Back to Work

If these things keep up, I ought to rename my blog Stupid Tales of the Subway Rails, or something.  This was my position for much of my commute home:

That would be my finger essentially holding my ear shut.  This is because the man next to me was sleeping, which would be fine, except that he was snoring.  This might be fine too, but we’re not talking little snorts… we’re talking major snuffling, as in, it was audible over the screech of the wheels on the tracks.  That?  Is damn loud!  Sometimes I’m okay with being around noise, but I’m never okay with being around sounds like snoring: it’s rhythmic without a pattern — you know the next one is coming, but you don’t know when, and you’re sitting on edge just waiting for it.

This post is totally going to be out of chronological order.  Because I am cool like that.

Once upon a time, we had a clock hanging on the wall in the office.  This clock had a mind of its own, and it was always speeding up and slowing down.  It eventually ended up in the trash, and somehow the second hand is still sitting on my desk, but that’s really irrelevant, I just found it kind of odd!  We’re all surrounded by time-telling devices anyway: the phones have clocks, the computers have clocks, we all wear watches… but Mr. J decided it was essential that we have a wall clock, so guess who got to go buy one? … I humored him and got the biggest one I could find.  That was last week, I think.  Today I finally got batteries.

I also told him that I think we ought to paint the walls blue, as it is supposed to be a soothing color.  Oddly enough, he didn’t seem too keen on taking my decorating advice.  Imagine that.

Since I’m talking about Mr. J anyway, you see this salad here?  It was a lovely concoction consisting of romaine, baby bellas, microwaved zucchini, roasted delicata squash, and Lightlife Tempeh Strips.

However, my enjoyment of said salad was severely hampered by Mr. J’s feeling the need to satisfy an urge to stand and gawp at me for a good thirty seconds during its consumption.  Seriously.  This is crossing over from the realm of annoying and into that of just plain creepyGo away!!

Just another little office tidbit!  I arrive first every day; I think I’ve mentioned that.  Anyway, that fact means that this was on my co-worker’s desk over the weekend.

Um… ew??

This, however, was far from ew:

Vanilla yogurt, crumbled apple cinnamon mini muffin, and cinnamon.  Lots and lots of cinnamon.  Because cinnamon makes the world a better place.

I encountered the same problem today that I did last week… that of not knowing what I want, which is only helped along by my indecisiveness!  In such cases, I’m tempted to just take the easy way out and revert to frozen meals again, but … no.  Just, no.  Since I bought a box of bulgur today with a coupon that expires on December 31, I decided to work on finishing my nearly-empty old box.

Bulgur with peas, corn, and red bell pepper… and a “chicken” patty.  This whole protein thing gets annoying sometimes — just give me my carbs and leave me alone!  Oh, yeah, and I probably don’t even have to mention the involvement of garlic salt here.  Either way — it was good, and I didn’t stop after eating it and think I wish I had had [something else] instead, so all’s well on that front.

Unfortunately, all is not well on some other fronts.  Namely, I have a toothache.  It’s especially odd because before I had my wisdom tooth extraction, it felt exactly like this; and the dentist essentially said that I could either take antibiotics every time an infection cropped up and then possibly eventually need to pull the tooth anyway, or I could just pull it right away.  I opted for the latter.  So I’d like to know why it’s bothering me now!

I hate dentists.  And I don’t have dental insurance.  But guess who I’ll be calling tomorrow?

I was strangely not exhausted today, considering the hour at which I finally fell asleep last night.  This was a pleasant surprise, until I remembered that I tend to operate on a 24-hour time lag when it comes to such things.  That means I’m going to be a zombie tomorrow.  (Which, by the way, is supposed to be absolutely frigid.  Ahhhhhhhh!!!)  An early night sounds like a good idea.

And that draws another exciting day in the life of me to a close.  :p

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


9 responses to “Back to Work

  1. Good luck at the dentist! Hope your tooth heals up nicely. And I’ve always wanted to try those tempeh strips! Is it the same as the tempeh bacon they make?

  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    Ahh that sucks about your tooth, going to the dentist is always a drag. Hope it’s an easy fix. Wow your coworker’s desk is nasty. But your food looks yummy! Haha train snorers, there’s always gotta be one in every car.

  3. sorry about your tooth! =( i hate going to the dentist. it always ends in pain.

    that’s nasty re: your coworker’s desk. nasty.

    hahahha my dad snores so loud. and my mom talks in her sleep.

    BULGURRRRRRRRRR. no denied naners?!?!? xoxo

  4. ahh i hate the dentist too girl!
    your hair is BEAUTIFUL…love the dark curls!

  5. I’m loving hearing about the scandalous inner workings at your work… Who knew a day old slice of bread made such an excellent paperweight? Who knew that a wall clock is imperative in the functioning of an office? I’m sure these tidbits of information will help me someday in the future and I’ll have you to thank. 😉
    While I don’t travel via subway I do ride the bus and feel your pain. Sometimes it feels as though I’m paying for transportation AND a show. Hope tomorrow you are miraculously un-zombiefied.


  6. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    good luck w/ the dentist- i hate it too! it freaks me out for some reason. & i htae hwne people snore/make annoying noises like that hahaha i think it is a part of my irritability problems :-p and thanks foryour insight on my media post! loved reading what you had to say


  7. Oh poor you, toothache is horrible. The dentist will be worth the anxiety though, anything is better than that sort of pain.
    I laughed at your coworker’s desk 😛 lol. I feel your irritation over Mr J too, I can’t stand people looking at me when I’m eating, rawr.

  8. I hope your tooth is okay! I just came from the dentist. If it makes you feel better, at 23, I already have receding gums, a possible hairline fracture in one of my teeth, and will probably need a root canal sooner or later. Great. At least I was cavity free!!! HA.

    Oh, and your yogo combo looks super swell. Loving the cinnamon!

  9. laurasworthlesswords

    I hate it when people stare when your trying to it, its really off putting. I think your snack certainly outdoes your co workers remains 🙂

    Ohhh snoring is one of the things that really gets to me, I just cant hack the sound, I think if I had have been you I would have stuck my mp3 player on very loudly!

    Good luck with the dentist, its never pleasant going there but always best to get it sorted out before it gets worse.

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