Cold and Boring

That was today… and it can be me.  :p

This morning, I looked at the forecast on Accuweather and thought that it seemed like it would be a bit warmer outside than the past couple of days.  Listening to the weather forecast on the radio confirmed that.  I decided not to listen to the forecasters and bundled up anyway… and I am so glad that I did, because it was damn cold.

Yeah, the weather is kind of unbearable, work is getting to be a drag, and I just really need a vacation.  Can’t wait.

Romaine, rutabaga roasted with seasoned salt, Lightlife Smart Links, microwaved zucchini.  I think I might like roasted rutabaga even better than roasted winter squash.  Who ever would have thunk it?!

I tried this new bar today — I was so excited about finally being able to get my hands on it.

Strawberry Jamfrakas!  It was sweet.  Very, very sweet.  I think I like the apple one better, but it’s good to know that from my own experience, at least!

I took a shorter lunch break at work so that I could leave early and make what is becoming a daily trip to Petco.  This time I wound up with a bristle nose pleco… supposedly they don’t get as big as the others.  I only wish it would live long enough to get any bigger!!  The Death of the Day was the last Glofish… it was stuck in the filter pipe.  Given my tendency to view my aquarium as a microcosm of my general world, things aren’t looking too great for me right now.  (And by the way… I just looked in the aquarium because I wanted to point out the new pleco to my dad, and I can’t find it anywhere.  Huh.)

After I left Petco (with the bag containing the fish zipped up inside my jacket so that the water shouldn’t get cold), I decided to go across the square to Whole Foods.  Of course, they didn’t have what I was looking for, but…

Hmmm.  I don’t know how that happened.

Moophrey burger, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, and millet.  I don’t care if millet is bird food.  I guess I must be a bird.

I had an appointment with my nutritionist tonight — not exactly fun, considering — and then I went to the supermarket.  Where, by the way, they did not have the soy milk I wanted to take with me on my vacation.  I figured I’d use almond milk instead; but those expire on January 16, and I wouldn’t use them all by then.  So I thought I might as well just use vanilla Boost with my cereal and kill two birds with one stone… but guess what?  No vanilla!  Argh.  Then as I was driving out of the supermarket parking lot, I got this weird feeling that I was going to hit / kill someone.  I didn’t, obviously, or I wouldn’t be calmly sitting here and typing about it — but it was just really strange.

A surprise was waiting for me when I got home: my dad hung the thermal drapes over my bedroom windows!  They actually look ridiculous, because they’re polka-dotted, and they didn’t look that way in the picture.  But I don’t really care, as long as they get the job done and prevent me from freezing to death… though it is sort of claustrophobic not being able to see out of the windows.

My mind is too tired to verbally vomit right now, but it will formulate itself nicely while I sleep, I am sure.  Better than the dream I had last night… you don’t even want to know.  Trust me.

My  memory of this is kind of fuzzy, but I think this was titled Expression II.  It may have been around the time I broke up with my ex, and his initials are in there somewhere… oddly, I think mine are too.  (Clearly, my brain is not functioning at the moment.  Then again, does it ever?!)

Have a good Thursday!


11 responses to “Cold and Boring

  1. that looks like the drawing i did of myself where you couldn’t pick up your pencil NOR look down at your drawing. yeah. TOTALLY abstract. =D

    hahha. petco people. hah.

    MILLET! never tried that- ironically, there’s this soup in taiwanese food culture that’s called BIRD SEED soup..and yes, there’s millet in it! =D

    anythign interesting in the mail?! HAS IT GOT THERE YET?! drawing will be mailed soonish!
    i have to figure out if i want to color it in or not.

  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    AHHH i’ve had that eerie feeling that i’m going to be a vehicular manslaughter-er, but thank god it hasn’t happened. fingers crossed it never does. sorry today was so cold and boring! moophrey burgers, i’ve been eyeing those at whole foods! i’ve never had rutabaga in my life, should get on that.

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    haha love oyur addiction to steaz- must try it if i ever come across it!! sorry about the soymilk issue :-\ & i really want to try those jamfrankas!


  4. Strawberry Crispiscrumptious…. That name is quite a mouthful! I’m on a desperate search for steaz which is growing increasingly frustrating.
    I’ve never gotten that feeling regarding driving (I don’t have my license, so if I did that would be REALLY bizarre), but I have in other scenarios. Very creepy and weird. Definitely not a fun experience.


  5. The weird feeling that you’re about to hit someone in a car is a common occurrence in people with OCD. The ‘obsessive’ part of the name refers to the thoughts which precede the compulsions/rituals. Lots of people with OCD have thoughts that if they don’t do X, Y will happen, Y being something terrible and often something which is their fault, like being suddenly overcome with a terrible urge to kill someone/swear at their boss/drive their car into a tree/whatever. They would never actually DO these things, they just worry about them. People with OCD can have mainly obsessions, mainly compulsions (me), or both. It’s totally possible to have the thought patterns but not act on them or to have the rituals but not really have a reason for doing them (me again!).
    Random fact of the day 😛 I can’t see the phrase ‘that’s weird’ without trying to solve it, obviously!

  6. I love seeing new bars (to eat, lol) on blogs. My dream store is one filed with every variety of different bar… and free samples!

    What is not fun about the nutritionist appt.? Just feel like you are being lectured?

    We have needed drapes for SO LONG. I mostly want to block out the light from the street lamps!

  7. Haha I am totally addicted to those new Steaz drinks as well. Sorry about the soy milk issue:(

  8. Thermal drames?! I need those! And waffle-weave bedsheets (do they make those? B/c they should).

    I’m not a huge fan of those Jamfrakas bars, but I’m glad you like them!

  9. Cold and boring pretty much sums up my day too. Will this weather never end!?

    Perhaps the feeling you had in the car was a manifestation of anxiety carried over from the nutritionist appointment? I know worst-case scenario imaginings tend to happen to me too when I’m upset…as if the negative emotional transferrance occurs to cause a panic attack by presenting visions or sensations of horrible things happening? Just a thought.

    Do we have telepathic Dads? Because mine just purchased thermal curtains. Bizarre. Not that I’m complaining ~ I’ll do anything to shut out the cold.

    Thanks so much for your help with Google Reader! I now have my posts back 🙂


  10. it was super cold today here too!! cant say boring tho..its been GO GO GO ever since ive gotten back to school! ahh-the bittersweet! try to stay positive love!!!

  11. The painting/drawing perhaps is how your mind feels right now?

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