The Undisappeared

That is the pleco that vanished yesterday.  (Yes, I made up a word.  Poetic [bloggic?] license!)  This morning, I called my mom to ask her something, and my dad picked up the phone and told me that he was sure the pleco had jumped out the back of the tank, and that I should look for it.  It isn’t possible, because there’s a small gap between the tank and the filter that a pleco did once use to “escape,” and we’ve since covered that with a grille.  But anyway … I have no idea where it was hiding yesterday, but it’s back now!  Saves me a trip to Petco tomorrow, which is good, because I have no time for that.

Tried the Exotic Coconut Almond Bora Bora bar today — the one I really didn’t want to try, because I hate coconut.

As expected, I didn’t enjoy this very much.  I still ate it, but I wouldn’t buy it.  I don’t know whether this is due to the coconut, but it also felt like it had a bit of a greasy sheen to it.  Definitely my least favorite!

If I eat bird food, can’t I eat baby food too?

…it’s pink!  I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

Look at what I found in Whole Foods today:

Soy milk to accompany me on my trip!  And randomly, this new almond milk I’ve never even seen before… has anyone tried this?  I hope it isn’t nasty-tasting like Almond Breeze!  I also have a carton of Pacific Foods almond milk to try, so maybe I’ll eventually come up with a winner.

There is only one bag of fetus carrots left in my crisper!  This was the second-last bag:

I was wondering whether I could eat raw zucchini like that.  Apparently I can.  And I’m almost done with the pile of hommus, too… we’re making major headway, here.  ;p

Because I am desperately going to miss my vegetables next week, I need a massive overdose today.  I’m sure you can trust that when I say it was an enormous pile, it was an enormous pile.

Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots; wheat couscous with a chopped Smart Dog. Eek, that sounds weird.

So… today I got some rather distressing news.  My office is moving.  We don’t know when, or where, and I am freaking out over it.  I chose my school based on its proximity to my office; my gym is nearby; I like working in this area.  They do own a building next door, so I’m hoping that if we have to move, it’s there; but I still wouldn’t like that, because that building is filled with cubicles with hip-high walls.  Meaning everyone can see everything everyone else is doing.  Here, I have my own four walls, I have privacy… I don’t want to give that up!  I hate that we’ve only been given bits and pieces of information, because now I’m all anxious over it and it’s so stupid — nothing is going to change because of my worrying!  Ugh.

This is kind of all over the place, and totally random, but it’s just on my mind because I saw my therapist today… I really, really, really, really want to move out.  (Or should I say “need”?!)  I also would prefer to have my own space, but that’s kind of financially impossible around here… especially with my tuition bill.  So I’m not sure what to do… do I stick it out at home for another year and a half until I finish my degree, and then just use that money for rent; or do I just suck it up and get a roommate, even though I really don’t want that?  Such a pain.

What’s a day without some ego-pumping?

Steaz tells me things that sounds like lies, though.

Hmm.  Just not feelin’ it.

There is currently a huge, and growing, pile of food on my couch.  I think that I am going to have to take a separate suitcase just for that, which is annoying because every additional piece of luggage is potentially a few more minutes at the baggage carousel!  It is such a royal pain to have to take food with me everywhere I go.  Especially because when I go on vacation to relax, it feels like I’m just sitting around all day (even if I’m not), and then I think that I don’t need to eat as much as I usually do because I’m being less active.  Granted, math was never my strong point, but that equation seems to me to make perfect sense!

As I say every time I go somewhere: I hate packing.  Considering that I’ve taken several diving trips by now, you’d think I would have this down to a science and know what to pack!  I guess I do, but I’m still nervous that I’d forget something… just stress-inducing.  Argh.  Anyone want to pack for me?!  I promise to reciprocate the favor, because I’m great at packing for other people.  :p

It would probably be smart to at least attempt to make some progress in the packing area, since if I don’t do it tonight, I won’t have time / be able to do it until Saturday night, and obviously, I prefer not to be a last-minute person.  But I am a grandma, and I am exhausted even though it isn’t even 10.00 PM yet, so I suppose I will just go to bed… and hope this lingering anxiety dissipates overnight.

Have a great weekend!


