I’m Not A Vampire

My attempts to sleep in this morning were thwarted … damn body clock! I woke up again and again and again throughout the night, and it was so frustrating that I finally decided to just get up already.

Since I did have the extra time this morning, I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and made stove top oats. I put them into my cherry bowl…

…and so into the oats went some of the insanely high-sugar dried cherries, vanilla protein powder, vanilla extract, and a few almonds (there are more buried under there somewhere). I wasn’t going to put in any sweetener, given the cherry situation, but then I worried that the protein powder taste might be too strong, so I added a packet of Truvia.

Stove top oats are so much better than oats made in the microwave! They have an almost chewy consistency. Hmmm… though I suppose that could be attributed to the protein powder?

Hiked to the gym, then went to the dentist. Apparently the last time I was there was in January. Yikes. Anyway, my teeth are all fine; it was the gum that was inflamed. (Is it just me, or is “gum” a totally gross word?!) I got a very bloody deep cleaning out of the deal, and am now in possession of a mouthful of clean shiny teeth. Whoo!  Except that it kind of tasted like I was drinking blood all day… I might think I’m a vampire, but of course I put garlic salt in my bulgur tonight, so there goes that theory.  😉

I always hate the first time I eat after going to the dentist, especially after having my teeth cleaned; it’s like sullying a pure canvas! 😉 It helps a little if whatever is being consumed tastes good. Mission accomplished:

Romaine, microwaved zucchini and yellow squash, Lightlife tempeh strips, and roasted rutabaga.

I had to divide my lunch hour in half today; the first half, taken a bit early, was used to actually eat. The second half, taken rather late, was used to take a trip to Petco… because my algae eater was dead this morning. Yes, I know I only got it on Sunday, but algae eaters just don’t seem to last in my tank! (Must be because it’s so sparkling clean… ha.) I bought two this time, so that when one inevitably dies, I don’t need to rush out immediately to replace it. (Now just watch them both die on the same day…)

They are actually in there.  You just can’t really see them.


I bought these quite a while ago, but I’ve never worn them — so, in effect, they’re “new.”  Love when that happens, don’t you?!  😉

As always seems to happen to me, when I was in the supermarket tonight, the man before me in line took f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  Seriously… a new register opened, there’s one person ahead of me and he only has three items — it should be snappy, right?!  Nooooooo.  He was paying with a Benefit card and wanted cash back, and oh my goodness, apparently that is a very complicated transaction.  So much so that there was time for the woman behind me to comment that I “eat very healthy” (um, I was buying Gushers for my brother — very healthy indeed) … I just sort of went, “Mmhmm,” and then she asked me if I’m a dietitian!  What, only dietitians are allowed to eat healthy?!  (I did, however, buy steel cut oats.  Never tried them before!)

There was one bag of embryo carrots (which are henceforth to be known as zygote carrots ;)), and I grabbed it so that I could provide you with a visual representation of all the “stages”!

On the left, obviously, are the regular baby carrots.  Middle top are the fetus carrots, middle bottom are the embryo carrots, and on the right are the zygote carrots.  I am swimming away in carrots…

And finally, the beautiful Christina gave me this award!

Thank you, girl! I guess I’m supposed to reveal seven random facts about myself, but that might be kind of difficult — hmm.

  1. When I was thirteen, I went through a phase of being obsessed with Tweety (as in, the Looney Tunes bird)… my room still bears evidence of that.  Yikes.
  2. Burgundy is really not my color; it makes me look like a corpse.
  3. I used to bite my nails really, really badly… I stopped when I was in the seventh grade, but I’m still not quite sure how I did that!
  4. Despite not knowing how to do it until I was well into my teens, I’m really good at hula hooping now.
  5. I collect the flag of every country I’ve ever visited.  (Not enough, to date!!  ;))
  6. I prefer miniature cutlery over its “full sized” version.
  7. I really, really, really want to go skydiving.

And I guess that’s it!  Rumor has it we’re getting out of work early tomorrow … here’s to hoping that’s true.

Have a great last day of the year!!  😀


11 responses to “I’m Not A Vampire

  1. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    i much prefer mini sized cutlery too! people never understand that, glad i’m not alone. ouch about your gum (ya, gross word) but i’m glad to hear there’s nothing major wrong! and now you have shiny teeth :). if you are a vampire you’re certainly cooler than that twilight variety.

  2. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    sorry about the sleeping :-\ that is super annoying. those earrings are gorgeous!! & i love your facts- i colud never skydive so i’m impressedd



  3. Gum… yeah, I’m not really a fan of that word. I don’t know if there’s a less unfortunate synonym though. Luckily it doesn’t come up in conversation very often.
    I’m the exact same way with the first post-dentist meal. You’ve gone through the trauma of a dentist scraping around in your mouth and only to start the dirtifying process all over again. I hope the salad was tasty, so at least it was worth it! If you are in fact a vampire, maybe that’s why burgundy doesn’t agree with you. Have you heard of the children’s book “Bunnicula?” It’s about a bunny vampire… who I imagine knows a thing or two about fetus carrots. 😉


  4. I’m glad your teeth were ok, but the cleaning sounds kind of painful!
    There’s a law about checkout queues. The one you pick will be the slowest. Simple really 😛
    Thank you for the carrot photo!! I wish I could find carrots that small, they are really cute. If a carrot can be cute, anyway.

  5. Go skydiving! It’s great!!! 🙂

    Tweety? Hee hee. I remember when he was hip!

    I think it is so funny when people comment on how healthy other people eat. I get this ALL THE TIME at work. I do try to eat healthy, but I have moments where I eat “junk” too. It makes me wonder what those people are eating all the time!

  6. HAHAH tweety is your camp name now! HAHAHHA.
    omg. i love love mini cutlery. exhibit a) xmas and birthday presents. mini forks and mini knives. i am. a mini person.
    do you want to die?! re. sky diving. =D

    omg. i want to go to the dentist! i want white chompers!


    never made stovetop oats…and i miss baby carrots. i mean, fetus carrots.

  7. I also have one of those ultra consistent body clocks, I can NEVER sleep in no matter how late I made it to bed.

    I also like mini-cutlery! I also prefer plastic, I have a hangup about accidently damaging my teeth on metal utensils. Thus, I tend to save little plastic spoons and forks whenever I find them at a food court or in packaged food kit type things.

    I am a little new to your blog, I read that you’re a grad student but what is your area of study? I like people who use the word “zygote” in casual conversation. 😉

  8. Haha that’s funny that the woman asked you if you were an RD, I would definitely take that as a compliment:)

    Have a fabulous New Year’s!!!

  9. I went to the dentist yesterday too, haha 🙂

    Beautiful post, per usual.
    — wishing you a very happy safe and healthy new year, lovely lady!

    rebecca ❤

  10. ahh i wana go skydiving TOO!!
    if you go-let me know how it is!! hehe 🙂

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