It took me over twenty-four hours to figure out how to work the WiFi here… but even now that I have finally managed to get online, and am blogging from my room, this will be short!  The connection isn’t that super, and though this mini is awesome, it’s kind of annoying!  😉

I am definitely trying to keep up with my blog-reading, because the thought of Google Reader after a week… yikes.  I may not be keeping up with commenting, though, so I’m sorry for that, but it’s not an intentional snub or anything!

Quick recap: I went diving today.  Why can’t I just do it every day and forget about going to work?!  Of course, the pictures don’t reflect it, but we had 100 feet of visibility and it was absolutely gorgeous.  One of the divemasters also randomly mentioned that thirty minutes of diving burns X number of calories, which is weird because all you’re really doing is floating around!  Who knows… and, of course, in random injury news, I somehow managed to acquire some cuts on the palm side of my fingers.  I’m guessing they’re from the mooring line, which was actually kind of slimy and gross.  😉

The “fitness centre” in this hotel consists of a stepper, treadmill, bike, and a set of twenty-five pound weights.  That’s it.  I’m determined not to use it.  Especially because I have a sneaking suspicion that I may not quite be eating enough… vacations mess with me in this regard in more ways than one.  But I really don’t feel like dwelling on that, so I’ll be quiet now.

I just tried uploading a picture.  After five minutes, and still at 0%, I gave up… I’m keeping a “journal” of these few days, so I’m just going to insert pictures and post that up when I get home.  Back to my cable.

I’m also going to be choosing the winner of my giveaway then!

Have a great … Tuesday?  Wednesday?  Whatever-day!


13 responses to “Hello!

  1. I always slip into eating less on vacations too, I guess just the initial disequilibrium of traveling and being out of routine. Hopefully now that you’re there and getting settled things will balance out, remember that you need energy to enjoy yourself. In a year, you will want to look back and remember what you did, not what you ate. The diving sounds AMAZING, can’t wait to see pics when you get them uploaded!

  2. HEY HEY!!!! i was like, WHERE ARE YOU!??!?! enjoying diving, no doubt. hahha=D i wanna see the pix! NOW!

  3. I would never think about diving as burning calories, it’s just too fun! The burning calories part is a perk!

    I hope you get into the vacation groove so you can feel comfortable about eating.

  4. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    i hope you stay out of that cramped gym and have a great time on vacation! enjoy yourself, have fun diving, i know you love it!

  5. Aw diving sounds really fun! I’ve never tried it, but I’d really like to.

    Great blog! L:)

  6. If you have to, pretend there’s a force field around the fitness center that incinerates blue eyed bloggers on contact. 😉 You’re there for a vacation, so why spend time doing something you could at home? Plus you’re getting exercise through the diving… Have you seen any cool fishies yet? I hope you’re having fun and can’t wait to see the pictures!


  7. I’M SO HAPPY YOU WENT DIVING! Yay yay yay! You deserve to do what you love, girly.

    (You also deserve to “mark all as read” when you get home and ignore Google Reader.)

  8. have a great time on your vacay!
    be stress free, love. xo

  9. yayay! enjoy yourself, indulge, HAVE FUN!

  10. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    stay strong hun!! try to eat and if you aren’t eatin enough then i think your exercise idea is good! have a good vacation 🙂



  11. Enjoy every minute!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  12. I appreciate every update, pictures or no pictures 🙂

    You’re certainly staying active while you’re away and diving sounds a heck of a lot more enjoyable than being stuck in a stuffy hotel gym. As you say, there’s no requirement to use it anyway, even if you were eating enough.

    So happy you’re enjoying yourself 😀

    Presumably it’s nice and warm over there…you lucky soul.


  13. Good luck avoiding the gym! I like Rachael’s idea, that would amuse me.
    I can’t wait to see your photos, they are always lovely. Don’t suppose you could find me a garden eel while you’re down there? 😛
    Don’t worry about commenting, have fun! x

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