For some reason, I feel very very very full today.  Okay, it’s not a mystery… I know exactly why.  Because my class schedule this semester is different from what it was last semester, I am going to see my nutritionist tomorrow night instead of Wednesday night.  I’m a little bit freaked out over what might or might not have happened with my weight over my vacation, so to avoid getting myself into a big fat mess (no pun intended!), I did try to increase my intake a little over the weekend.  Easy to say.  Not so easy to do.

Other fun stuff: today is my niece’s birthday.  (Yes, that niece.  Trigger City one.)  She is 19.  I feel so old, I may as well just fold myself into a coffin and bury it!  My dad’s birthday is on Thursday.  Even if I wanted to forget it — which is unlikely because I don’t tend to forget birthdays, especially when I want to — the fact that it is sandwiched between my niece’s birthday and my dad’s birthday reminds me that my ex’s birthday is on Tuesday.  Seriously, I do not want to be thinking about him; there are so many other more useful things I could do with my time.

Like this: last night my dad told me to keep Thursday night open, because we’re going out for his birthday.  For some reason, I just assumed that he meant my parents, me, and my brother.  Not my favorite thing in the world, but fine, I can deal with that.  Then today I found out that it’s not just the four of us; it’s all of my siblings and their spouses.  To clarify, this is a total of twelve people.  Most of whom have to put kids to bed, so we won’t even get around to going to the restaurant until crazy late.  Factor in the time it takes for so many people to order, and for the food to be brought to the table… yeah, I’m kind of hyperventilating a little bit.

But you’re not here to listen to me whine, so I will move on to visual stimulations.

A couple of weeks ago, I said that I went to buy muffins … normally, I buy chocolate chip.  It’s become the standard, meaning it is “safe,” which also means that if I don’t want to get stuck, I need to switch it up.  I bought two packages of the chocolate chip anyway, because I like them, but I also bought a package of brownie tops.

This did not taste fat-free at all.  It was so rich and decadent; in fact, it was rather too chocolate-y for me!  If I were a chocoholic, I’d probably have been in seventh heaven.  But a change is good every once in a while anyway, right?

I was so enamored of the baked oatmeal I made the other day that I made another variation of it (and finished my canister of oats… can it be called a “canister” if it’s made of cardboard?!):

1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, packet Truvia, and about 2 T of sugar-free raspberry preserves, baked at 350° for about fifteen minutes.

This next picture is not healthy.  It is a “smoothie” that is chock-full of chemicals, and that is just too bad, because I like it anyway.

Thrown into my crappy blender: ice cubes, water, vanilla yogurt, and the chemicals… sugar-free cherry “Jello” powder.  At one point, I had one of these every. single. day.  Then winter came.  Sigh.

I use a lot of chopsticks.  The restaurant where I used to meet my friend for lunch supplied most of them, but then I simultaneously decided it was environmentally unfriendly of me to use disposable chopsticks, and we stopped going there.  Enter stainless steel chopsticks.

I was pathetically excited to try them out, so I used them when I ate this:

Green bean stir fry (green beans, broccoli, pasta, water chestnuts, carrots, red peppers) and Lightlife chick’n strips cooked in soy sauce… AKA, Sodium Overload.  Oh, whatever.  For the record, the disposable chopsticks are easier to use… I guess I just need to get used to these.

It’s Sunday:

And these are a couple of pictures I finally got around to taking — I’ve been lazy!

Sorry about the shadow; like I said, I’m lazy!  😉  I bought these in a glass-blowing studio in Grand Cayman.  I’m assuming they’re glass…

I have needed new sunglasses for a long time… but over the few days that I was in Grand Cayman, I realized that the sunglasses I was wearing had a scratch in one of the lenses.  Makes it kind of hard to see, which isn’t exactly the ideal situation when one is driving!  These aren’t quite what I had in mind, but they’re more comfortable than any of the other pairs I have, so they’ll do.  Even if I do look like a bug in them.  :p

Of course, what’s a post without this? … the second Chinese algae eater died.  Woohoo.  Naturally, it lived for exactly sixteen days, because I would have been able to get a replacement within fifteen days.  Ah, well… guess where I’m going tomorrow!

