Worker Bee

Another week and life will be back to “normal” — a good thing, in some ways!  Yesterday I rolled out of bed at the usual time, did ten minutes of leg / ab work, then decided I was still tired and went back to sleep for half an hour.  So much for “listening to my body” — I was exhausted all day.  I did walk a few extra subway stops in the morning, because it was (relatively) nice out, and I was really freaked out over not exercising for so many days in a row… but leisurely strolling does not a workout make!!  Totally not helping in the “I feel like a fat lazy blob” department, by the way.

oat bran, Truvia, defrosted frozen strawberries, sugar-free chocolate chips

In theory, this was awesome; in reality, it was just “okay.”  Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Lucky, lucky me had to work yesterday.  I won’t whine about that, because I’m so over that.  Instead, I will share the genius that is Mr. J.  To preface, there is this thing in Jewish law called yichud.  I arrived first at the office, as usual.  Besides for me and Mr. J, there is one other religious guy who works there, and he arrived about an hour after I did.  Because of the abovementioned law, he left the door unlocked.  (So the hordes of people in the hallway could theoretically come barging in at any moment… except there was really nobody else there.  Whatever.)  Not long after that guy left for the day, Mr. J came over and wanted to know why the door was unlocked.  I told him that that guy had unlocked it, and I assumed he understood why, but maybe that’s giving him too much credit… he said, “But he’s gone for the day,” and locked the door.  I’m thinking, Okay… that is so totally not what I meant, but fine.  A few minutes later, Mr. J jumped up and said to me, “We should leave this door open until one of us leaves.”  I just stared at him for a few seconds and finally said, “That’s why the door was unlocked!”  But suddenly it wasn’t enough to have the door unlocked; no, it needed to be wide open.  I really cannot figure some people out sometimes.

I came home with the intention of eating hommus and carrots.  I doled out the hommus onto a plate, went into the crisper for the baby carrots, and heaved a huge internal sigh.  See, I’ve noticed there are three types of baby carrots: the regular, common baby carrots, as well as what I will call “fetus” carrots and “embryo” carrots.  Apparently, the smaller the bag, the smaller the actual carrots… and because I love things tiny, I like the smallest bags.  I think those are around 1.5 oz. (“embryo”), and I stumbled across them by accident once when Iwas looking for the 3 oz. (“fetus”) bags.  When I was in the supermarket on Wednesday, they didn’t have either of those… so I explained to my mom the difference between them, and why I liked the smaller ones, and asked her to pick up a package of the “fetus” carrots when she went to the store on Thursday.  I thought that the whole explanation would have made it clear that I only wanted the “fetus” carrots, because if I wanted baby carrots, I could have gotten them myself.

She bought baby carrots.

Which was nice of her, even though I could have bought that myself and thought I had done an adequate job of expressing that; but I was not going to throw a tantrum over it.  I chose to just say “Thank you,” return the carrots to the refrigerator, and kill my tastebuds with this instead:

salsa with blue corn tortilla crisps

salsa with blue corn tortilla crisps

I’m thinking of throwing in the towel on making my own waffles; I ought to just stick to pancakes!  Either that, or I shouldn’t be such a cheapskate and buy a good-quality waffle maker… or maybe, just maybe, I should stop over-filling the stupid thing.

Aunt Jemima whole wheat pancake mix, Musselman's raspberry acai applesauce, apple butter spread

whole wheat pancake mix, raspberry acai applesauce, apple butter spread

My mom and I finally played Scrabble, since I took a rain check on it on Thursday night…

My dad took a pass.  How odd.  (NOT — I think he’s only played with us once.  Boo.  My mom is probably ruing the day she ever suggested we buy this game!  ;))

My otocinclus died, so I guess now I’ll be making a trip to the pet store tomorrow… I ought to just bring a sleeping bag and set up shop there.  It’s getting kind of ridiculous!  Maybe I should buy two algae eaters so that when one of them inevitably croaks, I don’t have to go rushing out to buy another one right away.  Gah.

I also need to make a Winkflash order.  Like, in a major way.  But I’m being a total procrastinator, because I’m so good at that!  I know where my true talents lie…

Tomorrow is a fast day, and as on several past fast days, I am being precluded from fasting.  It’s a “minor” fast day, so there are lots of other people who won’t be fasting either, but still… it irks me.  (And the word “fast” is beginning to look weird, because any word gets that way if you use it too much.)

