The Great Algae Eater Killer

Because I know how incredibly annoying it is, I’m not going to go into all the reasons I could have that would counter every positive comment I received in response to my last post and say why I think they’re not true!  Instead, I’m just going to say thank you.  :p  (And that I think it’s a little funny / ironic that so many people seem to think I am “witty,” when I spend so much time worrying that my sense of humor is borderline offensive and feeling like I need to rein it in!)  I have yet to actually ask anybody this in real life… just the thought of it makes me want to crawl into a hole!

Even though I technically could have posted yesterday, since I didn’t have work, I chose not to — something about “needing” to get a post up on January 1 felt slightly “OCD” to me, so I skipped it.  Though as it turned out, I did quite a bit of running about anyway… first I had to drive to a supermarket in another neighborhood to pick up some muffins — there was only one store in my neighborhood that carried them, and it closed down.  Since I was going there anyway, my mom gave me a list.  Of course, I couldn’t find parking closer than three blocks away, and I had to wrestle with a shopping wagon with a wonky wheel (alliteration!) that made it veer to the left the entire time I was toting all the groceries to my car.

When I got back home, I had to collect a water sample and head out to Petco.  Again.  Because I am the great Algae Eater Killer, and cannot seem to keep them alive if my own life depended on it.  One of the algae eaters I bought on Wednesday died, so I finally caved and got a pleco.  They’re hideously ugly, but supposedly the hardiest of the algae eaters.  I also got an angelfish, just because.

Guess where I went tonight? … Despite its supposed “hardiness,” the pleco died today.  So I went and got another one.  The people at the pet shop are just as baffled as I am… “It sounds like you’re doing everything right, so just keep trying.”  Keep trying what?!  Living in the pet store and killing fish?!  I am really, really frustrated.  And since I was already there anyway, I got some more decor to provide hiding places for the delicate little creatures.  Really … I am just about ready to pull my hair out of my head.

Here is yet another display of my apparently inherent laziness: I wanted to try steel-cut oats.  But I was deterred by the long cooking time, since I am one of the most impatient creatures on the planet.  That is how I found myself making this:

Pardon the condensation.  😉  I actually made this on the stove, since I had the time for it anyway… I don’t know if that’s why I liked it as much as I did!  The texture was very different from what I’m used to in oatmeal.  I followed the directions on the canister, but I think next time I’d add more liquid, since it was a little too thick for my liking.

In other news, Stef inspired me to finally try making my own Greek yogurt.  I used a coffee filter that looked more like a cross between a tissue and a dryer sheet, but whatever… at first, I had it in a bowl, but that didn’t get the job done, so I transferred it to a colander perched on top of a pot.

This is the resulting yogurt:

Of course, I’d have no idea how this compares with “real” Greek yogurt, but to me it tasted exactly the same; it was just a little thicker!  Since I never minded if my yogurt was bit “watery,” I’m a little puzzled by all the fuss.

I’m also rather puzzled by this, and I haven’t been able to find an answer:

This is (some of) the liquid that drained out of the yogurt.  As I understand it, that’s the whey; I always thought that’s where most of the protein in dairy is concentrated.  So if that’s removed, why is Greek yogurt so high in protein??

I will remember this week: Turtle Mountain Experiment!

Soy Delicious vanilla, Soy Delicious almond pecan.

Vanilla: in a fairly recent development, I’ve come to like vanilla.  A lot.  So I liked this.  It wasn’t blow-your-socks-off awesome, but it was perfectly fine.

Almond pecan: in an even more recent development, I have come to realize that I do not believe nuts belong in ice cream.  So while the flavor of this was quite good, I was not a fan of the nuts sprinkled throughout.  Kind of defeats its purpose!

Another display of laziness:

These were supposed to be cottage cheese pancakes.  (Cottage cheese, Fiber One, wheat bran, egg whites, Truvia, and a few frozen strawberries all blended until smooth.)  However, I have too little patience to wait for them to fully cook through before trying to flip them, so I tend to turn up the heat too much, which means that the bottom will burn before the middle is done.  I really should just make them thinner; will try that next time.  Anyway, they tasted fine, even if they didn’t look very pretty at all.  But…

…chocolate goes with strawberries, right?!

Now that it’s 2010, I am looking forward to a couple of things: first of all, life is getting back to normal.  I hope this means that I actually get to use the gym tomorrow, as opposed to hanging around outside it, because I am not very happy with this inactivity.  It also means that a week from today, I will be going insane trying to pack to leave on my vacation the next day!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  (For the record, I am totally not a squealer.)

Have a happy Sunday!


11 responses to “The Great Algae Eater Killer

  1. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    yay you tried greek yogurt! i’m guessing that is what your fb comment was referring to. i’m a little slow responding on there! lol i had no idea it would work with that kind of coffee filter, the holes look so big! the whey/protein question baffles me too…something a google search could probably remedy but i’m too lazy. where are you going on vacation?! lucky girl! sorry about the algae eaters though, such a mystery!

  2. okay those pancakes still look GREAT TO ME!!! 🙂
    you are awesome for making your own greek yogurt! YUM!
    have a great day love!

  3. yayyayaya you’re going on a trip! JEALOUS!

    greek yogurt. me loves. IMMENSELY>

    sorry about your algae eater. HUGS.

    hey! i wanted you to post yesterday! =(


    i had yogurt today too…the plain boring kind. =D

  4. Ah, gimpy shopping carts are so annoying! You have to exert double the effort just to keep from veering off into an aisle or random car in the parking lot.
    Perhaps your aquarium is so beautiful and sparkly clean that the algae eaters are starving to death?.. Silly theory, but at least one that’s hygienic! I actually think plecos are really cute. I believe I was terrified of them at first but then they grew on me. Maybe I just felt sorry for them because they’re so ugly. Or maybe I just immediately like anything making kissy faces. 😉
    I’ve never considered that with the protein in greek yogurt. If you find out, let us know!


  5. LOL the one person replying who is allergic to milk has the answer to your question 😛 there are several types of protein in milk, and casein is the largest (molecularly speaking) and most common. Whey is another one. So I guess ‘greek’ yogurt just has concentrated casein proteins. Incidentally, it’s the carbohydrate that most people are intolerant to (lactose) but the protein that people with actual allergies react to (casein), so your greek yogurt would probably land me in bed for a couple of days! Incidentally, a random allergy website just informed me that casein has a very similar structure to gluten, which is also a protein, so that explains why people with dairy alleriges often can’t stomach wheat/barley/rye/oats as well. Pretty much everything that I react to is high in protein.

    Uh, biology lesson over 😛

  6. Hi!

    Haha, I remember my last comment, when I said that you were keeping your Algae alive since the December 27th…LMFAO!

    Rip Algae.

    I too don’t believe nuts belongs in ice cream.


  7. I knew Katie would solve the greek yoghurt mystery: she really is the fountain of all knowledge. I was just as intrigued to find that out myself…I know it’s not vegan, but I do love a good conundrum.

    The oats look utterly delicious to me, but then again I am obsessed with thick grain-based constructions. And I’m ridiculously impatient with cooking things too…but the taste is what ultimately matters. Of course chocolate goes with strawberries, particularly when it’s very, very dark chocolate. Yum!

    I am the queen of wonky-wheeled trollies…and I like to race them up and down the aisles like a five-year-old, so technically that really isn’t a good combination. Trolley equivalent of drunk driving.

    Everything crossed that the gym is open for you tomorrow!


  8. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    yay for our upcoming vacation!! & i am so glad you didn’t try to counter all hte positive comments because you completely deserve them.


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