These snowflake earrings were most appropriate for today.  Knowing that the windchills were in the negative digits, I asked my dad, before I left the house, if it was “cold, very cold, or brutally cold.”  He misled me by saying that it was just “very cold” since “the wind isn’t blowing very strongly.”  I have no idea what outdoors he experienced, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was a different one from me.  It was beyond brutally cold; it was deathly cold.  My heart literally stopped for a few seconds at the shock of it.

The bitch who opens the gym was late.  Yes, I realize it is very obnoxious of me to call her that, but I’m sorry, anyone who makes me stand outside in the abovementioned conditions for over fifteen minutes deserves that!  Especially if I’m not doing it to her face, because, of course, I’m too polite for that.  Anyway.  I did get to finally work out, which was definitely a relief.  And then I went to buy leggings, because I only have two pairs with a fit I like, and one of them is red.  I like black.  So I went to this store that had a bunch of leggings, “One size fits all.”  Would someone please explain to me exactly how that is possible?!  Either way, I didn’t have that much of a selection, because I like a wider waistband, and they didn’t have many of those.  Add that to the fact that whoever makes these leggings doesn’t seem to take into account the fact that some people aren’t two feet tall, and my choice was practically nonexistent!  I ended up with these.

Aren’t they, like, stirrup leggings?!  Well, whatever.

Beyond my frozen self, it was a pretty uneventful day.  It’s Sunday:

I also attempted to semi-clean my room so that I should have somewhere to put down a suitcase when I pack next week.  I say this every time I go away, but: I hate packing.  I wish my suitcase would just miraculously pack itself!  And I have to take along a whole sh!tload of food, too, which is always fun.  NOT.

On the topic of fun… a few weeks ago, I mentioned that my brother and sister-in-law were going out of town for a few days, and that some of my nephews might be moving in for the duration.  My brother is leaving tomorrow, so I asked my mom when the kids were coming, and she told me that they aren’t moving in after all, because my sister-in-law’s nieces would be staying with them in my brother’s house instead.  While I felt a bit relieved to hear that, I also felt guilty that I felt relieved… I swear, I am like the worst aunt ever.  Sigh.

Moving on, I said I would have to provide some more hiding places in my aquarium, which meant adding some bits of decor.  This particular piece doesn’t do much to add hiding places, but I couldn’t resist it:

It’s a heart!  (Well… it looks like a heart to me, anyway.  Please tell me I’m not crazy and that you see it too?!)  In other aggravating aquarium news, my remaining silver dollar has a fungal infection.  That’s easier to treat than swim bladder disease — I’ve saved fish with fungal infections before — but after all, a common cold can become pneumonia, etc. etc. etc.  I don’t think I should be entrusted with any life right now!!

In scavenging through my kitchen cabinets (this always proves an interesting activity, given my mom’s tendency to pile new purchases in front of the old), I came across a bag of Lundberg Countrywild rice. Heavens only knows how long it’s been there… but if I won’t eat it, nobody will, because oh my goodness, it’s not white and processed! It’s Sunday, I have the time to let it cook, so why not?

“Stir-fried” with soy sauce, Lightlife chick’n strips, and stir fry vegetables… I believe it was a combination of broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, green beans, celery, red peppers, and water chestnuts.  Let’s not even mention the sodium content of this, ‘kay?  (Hey… it was low sodium soy sauce!  ;))

Since nothing of note happened today (not that I’m complaining about that, exactly!), I’m going to insert something totally random.  (Hey, Tra!)  When I was in college, I took art therapy.  (As a student, not as a patient.)  My professor — who, if you ask me, had no business being in the profession, if her “analysis” of my work was any indication of her general expertise — had us create our own “works of art” so that we could see the analysis in action, or something.  I took both Art Therapy I and II (hey, I had a lot of electives to fill!), so I have quite the collection!  Not that I’m artistic or anything — far from it — but I think it’s quite funny… she had us write a little explanation on the back of each piece, and it was always so interesting to see how reality differed from others’ perceptions.  Anyway, since there’s nothing of note to post…

(For those who care: I don’t know if you can see it in this picture, but there is a stick figure couple near the bottom left of the page.  I was mad at my parents when I did this.  :p)

The best part of this (for me, anyway; I don’t know about the rest of you!  ;)) is that for the next long while, whenever I am “stuck” for a post, I can bombard the blog with pseudo-art!  *cue evil cackle*

Now’s the point where I complain that I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow… and I truly don’t.  But one more week until my vacation… whoo!  As an aside — I happened to mention to my therapist that I always try to book a hotel with a gym, to assuage my guilt / anxiety, but rarely do I end up using it… it’s like, I don’t go on vacation to spend all my time in a gym, you know?  She said that’s a very healthy point of view.  I must say, that is the first time anyone has ever equated me with the words “healthy” and “point of view”!!

