Flavor of the Month

Today is proving a brutal wakeup call for someone who has been in denial that winter has arrived… as I type this, big flakes are falling from the sky and accumulating on the ground.  I do not like snow!!  I used to, but that was a long time ago… I kind of wish I could be a kid again and just be thrilled if school was canceled so that I could play in the white stuff, but as it is, I am irritated that it is so cold and not conducive to walking around outside.  Hmph.

Yesterday wasn’t that pretty outside, either; it was a two-sweatshirt kind of day!  I always wear so many layers, I can barely zip my jacket… and then I go outside and wonder why it isn’t as cold as “they” said it was going to be.  Uh… duh.  In fact, it was so cold outside yesterday that I had to wear this:

I think it’s pretty obvious that I look ridiculous in this thing… but I’m sorry, when it’s that cold outside (feels like single digits), I don’t care about much more than preventing frostbite!  Which this did accomplish.  As a pleasant surprise, my hair didn’t look crazy once I took it off, either.

Cold weather called for hot cereal.

Oat bran, Truvia, PB2, and sugar-free chocolate chips.  I should have added more water because of the PB2 — this was very thick, and I like my oat bran a little more liquidy.  I still can’t seem to love PB2, either, which is really just too bad… I had high hopes for it!

Ezekiel 4:9 granola, warmed almond milk, and chopped banana.  In keeping with the theory that “good things come in small packages,” I prefer chopping banana to slicing it.  I never claimed to be sane, did I?  😉 I also can’t believe that I didn’t like this granola when I first tried it — I love it now!

Nana’s cookie bars are so crumbly, I figured they’d go well in (vanilla) yogurt… they did.  Hooray.

As the queen of random injuries, I bring you this:

I’m told that this is located on my PSIS.  What I’d like to know is how exactly it got there!!

Turtle Mountain Experiment, of course… this week it involved the coconut milk chocolate flavor and the pomegranate chip.

I was apprehensive about trying this one, since we don’t like coconut here, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t taste like coconut at all.  The empty container smelled like coconut, but it just tasted like chocolate.  My brother complained, of course… but my dad said it was good.

I don’t think these people understand the definition of a chocolate chip.  This definitely had enormous chunks of chocolate, even though they were supposedly swirled in.  That said, I really liked this flavor.  It didn’t taste like pomegranate — more like artificial strawberry, or something — but it was good.

On the topic of flavors, have you ever felt like a “flavor of the month”?  You know what I mean… kind of like people keep you around for a while until they get tired of you, and then they just move on to whatever is more interesting / enticing at the moment?  I guess it’s normal to go through “phases,” but within reason!  I don’t imagine anyone likes to feel “recycled,” and having that constantly happen is obviously going to make me less likely to allow it to happen.

But on the other hand… people who constantly complain that they are “boring,” who may actually not be boring, tend to seem that way when all they do is, well, complain about being boring!  It’s sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy in that way.  I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to say, exactly… just that there’s this niggling feeling that if I’m always feeling like a “flavor of the month,” it’s probably something within me that is causing that to happen.

My room is the coldest room in the house.  In previous years, we’d put plastic over the windows in the winter, and they bubbled out because of the wind… it looked and felt like a spaceship, and it was extremely claustrophobic.  I hated it, and I don’t want that this year.  But it was so cold in my room this morning that I didn’t get out of bed until noon, and only then because my bladder begged me!  So we’re supposed to put up thermal drapes.  The plan was to go and buy them tonight, but the weather got in the way; my mom is afraid to drive in the snow, which translates to her not wanting me to drive in the snow, even though I’m fine with it.  I guess I’ll have to freeze for another week.

In lieu of going to buy said drapes, my  mom offered to “lose a game of Scrabble.”  (Her words, not mine; she doesn’t even try.  This annoys me.  But whatever.)

Here’s to hoping that this annoying snowstorm doesn’t derail Sunday… have a good one!


14 responses to “Flavor of the Month

  1. its so not snowing here! i feel like its SNOWING EVERYWHERE ELSE. that ice cream looks awesome-im not sure if id like the pomegranate flavor or not? i d def like chocolate tho!

