Breaking Routine

No exciting subway tales to relate today: just wanted to say that the subway benches are really uncomfortable and unforgiving.  My poor butt.  And for some inexplicable unrelated reason, my inner thighs feel like I’ve been horseback riding.  To my knowledge, I haven’t been, and I think I would remember something like that, so this is really rather puzzling.

Also puzzling was the mysterious disappearance of the fish that sparked my profanity… it was sick, yeah, but even if it died, it was too big to have been eaten so quickly!!  Anyway, the air pump is connected to this decorative boat, which you can barely see because right now it resembles a submarine, it’s buried so deeply in the gravel:

It’s buried so deeply because the air pump is very powerful and tends to just yank it upward.  Which is why my arm was in the tank tonight to re-bury the thing, again.  On a total whim I looked inside (it’s hollow), and guess what I found… my poor fish!!  It was very dead… rigor mortis had set in.  Does that even apply to fish?  Apparently, because I had a hell of a time getting it out of there.  Sigh.

Backtracking… Having determined that we’ve had enough of stingy salads for the moment, my friend and I decided to meet elsewhere today. In what sounds like a simple process but actually was not, we chose a random Starbucks location and arranged to meet there with our own lunches. This was mine:

Udon with broccoli stir-fry vegetables and soy sauce.  I carried this in the freezing cold as the wind attempted to blow me back to my office… the Starbucks is two blocks away from her office, but seven blocks from mine.  Anyway, I get there… and she comes in and says that her mom didn’t make her lunch, so she doesn’t have any food.  A) What are we, ten?!  B) She knows how much I hate eating in front of another person, so she could have mentioned this before we decided to meet.  She ended up just getting a coffee and a fruit cup, while I pigged out on my (admittedly tasty) lunch… but, uh, awkward to the max.

And this was actually a break in routine for me; it should be obvious by now that the salads I take to work are always lettuce-based.  I know that when I get into a food rut like that, even if it initially began because I was too lazy to do something different or because I genuinely like whatever it is, eventually I become afraid of anything else; so I really have to mix things up sometimes, whether I want to or not.  And I bet that my crazy brain will now make some sort of illogical connection between breaking from familiarity and such awkwardness!

Since I’m apparently all about breaking routines these days … I had a coupon that expires on December 31, and I needed to use it for something; so I opted for this:

This is very out of character for me, because I tend to stick to silvers / greys / whites when it comes to eyeshadow.  But I already have this in a silvery shade, and even though it’s nearly finished, I have a million others in similar colors!  So this one it was.  Naturally, I just had to try it out today, because patience is definitely not my virtue!

Ignore the nasty eyebrow situation, please; I am way overdue for a threading!  Anyway, I don’t tend to wear much makeup on days that I go swimming, because I just don’t feel like removing it beforehand!  Today, though, I figured that I would test out my goggles again and not remove any of my eye makeup.  This is what it looked like after I went swimming:

Different lighting, so you can’t really tell, but — it all stayed where it was supposed to!  No raccoon eyes, either.  Maybe I ought to try swimming with a dramatic eye next!  😉  The pool, by the way, was delicious — 85 degrees.  Mmmmm.

My efforts to clean out my freezer continue…

"vegetarian grilled steak in mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes and peas"

"vegetarian grilled steak in mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes and peas"

I’m noticing that the emptier my freezer gets, the more anxious I get.  I’m taking this as a sign that it is something I should keep doing, because most of the time, the things that are worth doing do make me feel anxious.  Which kind of sucks, but oh well, that’s life.

I got a package today!

Long story in short form: I like Enjoy Life granola, all three types of which I’ve reviewed here at some point or another.  The cranapple crunch is my favorite, but basically impossible to find here.  I got it once at the health food store near my house, but it was insanely expensive.  My second-favorite is the cinnamon crunch, which is weird since I hate raisins.  Of course, lately, the only one I can find anywhere is the very berry crunch, and I don’t really like that one very much.  So I decided to check Amazon… except that I don’t want to buy half a dozen bags at once, because I’ll never finish them in time!  Then Google informed me that I could get them at  This happened on Monday morning, and I was a bit irritated with myself because I had just placed an order there on Sunday night — because I finally found the strawberry Jamfrakas!

