Wanna Go Away

True to senior citizen form, I was in bed before 10.30 last night. (Please note that this does not mean that I was asleep before then!) I also woke up before 3.00. Why oh why oh why oh why can I not sleep through the night?! I actually remember the crazy dream I had, in which I had already taken my vacation (twenty days!), but once I arrived home again I remembered that I had forgotten to go diving because they had neglected to pick me up. I was really angry and wanted to sue them, but they held some sort of contest and twenty people — myself included — won dive trips to “the Bahamas, Aruba.” Which doesn’t actually exist. I wasn’t pacified, though, because I wanted to go diving where I’m going on my vacation! Crazy dreams.

The first English words I uttered today were, “Oh, sh!t.”  …One of my tetras was spinning in circles… and we know what that means. Except I can’t do a damn thing about it.  I removed the carbon pack from the filter, because it supposedly leaches the medication out of the water, but beyond that… can’t do anything.  And the heater has annoyingly lost its suction, and it keeps popping off the wall, so I’m going to have to lower the water level significantly, dry off the wall, and stick the heater back on then.  What a pain.

This had obviously been lounging around for quite a while… I don’t think they even make this flavor anymore.

I met my friend for lunch today, and she was supposed to create a fuss for me about the stingy salads, but naturally Mr. Stingy left the salad bar just as it was our turn to order.

However, despite my enunciating that I wanted A LITTLE BIT, I still ended up with a pool of vinegar.

We’re going to just bring our own lunches next week (ulp!!) and meet somewhere else. If only it were warm outside…

"vegetarian veal style schnitzel in sauce with basmati rice and corn"

Continuing to empty out my freezer… it’s going to be a real challenge for me not to stock up again, because like I’ve said before, whenever I like / want something, the company stops making it. It’s already slim enough pickings for me, given my restrictions, so … yeah.

Confession: I love to be swimming.  I hate to go swimming.  It’s just such a hassle to get there, and dread that it might be freezing… but once I’m in the water I’m happy.  Unless it’s frigid, of course.  It was 82 today, which is cutting it pretty close.  Any colder and I will be extremely unhappy.  If it was 84 last week and 88 the week before, we’re on trend for it to be 76 next week.  “Very unpleasant” doesn’t even begin to describe what that would be like!

When I got home from the pool, I wrestled with the aquarium heater (again), set off my smoke alarm while roasting some vegetables, and got this:

A package!  Yay — I love getting packages!  E-mail just can’t compare to receiving snail mail… I miss that.  Anyway, this lovely package arrived courtesy of the lovely people at Bora Bora:

I have a co-worker who loves it when I wind up with free samples of foods that I can’t eat, because I hand them over to him.  But these are all kosher, and I am going to be very selfish and not share!  😉  Can’t wait to try them.  (Though I foresee some difficulty with the coconut almond flavor.  We all know how I feel about coconut… I do not like it!!)

My grades for the past semester have finally come in; I received two A’s!  My initial reaction was to feel relieved, like I’ve gotten away with something, because if those professors only knew how stupid I really am, they would have given me a lower score like they should have done.  Except, you know what?  I worked damn hard for those grades, I earned them, and I should be allowed to feel glad about that.

Without feeling like I’m on a massive ego trip.

Okay, now this is getting too complicated, what with all these conditions.  I think I’ll just go to bed.

Happy Hump Day!


14 responses to “Wanna Go Away

  1. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    Congrats on the As! Of course that critical voice tried to creep in, but I’m glad you shut it down! Your poor fish! Hope things work out with your aquarium. I totally agree- I hate GOING swimming, but once I am in the water there is no place I’d rather be. But jesus it’s like pulling teeth to get my booty over to the pool, esp in this weather! I’m sending you wishes for a good night’s sleep. I’ve been on a funky sleep cycle too, what’s up with that? I’m so jealous of your Bora Bora package!!!!!! Enjoy 🙂

  2. GREAT job with the 2 A’s girl!!
    im terrible at swimming 😦 its SAD actually!

  3. I’m the same way with any sort of praise… My brain immediately starts whispering that if they really knew (insert whatever here) there’s nooo way that they would give me that praise. But screw that foolishness! I’m sure your work warranted every single one of those good scores.
    By the way, I worked in a pet store for six months and totally can relate to the insanity that is dealing with fish and aquariums. It’s almost masochistic to start those things, the madness is so frustrating 😉


  4. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    those samples sound great! i’m really jealous 🙂 i agree a/b the swimming- that is why inevr swim!


  5. Congratulations for the As 🙂 Ack, 82? That sounds horrible! I hope your latest aquarium adjustments help the fish, I always feel sorry for you reading about the continuing fish-drama ❤ clearly today was just not good for anything related to water!

  6. Two As is exactly what you deserve. As you say, you worked hard for them, earned them and should be darn proud of them. I’m so happy to hear you say that for yourself! I get the ‘fraudulent’ feeling as I experience exactly the same thing when I get a good grade, as if someone’s suddenly going to come storming in and say that there’s been a mistake. Or, worse, accuse me of cheating. I always get this immense sense of guilt whenever I do well, even though I always do things by the book to a totally anal extent. Ah well.

    Sorry about the not sleeping…I think it’s probably a stress/anxiety related problem, but unfortunately I have no advice on how to deal with it because I sleep even less. Doh.

    Yay for free samples! And I completely understand where you’re coming from with the swimming ~ just the thought of getting in the water is enough to give me the shivers, even though the pool isn’t that cold. And the initial plunge into the water…ooh, I’m freezing just thinking about it.

    Keep persevering with the fish…I am sure that all of your care will be rewarded in the end.


  7. I feel the same about swimming, I love it when I’m actually in the pool swimming my little heart out, but like you say it’s getting there and then getting out of the pool cold and wet. I wish we had our own pool at home 🙂
    CONGRATS on the A’s and Happy Hump Day.

    omg. i hate getting to the pool and setting up to swim. i love to be in the water and just swimming. shoulda been born a fish or something.

    never tried jocolat, and JEALOUS of the borabar shit you got! =D
    HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!


  9. I too would be selfish and keep them all for myself, lol.
    I would even hide it from my famile xD

    Happy Holidays!
    p.s: I’m a new reader of your blog! I heard great things about you!


  10. Sorry you’re still having trouble sleeping. Maybe you just need a hot toddy before bed?

    Glad you’re trying the Bora Bora bars! I’ve always wanted to… can’t wait to see how you enjoy them. I didn’t know they were kosher, too!

    Congrats on your good grades. Celebrate yourself!

  11. Hey,
    cograts on your grades. you deserve to do something happy for you.

  12. Darling you are NOT stupid! Congrats on the A’s!!

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