Escaping Winter

Something strange happened on Friday morning: I woke up feeling refreshed. This almost never happens! I all but bounced out of bed and into the shower, did a few things around the house, and made this:

Oat bran with pumpkin, Truvia, and lots of cinnamon. This bowl was huge. I’m very used to eating when I don’t feel like it, but even I could not finish this.  It was delicious when I started, but at some point it began to nauseate me, and since most of the time, nausea = vomit … finishing this wouldn’t work for someone who is emetophobic!!

My alertness took a nosedive once the soporific subway air had its way with me… by the time I got to work, I was tired again. Stops along the way to go to the gym, Whole Foods, and Walgreens helped, but only a little bit. I got one four-pack of Steaz, taking pity on my poor beleaguered back. And I bought another canister of sunscreen, because mine is nearly finished. I hate sunscreen… but I am ghostly white, so I’d sort of prefer to avoid this and this.  (Oh, yeah, and there is that little matter of skin cancer, too…)

Turtle Mountain Experiment; I think this brings the experiment to a close, actually, because the rest of the flavors I can find all have a dairy symbol on them.

Soy Delicious Awesome Chocolate, and Soy Delicious Green Tea.

Awesome Chocolate… while it wasn’t the most awesome flavor, it wasn’t bad.  It was just… chocolate.  I think I prefer it to the Purely Decadent Belgian Chocolate, though, because that one had a slightly bitter “coffee” taste to it.

Green Tea — for once, we were all in agreement.  This got a total thumbs down; none of us liked it.  The color was off-putting, the smell was nothing to brag about, and the taste… oh, don’t get me started.  We will definitely not be having this one again.  I can’t figure out why it was so awful, either; I generally like green tea just fine.  Oh, well… you win some, you lose some.

This is a semi-win: I made cottage cheese pancakes twice over the past couple of days, and while yesterday’s were okay, tonight’s were beautiful and merit more than one picture.  :p  I do have to say, however, that they took about half an hour from start to finish.  That is too long for someone with my attention span (i.e., three seconds).  If I only had a dairy microwave…

Yesterday’s had cottage cheese, Fiber One, egg white, vanilla extract, Truvia, and cinnamon.  I just blended it all up together, and a lot of the Fiber One didn’t get crushed.  Which was fine, taste-wise, but it made it difficult for me to determine whether or not they were actually cooked through.  So tonight, I decided to pulverize the Fiber One first.  It kind of helped, probably, that I didn’t have enough Fiber One and had to substitute with some wheat bran…

I never, ever thought I’d find a way to like cottage cheese.  Make it tolerable, yes; but love it?  Seemed impossible.  It is not.  (By the way, I was just wondering who actually “discovered” cottage cheese.  I mean, after all, it’s curdled milk.  If I saw that my milk had turned, I wouldn’t think, Hmmm, I wonder what this would taste like.  I would throw it out!!)


Another thing that I thought I wouldn’t like very much, but actually do, is this. I wasn’t overly fond of the chocolate, but I do quite like the berry vanilla.  Even if there is no “berry” flavor to it… just a very discernible vanilla flavor, which is perfectly fine with me.

Of course, it’s still best in yogurt!

The thermal drapes which my dad so kindly put up for me don’t do much to keep my room warmer, really.  When I think “thermal drapes,” I imagine something thicker than this.  As it is, I’m still freezing my ass off.  But it does make my room darker.  Which makes it all that much easier to stay in bed until noon!  My poor frozen toes finally coaxed me out… I’m sure my bladder had a say in the matter, too.  Oh, I can’t wait to find myself in warmer climes…

Speaking of that… I am actually packed!  Well, 98.3% anyway.  There are always a few last-minute things that I can’t throw in until right before I leave the house.  I originally had two separate pieces of luggage, but then I weighed them both and realized that it wouldn’t be overweight if I combined the contents of both pieces into one … so now I have quite a bulging bag.  I hope it makes it in one piece!!  The bonus of having roughly fifteen pounds’ worth of food is that I definitely don’t need to worry about my bags being overweight on the trip back… I mean, how much can I buy over there already?!

I will be taking my Mini with me (that was its purpose, after all!), and the hotel supposedly has free WiFi (yeah, I’m an Internet addict and try whenever possible to stay somewhere that I can feed said addiction), so I may be blogging over my vacation.  I guess it depends on the speed of the connection, since I’ve gotten spoiled with cable! Either way, while I will dread my return to the Big Apple…

The winner of my last giveaway didn’t have pierced ears, so I still have these.  (They’re apples.  Okay, fine, that’s not very funny.  Whatever.)

They’re up for grabs again!  I always need to have another vacation in the works, or I get very depressed.  So… for an entry, leave a comment telling me where you went on your favorite vacation, and why it was your favorite!  I’ll be choosing the winner sometime next Friday.  Once I am back in the icebox.  😦

My Google Reader is approaching 50, which frightens me; and I need to ask my dad if he can take me to the airport tomorrow.  I hate asking people for things.  So much.  Sigh.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


21 responses to “Escaping Winter

  1. YAY FOR packing! (that was sarcastic!)

    THOSE PANCAKES look so nommy! hahhah! =D

    yeah i know. i bet the same people that figured out that cottage cheese was edible also discovered that potassium cyanide tastes like bitter almonds.


    apples to apples! =D

  2. ahhh i NEED PANCAKES. blah, packing IS stressful girl! i know the feeling! have a great weekend!