Figuring it couldn’t hurt to ask, I called LuckyVitamin and asked, if my order hadn’t shipped yet, whether I could add a couple of things to it.  It hadn’t shipped, so I made my additions.  This was on Monday afternoon.  And the package arrived today.  That is super-fast shipping, which makes me very happy!

The goods:

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m set in the Jamfrakas department … for quite a long while.  😉

Hmm… this post is somehow so long that it might lead one to erroneously conclude that I actually have an exciting life, when nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, all I do is sit at work all day.  Thrilling.  Though I get to sleep in a couple of hours later than usual tomorrow, because I got an appointment with my dentist for 11.00 — not exactly convenient, but I can’t be too picky here, now, can I?!

Have a happy Hump Day!


13 responses to “Breaking Routine

  1. oodles interesting. i ate this blog post UP! =D
    yay for humongous packages! i got one from CHOBANI! =D
    hmm. never tried adding stirfry to a salad! HMMMMM>

    love your look. and hey, my eyebrows are worse off than yours. i (GASP!) don’t even maintain that shit! (hahha now you’re going to go examine my pictures!)


  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    jamfrakas!! oh god i hateeee eating when other people aren’t. ya it’s not normal, but i don’t care, i still don’t want to have to do it! you and your gorgeous eyes!! btw, you have very nice eyebrows 😉

  3. I love vigilante lunches at Starbucks and Whole Foods… so naughty!

    Love that eye shadow color. My friend wears a similar one and I always wish I could pull it off! Maybe I should take a hint from you and be bolder…

  4. I just HATE the subway, so I feel your pain there (literally too, because I agree the subways couldn’t be more uncomfortable, and when I was anorexic it was EXTREMELY painful to even sit… I had to stand!). Love Lucky Vitamin though! 😉

  5. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i’ve gotttta try jamfrakas!! i almost got them at TJ’s today but for some reason i decided against it :-\ bad deicsion. and ahh i feel you with the subway, i hate places like that! & im proud of you for eating even though you felt kind of awkward- that lunch looks fabb!


  6. The next time you go swimming I say you do it with Lady Gaga-esque makeup. Then again I doubt the goggles would protect your whole face, no matter how fabulous they are. 😉
    You rock for doing so many things out of your comfort zone. That’ paragraph is very wise! I agree: The hardest and most uncomfortable things are usually those most worth doing. Doesn’t make it any less sucky in the moment though!


  7. you have gorgeous eyes!!
    yay for that jamfrankas worth buying?

  8. Aw, sorry about the fish! I’m glad you found it eventually anyway, it would have been weird if it really had just disappeared without a trace 😛 Well done for breaking the lunch routine. I still get like that – I do something one day, do it again the next by coincedence and before I know it I feel like I need to keep doing it. The only way out is to break it though, so I hope your lettuce rut is busted now 😛

    LOL how is that a nasty eyebrow situation? Compared to that mine are caterpillars 😛

  9. Ohh I must try those–they look good! I also hate eating alone, just b/c what is the other person supposed to do when you are there–who knows, makes me feel odd. But kudos for you for breaking your routine of what you have for lunch!
    Have a good week 🙂

  10. Your eyebrows are immaculate! I can’t see a single ‘hair’ out of place. No way would my eyebrows bear such close scrutiny. Then again, I do look incredibly scruffy in comparison to your beautiful hair and make-up. I’m just too lazy with (and allergic to) make-up…

    I am coveting your bar and granola stash! It seems to be fate that stores always carry the ‘meh’ flavours of the products we love.

    Glad you’re getting to sleep in for a change!


  11. What a beautiful shade of shadow!

    Ugh. Her MOM makes her lunch? LOL! I wish my mom would make my lunch 🙂 Scratch that, she wouldn’t put stuff in it that I like!

  12. You’re making me jealous with your beautiful crystal eyes! I’ve never really bothered with eyebrows…I didn’t even know people need to trim them until like a year ago.
    Yay for packages! Don’t you love those?

  13. hooray for packages!!! btw, your lunch actually looks pretty amazing. and r.i.p. for your poor lil fishie 😦

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