  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    I know the flavor of the month feeling…boo! That ice cream sounds potentially delicious, I’m all in favor of chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips, I guess it’s a matter of preference :). Everyone keeps talking about Ezekiel granola, gotta try it! Random injury queen, i hope you relinquish your title soon! And how come you don’t like PB2? I live for that stuff, too bad it’s such a pain to get a hold of! I’m sure you looked cute in your hat, and not getting frostbite is just an added benefit.

  3. OMG. flavor of the month feeling? TOTALY FEELING THAT THIS MONTH! ie friends totally ditching.

    HAHHAHAHA it’s on the psis RIGHT?!

    chocolate ice cream sounds good. cold ice ceam on a cold day rocks.
    too bad we don’t have ice cream i like.

    warmed granola….you are putting DELICIOUS IDEAS into my head!

  4. Haha, I HATE snow, too. You and I should form a “I hate snow” club.

  5. I must confess…. I’ve never been in the snow. I know, crazy right? But I totally would if it meant that I’d get to wear a hat half as awesome as yours! As a fellow curly girl I fully understand that wearing it without having your hair go crazy is quite a feat 😉


  6. Aw, I like that hat! I tried to find the perfect one last year, and I did, but debated too long and it was gone when I went back to the store 😦

    PB2 isn’t my favorite, either. I know a lot of people love it, but it just doesn’t taste as good as the real thing to me!

    My room is cold, too… no heat. Bah. Stay warm!

  7. i love your hat. no matter how ridiculous one looks.. they are warm, fuzzy, and perfect for the snow!! Bleh. Snow.. too cold. I like summer dresses, warm eat, and cold cereal. muaha
    I really enjoy the Eizkell 4:9 cereals with warm milk though too!! its dang expensive.. so i never buy it 😦
    It used to be like 4 bucks a box.. now i only see it for 9 dollars. WHOLY MOLY not worth my cash. 😦
    I am not a huuge coconut fan either.. the pomegranite chip one doesnt sound too bad though.

  8. What makes you feel like a flavor of the month? You seem really interesting!

    I wish I could find some Purely Decadent around here. I was actually looking for it today! I ended up with So Delicious instead.

  9. I vote myself president of the ‘I hate snow’ club. I’ll walk in it if it kills me but physically it’s impossible to run on the damn stuff. Curses. So much for global warming.

    I really, really wanted to like PB2 as well but it just had this weird ‘stale peanut’ aftertaste that was really unpleasant to me.

    I don’t know if your ‘flavour of the month’ feelings are warranted or a reflection of your general insecurity, but I’m always paranoid that if by any chance anyone does like me, that within a second I’ll do something to screw it up. Or bore the living heck out of them after a while. Sadly most people are selfish creatures and serial friend-droppers…I know how it feels for that to happen but, cliché though it may be, if people don’t stick around then they weren’t true friends in the first place. I don’t find you boring at all…you’re probably just an intellectual cut above those you interact with anyway so they just can’t keep up with you!

    Thinking warm thoughts…fires, lots of open fires…


  10. uhhgg…i hate the cold. here’s to a short winter, lol. you know, i feel the recycled thing a lot too. and i think to some extent you can do that to yourself. people don’t want to hang out with gloomy people that feel sorry for themselves all the time. but also there are just bad friends. usually if i think about it real good i can tell when it’s my fault or if the person is just a bad friend, ya know?

  11. I left the snow behind for a week! When I was leaving, it looked like I was in a snow globe! Frigid!

    Kudos on the random injury! Ha, I know how you feel! I will look down or whatever and be like, “how did I cut/bruise/injure/scratch myself!” I woke up one night with like five scratches across the top of my foot! And socks on!

    I hope you have a good week 🙂

    Stay warm!

  12. Hey there,
    thanks for the comment on my blog – really appreciate it.
    THis post is great. All of the food you show looks and is great.
    Your self-fulfilling-prophecy thoughts…it really made me think…i am always putting myself down and thus that must be so annoying to others becuz it comes across as complaining…when its really me feeling badly about myself…something to really really work on doing…if i can like myself…then maybe others can and will like me too.
    great post…and yeah, i dont care how i look, i would rather be warm 🙂

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