  3. I’ve tried the green tea flavor of Soy Delicious, too. Blech. The REAL green tea ice cream is so much better. IT’s my favorite ice cream flavor, in fact. But you can’t have ice-cream right?

    you should have the giveaway again. Or just send them over to me. Haha! jk 😉

  4. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    CUTE earrings! that oat bran, pumpkin, truvia, cinnamon combo is tried and true. but it is super filling, i’ll grant you that. have a great trip!

    oh, and my favorite vacation: going to costa rica with my ap bio class. we had a “party bus” that took us all around the country, we would bust out glow sticks and have a great time. we got to do beach patrols and see sea turtles laying eggs, then collect the eggs and put them in a protected area where poachers couldn’t get them. it was so fun!

  5. laurasworthlesswords

    🙂 its such a relief to get the packing done and out of the way isnt it?
    I tried oat bran finally for the first time the other day, pretty good, mine was a bit bland I think its needs something like pumpkin like yours does.

    Have a good trip!

  6. My favourite vacation was probably when I went to Barcelona. It was my first holiday abroad without my parents – I went with my boyfriend. We went to the zoo, got cricks in our necks from staring up at Gaudi’s architecture, visited the monastry at Montserrat and lots of other stuff. It was fun 🙂 although most of Europe is dire for vegetarian food, so that was a bit of a mission!

    I always feel sorry for you at the mention of the emetophobia! It’s a total pain in the ass. I don’t find that nausea usually leads to being sick though, thanks to my anxiety and digestive issues I have spent a large amount of my life feeling very sick, and very little of it actually being sick 😛 I don’t tend to feel nauseous anymore since my allergies have been diagnosed, which is a huge relief!!

    Haha I LOVE that you are 98.3% packed 😛 Good luck with the other 1.7%!

  7. Hi! I used to read Cacti don’t Cry, a while back, and just found your new blog! I love it and can’t wait to keep reading!

    (formerly Live. Life, now starlight diner)

  8. Ick, no need to get sicky in the morning! Glad you put down the oat bran. I’ve never had cottage cheese pancakes, but they look so yummy!

    The best vacation I’ve ever been on was actually a yearly tradition… we used to go to an island off Guadeloupe every winter. It as wonderful.

    Have a great vacation!

  9. Hi!

    First, before I forget:
    Those earings are biiiiooooouuu-ti-fuuuuuuulllll!!! xD
    I went to CHINA on my favourite vacation! The mochis, steamed buns, red bean ice cream…awww! And of course, the malls…*Dreams*

    I’m soooo disappointed to see that the Green Tea was ‘blergh’! I love green tea :(…But then again, you didn’t like PB2 either and I did, so maybe our tastes are like contradictory?
    Maybe you can mix it with yogurt to make PB yogurt? I don’t know if you already tried it…Or into your pancakes!!! Haha, my ideas just pop suddenly like this, as I’m writing.

    Oat bran expands a lot, and pumpkin makes everything ‘bigger’, so no wonder you were full! But I bet your PB2 jar that I would have been able to finish it :p


  10. OMG those pancakes look absolutely amazing, I have a serious hankering for some now! Thanks for referring to the Steaz as iced green tea, haha, that definitely makes me feel better then thinking of it as soda:)

  11. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    those pancakes look sooo good, girl! & yay for being almost packed 🙂

    and my fav vacation ever was probably israel. it was so amazing and peaceful


  12. Your thoughts on Soy Delicious green tea flavor made me laugh out loud! It just goes to show that people have vastly different taste buds! It’s my favorite flavor of that brand! I can eat a whole pint without blinking! But I have to agree with you on the chocolate. Purely Decadent Belgian Chocolate is pretty hard to beat.

    As for cottage cheese, again, I agree with you: blech! But if it was disguised as pancakes, maybe you could get me to eat it.

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  14. That sounds like a scenario which would happen to me… winning something that either I didn’t want or couldn’t use! Aaaanyways, I have only been on a handful of vacations so it’s pretty slim pickings. My best vacation was in Hawaii. I know, cliche right? I was really young but remember dancing on the beach, totally free and uninhibited.
    Speaking of which, I hope you have an amazing time on your vacation. Live it up!


  15. Those pancakes look so yummy! My fave vacation was when I went to Mexico with my family 4 years ago. It was so much fun and the weather was amazing! Then it was back to cold Vancouver!

    Have a blast on your vacation sweetie!


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  17. My favorite vacation was when I stayed on a canal boat for a week with my grandparents in England. The weather was beautiful (for anywhere, not just considering it was England!), the small towns were charming, and the countryside was beautiful 🙂

  18. Utrecht, Netherlands
    Great trip, 4 guys on a car, met two girls we had met before in Germany, we all went on a canoeing on a national park, then picked up a rental and crossed the country to the beach!
    It was great and we felt really free!

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