I also go back to school later this month.  Not going to think about that now, not going to think about it…

Have a glorious Monday!!  Try not to freeze…


13 responses to “Antarctica

  1. hahah STIRRUP LEGGINS! my mom has those….but more stirrup-y.

    AND yes. that’s a heart. no doubt.

    yay yummy stirfry. i should make one. too lazy, of course.

    YYAYAYYA Alove the art! glad we’re RANDOM bloggers now! bombard us with art because i do the same thing! WOO HOOO!!!!!

    i got school tomorrow. i try not to remember that.

  2. LOL, us NY’ers cannot help from blogging about this weather (I just did the same!). It is brutally cold out. I really don’t know how much more I can take and the winter just started!!! ;(

    Beautiful earrings btw!! And yes, they are very appropriate! 🙂

  3. I used to beg my mom to buy those stirrup leggings for me when I was a kid. I thought it was soooooo cool. Man, I was so dumb. I finally got a pair. A bright yellow one. I looked like a banana.

    I ran with my brother in a negative degrees weather today with CRAZY wind! But just for like 1 mile, because we literally couldn’t breathe from that wind blasting into our faces.

  4. i LOVE those beautiful earrings!
    its so cold there..but its cold here too! in the south! 30 degrees, which i guess isnt so bad..makes me wana hibernate tho!

  5. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    that is such a cool picture -i love it! & i alwasy think one size fits all clothing is weird too- i don’t think it is possible. but i ❤ leggings. it has been cold here too! im dyin haha


  6. Quite an artistic flate you have there! Whenever someone told me to express myself through a picture, I’d always just blend colours… I let them make from it what they wanted!

    Keep your vacation at the forefront of your mind – your week might go by a bit easier if you’re not focusing soley on work and how much you wishyou weren’t there.

    I have a solution to your aching, bone-chilling cold. Come to Australia! The MIDDLE of Summer, right now… I’d do anything for icy cold right about now, hah!
    I’ll house-sit for you, if you like 😉

    Eleanor. xo

  7. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    i want to see more of your art! love those leggings, they’re so functional! i have a major pet peeve—leggings that scrunch up! i see the heart too, you’re not alone. glad you might be able to fix the aquarium problem…this is why i stick to sea monkeys or dogs :). melikey those earrings too!

  8. Ooh, it’s a pity you didn’t actually become an art therapist, the profession could do with someone like you – all the ones I’ve ever met have been completely barking, it would have been good to have a sensible one! I hated art therapy in treatment…or rather, I hated the art therapist in treatment 😛 Anyway I love your new time/space filler plan 😉

    Good luck treating your fish, they are such delicate little things. Most small pets are. I see a heart too!

  9. prettytimepiece

    omg waiting for a late gym opening would have made my skin crawl, too. i am sooo impatient when it comes to being out in cold weather, hah!

    i love leggings 🙂 lol hope those are comfy for ya.

    new reader to your blog btw… looking forward to reading more! ♥

  10. I love the picture! Especially the little people 🙂

    Stay warm! A friend is like your dad, she goes “its a little cold”–umm NO! It was so cold the wind was going in and out of me with the two jackets I was wearing 🙂

  11. Having worked in retail I’m totally OCD about “front and facing” with rotating older products and newer ones… Unfortunately our mothers seem to have not comprehending this concept in common!
    I see the heart too! Then again, that could just mean that we’re BOTH crazy. 😉


  12. Ughh I can’t believe you had to wait in the cold for her to open the gym for over fifteen minutes! That’s utter absurdity in these frigid conditions.

    Thanks again for warning me about the package, I really appreciate it:)

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