15 responses to “The Undisappeared

  1. awwww hugsssss.

    i hate packing as well. i hate that chore to the core. (that’s my poetry for ya)

    yay for finding your fish! EXCELLENT! undisappeared- sounds like the DEPARTED. =D

    damn. still haven’t gotten antyhing in th email from me? epic annoying.

  2. I have totally bought those Gerber cereals; I like the sweet potato ones. Glad your pleco turned up! My luck is such that things usually re-appear only AFTER I have bought a replacement.

    Packing is always the most stressful part for me, just anxiety over forgetting something important, etc, and then once I’m on the road it’s a huge relief. I hope that you aren’t too stressed in the morning, TGIF!

  3. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    you are an almond breeze hater? lol i actually CANNOT drink the stuff plain, i pretty much only use it as an ingredient in things where the taste is covered up. it’s so plain, easily done. i’m curious about the milks you got though. yay about your fish! that’s great news. i hope you get great news about your office move too, it would be such a bummer if they went somewhere inconvenient for you

  4. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ah i hate sudden changes- good luck and hope the new place is close & convenient!! haha i love the baby food- i’m sure it tastes good, actually. and good luck with figuring out teh whole living situation too, that seems like a tough decision. glad you found the fish!! haha


  5. Woo hooo! Fishy comes back! You found Nemo! Okay, not the same fish, but you know what I mean. Or I’m just being immature. Lalala!

    I hate packing too. I ALWAYS forget something. But I hope the move goes well and smoothly!

  6. YAY for u finding soy milk love!!sorry about your office..maybe it will be even better than before!

  7. Woohoo for reappearing fish! It’s like your aquarium is some sort of magic time warp or something.
    The situation with your work sounds terrible. I don’t know if there’s anything which gives me more anxiety than feeling powerless or like things are out of my control. On the bright side, I’ll do the packing for you if you give me a four pack of the elusive steaz… 😉


  8. I’m glad your pleco reappeared! I think undisappeared is a great word, I hope it catches on 😛
    I have to take food with me everywhere I go too, it’s a pain in the butt. I DO like packing, but being several thousand miles away I’m fairly sure that it would be daft of me to come and do it for you! Oh, and I’m also with you on the moving out front. Need might very well be the appropriate word!

  9. It might be fun to have a roommate!

    Or it might not be.

    I love the location my office is in and would be sad if we had to move. However, we do have 52″ workstation panels, and let me tell you, I love it. I used to work in an open office setting – just desks! I felt like I had NO privacy there. I really didn’t. But in my workstation, I do. Sure, you hear people who talk loud and people can come snoop over your shoulder, but it can be a lot worse! 🙂 (P.S. Can you tell I work in the design industry? My job is to actually reorganize offices and help clients move)

  10. laurasworthlesswords

    Oh I feel you on the moving out business, Id love to as well but I just cant afford it. I like having my own space to and if I had a flatmate Id just feel like Id have to be sociable all the time with them.

    Ohh that sucks about your office moving, I hope the change works out smoothly for you but as you said no amount of worrying you do will change the fact its happening.

  11. I actually used to really like baby “wieners” that come in a little jar. I don’t think they make a soy version (tofiener?), though.

    With the risk of being a cheeseball…. YOU ARE LOVED!

  12. I’m afraid I can’t stand packing…but I never really get out enough to warrant packing things very often anyway, so there’s an upside to having OCD and social anxiety distorder 😛

    I take ‘Jessica’ food with me everywhere I go too…it’s not our fault that the rest of the world doesn’t cater to anyone apart from the generic masses in terms of tastebuds and/or dietary preferences. It’s nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about.

    I feel the desire to move out and get my own space too, and it’s so frustrating to be financially tied down and trapped. It lessens motivation to resolve my other difficulties that would prevent me from living independently, because I’d still be stuck at home anyway.

    I’m glad your fish reappeared 🙂

    So sorry about your office moving…the same thing happened to my Mum a couple of years back and it takes a while to settle down into a new niche…but I can’t imagine working with low-walled cubicles. How do they expect you to concentrate?

    Have a lovely week-end


  13. Love the drink 🙂 Haha, a water I get on campus as the same thing inside the labels 🙂

    I’ve tried the almond milk–I like it on cereal. I don’t really like to drink it alone (but I’m that way with all milk things). It tasted good with my Kashi Strawberry Fields cereal!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Glad your fish came back!

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