out, I did snap some random photos for your viewing pleasure! … Most of these belonged to the people on my end of the table (and yes, I wound up right next to my mom… of course).  The only thing I can say that’s good about the setting of this place is that the lighting wasn’t half-bad.

Caesar salad

Greek salad

vegetable soup

baked ziti (or not...)

fried tilapia, white rice, sauteed vegetables

peanut noodles

vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup

chocolate souffle

In short, I’m glad that it’s over; what with all my catastrophizing, it couldn’t possibly have been as bad as I was expecting.  I’m still feeling like I “shouldn’t” go to sleep yet, since it’s only been X amount of hours since I ate, but I am going to ignore that and go to bed anyway.  See if it kills me.

Thank you all so much for your support with my insanity!!

My aunt and uncle are staying in my house for Shabbos this week.  Whee!  (I think that’s just a little bit sarcastic.  Too tired to tell.)

Have a great weekend!


16 responses to “Over

  1. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    so proud of you for going out to dinner, i was wondering how it went! and i’m thrilled to hear that it wasn’t nearly as bad as you had imagined. phew! the restaurant sounds lackluster, but it’s great that you were able to enjoy the sushi at least. and smooth move calling your N.

  2. I LOVE Skippy Natural. It is my favorite PB! The ziti and souffle look amazing! Dining out used to scare the crap out of me, but now I do it several times a week… I hope you learn to enjoy it it soon. 🙂

  3. You made it through the night you had worked yourself into knots about, and that is to be congratulated! You did a really brave thing, and you should be very proud of yourself. I know pride mightn’t be the initial reaction, and that’s completely understandable, but you got through the ordeal in one piece, and you did all the right things.

    Plus, your day started out with an amazing meal, so that might in some way compensate for the not-so-amazing dinner meal!

    In any case, I am proud of you.

    Eleanor x

    P.S. I swear by crunch peanut butter, and if it doesn’ take your fancy… Well, you can just send it my way 😉

  4. Well done for surviving the evening 🙂 I’m glad nothing too disastrous happened! I like crunchy peanut butter better than smooth…in fact I will only eat crunchy, the UK doesn’t really do putting things in peanut butter and I am not a huge fan of ground peanuts on their own. The crunchy bits make it infinitely more interesting 😛

  5. I like smooth far better than crunchy myself. Crunchy peanut nuggets tend to upset my tum and stick in my throat. Choking hazard for toddlers and me. I think people get more melty PB goodness in their OIAJ because they use a jar with more PB left! Or perhaps that’s just me and my PB greed 😉

    I’m so glad that the night is over with. I think you coped so well in the end and should be proud that you overcame your fears, especially with the edamame. And there’s no need to restrict to make up for it, despite what your ED may tell you! Don’t even think about it *poke*.

    And ‘nappus interruptus’ is the greatest phrase ever invented since ‘fetus carrots’. I may just have to use that one on a daily basis now. Actually it kind of sounds like a Harry Potter spell…

    Have a relaxing weekend!


  6. Great job finishing the jar! I love oiaj, and have a few jars that are just about empty! It is good to have a plain old peanut butter on hand.

    The sushi looks great!

  7. i too had a situation involving nappus interruptus. how lame.

    OKAY and in going with your ranting (i don’t mind, i’m here for ya) I HAVE A ZIT THE SIZE OF AFRICA on my chin. AGAIN! wtf! it’s lnot like i rub grease alll over my face! AUGH! i hate this. it is THROBBING like another body.

    ANYWAYS that restaurant is MESSED UP and i too have an irrational fear of….THE OIL!

  8. I was so happy when I saw you’d written a new post. I was like “Yay, she survived!!” Well I knew you’d live but hoped the whole experience would be a positive one. I often find that I get myself so worked up about something that no matter how bad it is it can’t be worse than what I have envisioned in my head, which sounds like the case for you as well. Hey, better than the alternative. 😉
    I’ve never tried crunchy peanut butter either and honestly have no idea why. You’ll just have to give your professional opinion!


  9. Hey, so glad you faced that challenge and no longer have it hanging over your head. Props to you for dealing with the weird menu inconsistency and all of that. So the key is, how are you doing today? Please don’t let “morning after guilt” bring you down, sometimes even if you know you haven’t eaten more than normal, I feel this irrational urge to compensate after a break in routine, even if I am not exactly sure what I’m compensating FOR. But the important thing is to just keep it business as usual, and things like this will get easier if you keep challenging yourself, it doesn’t always have to be in situations in which you have as little say as this one.

    Overall great job, though! And I had never seen the oats in a jar thing before, will have to try that. I am a huge fan of crunchy PB, the only time I get creamy is if there’s a flavor I really want to try that doesn’t have a chunky option. I think I get more satisfaction from it if I have to chew a little.

  10. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    great food pictures- that is so annoying that the restaurants menu is wrong..i’d be pissed!! good for you for eating the edamame 🙂 it seems like you did really well and ate some good food!! yay


  11. 🙂 well done! Im sure that night cant have been easy for you but it sounds like you dealt with it very well. Hmm Ive never had podded edamame beans before, they looked good anyhow. Its a shame they covered them in oil and spoiled it a little for you but at least now you realise you can eat things like that without anything really bad happening.

    I still have yet to try oats in a jar, I dont eat pb enough to try it yet. I like my pb smooth, I get paranoid over crunchy bits for some reason!


  12. OIAJ!! makes me soo happy! GIRL that is not enough PB in thur!! haha maybe its just cause i use it when its a lot more full!! nevertheless-i bet it was great!

  13. I am happy the meal went well!

    I have to try the PB and oats mixture! I have been on a total PB kick lately!

  14. Congratulations on making it through the dinner! That sushi looks so good!

    I love crunch peanut butter. Hope you enjoy it!

  15. I HEART your blog….thank you.

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