I actually made some “exciting” purchases today (in blog terms, anyway!), but I’m just going to wait until they make an appearance in my days to post them.  Spread out the joy, you know?  😉

And just to prove that I don’t always complain: my sunburn, while definitely not pretty (errr, okay, bordering on embarrassing… I am imagining going to the pool on Tuesday with two-toned legs / feet), doesn’t really hurt anymore at all.  I guess that tends to happen … knowing it could have been sunstroke that then blisters… ah, yeah, been there, done that, don’t care for the encore!

I don’t have work tomorrow — love long weekends!  Have a happy Monday, whether you’ve got off or not.  🙂


21 responses to “Oof.

  1. good luck at the nutritionist, I hope everything is okay. that muffin looks heavenly! and I love those chopsticks!

    have a great night and a good day off tomorrow!

  2. sorry to hear about all your struggles my dear.
    hold your head high and KNOW you are strong enough to overcome anything!

    your oats look DELISH!


  3. sorry about the full factor 😦 good luck at the nutritionist girl! you gota get your metabolism revved up, keep eating even though you are full!! you need to! (i know you know that 🙂 )

    those brownies look amazing!!

  4. Those chopsticks are so intense. No one will mess with you while you are eating with those suckers… They could double as weapons!
    I totally understand your anxiety, both regarding being around your niece and eating out on Thursday. That majorly sucks and I’d be freaking too.
    That muffins looks DELISH. What’s the brand? And I’m intrigued by this baked oatmeal you speak of… 😉 Do you prepare it and then bake it? Or mix the oats with liquid and then just stick it in the oven?


  5. Happy birthday to your niece! And stainless steel chopsticks?! I need those! I never have them around when I need them, and end up having to use disposable kabob sticks!

    Enjoy your long weekend 🙂

  6. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    that muffin looks insanely chocolatey. and to me that’d be a good thing :). sorry about your niece’s/dad’s/ex’s birthdays, special occasions like those can be so triggering. i know feeling full is so uncomfortable but i hope you can stick with your increased intake!

  7. LOVE the sunglasses! i love those frames!

    sorry about your sun burn. and chocolate?! yum-o.

    UGH! don’t worry, something will appear in the mail to cheer you up!

  8. I hate coordinating meals with that many people. Then trying to talk to them all at dinner!

  9. Oh shh, you’re only a month older than me 😛 does that mean that I have to bury myself in a few weeks? We are not that ancient!

  10. Hi blueeyedheart I’ve just recently come across your blog and think it’s great! Your recipe for baked oatmeal seems intriguing -adding raspberry preserves sounds like a really good idea. Sorry to hear about your Chinese algae eater. Have a nice long weekend!

  11. Yep, I feel the same about birthdays. I’ve come to deeply resent anyone with ‘teen’ at the end of their age. Gah, where did the last ten years go?

    Your smoothie might not be healthy but it’s great to look at! Such a vibrant colour…I’d need to put on those new sungleasses of yours in order to drink it 😉

    If it would help, I would willingly trade your fullness for my endlessly annoying appetite. But well done for pushing through it anyway: you’re so slender anyway that losing any weight would seriously endanger your health, which I’m sure deep down you know anyway! I find it so hard to believe that ‘the neice’ is genuinely thinner than you are and it’s not your ED saying that she is.

    Anyway, good luck with the dinner situation…I wish I could conjur up a more supportive and understanding family for you, because you deserve one!


  12. Hang in there girl! Do the right things and take good care, and breath:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  13. Just out of curiosity, how much yogurt/ice do you use for one packet of the jello mix?

  14. i’m totally naughty because i didn’t take a pictures of stuff. and didn’t post. AND because someone keeps calling me that…so meh. i just titled the post that. since i’m having post titling blockage right now.

  15. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    glad your sunburn is starting to feel better! & hopefully the dinner is ok with your family- maybe itll be better hten you expect 🙂 take care of yourself! baked oatmeal sounds so gooddd


  16. Good luck with the nutritionist darling ❤

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