So… Home Again.

Before I say anything else, Vampira here would like to express extreme thankfulness for several things:

  1. That I was wearing socks.
  2. That I was not wearing a swimsuit.
  3. That this isn’t a bad sunburn at all, in comparison with some of the others I’ve experienced.  Helps to keep it in perspective when taking a hot shower is an exercise in pain management!

So… I really and truly must be home again.  Last night my parents were both dozing — my mom on the sofa, my dad on the recliner — when my brother knocked on the door.  We knew it was probably my brother, since he comes to visit with two or three of my nephews practically every Friday night.  My dad kicked back the footrest and got up to open the door, and my mom, who was still 90% asleep, heard him get up and thought it was me, so she said in a sarcastic voice, “Time to run upstairs.”  See, my mom has this notion that I am completely antisocial and do not like to deal with people at all, and so she claims that I vanish whenever anyone comes over.  Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I did that, but that’s just the way it is with my mom… she creates her own version of reality and no matter what anyone says or does, she’ll persist in believing what she wants to believe.  I actually find it rather hurtful, but whatever, this isn’t about me.

Moving on… since we’ve tried all the Turtle Mountain flavors we can, instead of just sticking with the ones we know we like, I figured I’d toss in some more experimentation.  Keeps life exciting.  And, besides, supposedly yesterday was National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!

This actually tasted like real strawberry ice cream, which isn’t a massive plus in my book, because I always preferred non-dairy ice cream!  But I suppose most people aren’t like that.

There was 1/3 cup cottage cheese left in the container I opened last week, so I finished it up by adding 1/3 cup wheat bran, a packet of Truvia, and some cinnamon.  I forgot the vanilla extract, which, it turns out, is quite important.  I can’t believe I was actually upset that the cottage cheese was finished, because I wanted to make more pancakes today, but I made do with this instead:

1/3 cup oats (they’re almost finished, too — what is going on here?!), 1/3 cup water, packet Truvia, and pears, baked at 350° for twenty minutes.  I find this a little strange, because in general, I prefer my oats not to be very thick, but I liked this.  Not that I’m really going to complain about that!

Another strange phenomenon: despite my cinnamon obsession, this is only the second time that I have ever had an apple with cinnamon.  The first time was a couple of weeks ago.  This was especially exciting because I actually managed to core an apple; usually I just end up with a tube of apple flesh, while the actual core is still attached to the rest of the apple.  I’m a coring dummy!

I am currently pretty annoyed, because I want to put up pictures on Facebook, but it’s being obnoxious and not letting me log in.  This happens quite a lot… I don’t think Facebook likes me very much!  I wonder if it would help if I switched to another computer? …

Some random, non-paranoia-inducing vacation photos!

Some of the blurrier ones actually look very similar to sonogram images… :p

Started with a picture of my hand, so why not finish with a picture of my feet?!

But I’m not actually finished yet.  :p

Good-bye, New York.

Hello, Grand Cayman!

The so-called “fitness centre” in the hotel.  What you see here is all there is — nothing else.


Why, thank you!  (The proprietor of this gift shop actually walks around dressed as the devil.  It’s rather amusing.)

Random… I tried to get the waves crashing up against the rocks, but obviously it didn’t work too well.

The stupid butterfly just refused to pose for me!  The nerve.

Good-bye, Grand Cayman…

…hello, New York.  😦

I’ve given it some time, and Facebook is still not cooperating.  Anyone else having issues!?  I’m going to try restarting before I move to another computer.  Very aggravating.

Have a great Sunday!


15 responses to “So… Home Again.

  1. LOVE THE PICTURES! yayaayya =D
    oh man, my mom is like that ALL THE TIME! so lame. SO LAME!

    glad they had jeopardy over there =D

  2. i still run upstairs everytime the door bell rings:)
    facebook can be such a bitch sometimes. i get so pissed at it, but then i am like, “wait, its a computer site not an actual person” lol
    great pics!

  3. love those under the water pictures!!
    aww sorry you miss your momma!
    and you can so borrow the shirt 🙂

  4. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    i loved the fb pics 🙂

    LOL your tanline on your feet, priceless. glad to have you back!

  5. I loved Grand Cayman. It was the first getaway my hubs and i went on together…that was 10 yrs ago. We drank, scuba and snorkled, ate great food, and got tan. Yeah. FUN TIMES and looks like you had a ball, too! Woot!!

  6. Oh nice, I havent actually tried making oatmeal in the oven like that before.
    Lol at least no-one will see your feet! Sounds like you had a nice time, the diving pictures look great 🙂
    Happy Sunday!

  7. great photos, great eats!! I really want to try that rice dream! sounds great!!

  8. Hi!!

    Welcome Back! You might miss the beach, but we missed you much more ❤

    I laughed at the feet pic…lol You're a 2 colours woman.

    How did you come so close to the butterfly??! :O

    The chicken is funny looking…(well, all chicken are funny looking xD)


  9. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i am so incredibly jealous of your vacation (though not os much of that burn…ouch!! hope you heal soon). welcome homeee im sure you will be missing that warmth
    love the underwater pictures 🙂


  10. Goodness, that sunburn is utterly spectacular. I foresee blistering, though hopefully that won’t happen!

    Ironically, shaking cinnamon on apples is the only form in which I like neither cinnamon nor apples. I think it’s because the apples are cold…

    That fitness suite isn’t actually that bad: you should see some of the hotel ‘gyms’ in the UK! And while I’m moaning about my country, I wish we had ice cream selections as varied in the non-dairy sense as you do…that Rice Dream strawberry flavour looks to die for.

    I’m sorry your Mum was being so hard on you: my parents have said the same thing about me but at least I know it’s true in my case 😉 It might be different if the people were of the sort I’d actually want to socialise with 😛


  11. Ooh, I have strawberry rice cream in my fridge at the moment too 😉
    Welcome home! Uh, to your blog anyway 😛 I love photos from planes, New York looks really good from the air! When my parents went there a couple of months ago they flew over Greenland, those photos were amazing. Facebook has been acting up for me lately too, humph. I hope you got it to work in the end 🙂

  12. That really is a spectacular tan line on your feet. I have one too from my time in Arizona, and it’s really embarrassing when I wear sandals. Looks like I’m wearing cutoff tights or something…
    Your photos make me really want to go on vacation and/or scuba diving. You should do a post devoted just to that! Since I’ve never tried it anyone who has immediately reaches cool status in my eyes. 😉 As for your parents, nothing like returning home to make you feel like you need a vacation!


  13. Great photos! Am glad you are having a wonderful time!

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