Oooh, but I remember (well, sort of) the dream I had last night!  This makes it… what, three remembered dreams in less than two weeks?! … This one was, unsurprisingly, quite odd and involved me driving a car, nearly running over a child’s bike (without the child on it), then somehow winding up in said child’s house.  She had a million sisters and a really nice mom, and that’s about all I can recall.  Very odd.

Have a great Sunday!


13 responses to “Worker Bee

  1. I’m so sorry your fish keep dying! 😦 Maybe you should try for a more regular kind… like a goldfish or something! My fish used to live for seriously around 10 years! Maybe I was just lucky though, I don’t know…

  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    I can’t stop laughing over the fact that you differentiate your carrots into baby, embryo, and fetus. I might never look at carrots the same way again! I know exactly what you mean about words starting to look weird after you use them a lot. Same thing with the way they sound…I think that about my name too. I’m weird. Your dream was weird too 😉

  3. sorry about your fish. HUGS!
    oh man. mr. j. wow. WOW.

    i like the triage for the carrots. i can only eat embryo carrots- tooth issues. i have a part of a fake tooth. OKAY!?
    yay for weird dreams. i had one today. it was strange. i woke up sweating.

  4. your waffles look good!! hahah that was so funny about the analyzing carrots! i cracked up at that!

  5. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    sometimes my dreams confuse me sO much but i love remembering them. sorry about the carrot dilemna- haha. & seriously don’t feel guilty about not exercising, it’s ok girl 🙂 i havent exercised in like over a month! it is freakin me out but i know it is what i need. and scrabble is always the best 🙂


  6. I had a bizarre dream last night too. Crazy things go on in our silly brains at night…. Not that they don’t during the day too. 😉
    I feel badly for laughing at your expense but imagining you trying to explain to your mother the difference between embryo and fetus carrots cracked me up. It reminds me of something you’d see as a skit on SNL. I totally get it though. I drive my family crazy with my pickiness.
    So sorry about your fish. If it makes you feel any better the people at the pet stores probably have an even worse fish track record. Having worked at one I can say that you’d be amazed by how many fish die there in a single day. Really depressing.


  7. Hi girl!

    Sorry for the carrots. I always buy my food myself because my mom always buy the wrong things…Last time I asked her to buy a squash, she bought a turnip. Anyway.

    For the pet…buy a turtle! They can live longer than humans 😀

    And for the oat bran: Add a tbsp of cocoa or a Melted banana…
    or both! I call it ‘Banana Split Oatmeal’


  8. Bahaha so Mr J forgot he was a man as well? Maybe he is actually an alien, that would explain a lot given your descriptions of his quirks 😛

    I love your carrot differentiation! I’ve only ever seen baby carrots. Oh, but I grew some extremely small round carrots this year, they are in my freezer at the moment.

    Who won at scrabble? I hope you had fun!

  9. fetus and embryo carrots?!? i don’t know if i will look at “baby” carrots the same way again.

    i LOVE scrabble! that is my all-time favorite game! i hope you had fun! (and yes, it is WAY better than chess.)

  10. Your carrot definitions should be nominated for ‘most hilarious post of the year.’ It really takes something to make me smile at this time of the year but you managed it. I think I’m going to start designating my own root vegetables by human gestation periods now 😉

    Your dream sounds quite pleasant! And I’m with Katie: I’m dying to know who won at scrabble.

    Keep counting down the days…I am willing your gym to be open for you tomorrow.


  11. Sorry to hear about your fish! I was the same way with fish, someone told me “start with ghost shrimp, nothing kills them”. …..lets just say they were wrong.

  12. fetus? Embryo carrots? lol. I think you’re probably the only person who can differentiate them, hence your mom got confused.

  13. For about two months, I scoured around for a good waffle iron and could not locate one. Last week I made green protein pancakes and love them…but the idea of a waffle “lasagna” with waffle, chicken, veggies (hummus, artichoke hearts and spinach) tops off with another waffle, drenced in a yogurt dressing and baked for 30 sounds like a great experiement! If you try it out, make sure to let me know how it tastes!
    Did you sign up for the Tea Exchange?

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