Sugar Craze

Thanks for the responses on my last post… I guess I just feel like I need to identify myself with something, because saying “I am me” feels so … broad and obvious?  (This coming from the person who grits her teeth in irritation when new parents are asked, “Who does s/he look like?”  HIMSELF!)

Still felt kind of icky this morning, but trucked on… I survived work yesterday, no reason why I wouldn’t survive today, right?  I’m not sick, per se, just feeling kind of “off.”  It will pass.  Eventually.

Cherry yogurt with granola… before I discovered that I actually like vanilla yogurt, this flavor was my favorite. And I’ve never added granola to yogurt before, but I quite liked it.  And apparently the Tungsten setting doesn’t combine well with daylight bulbs… duly noted.

Romaine, steamed sweet potato, dried blueberries, almonds.

Story about the dried blueberries: I bought them awhile back, but never used them, for the following reason.

I wouldn’t mind this so much if it was only natural sugars. But take a look at this list of ingredients:

A) What is wrong with me?! Why did I not look at this before buying it?! B) What is wrong with them?! Who puts sugar in dried blueberries?? And WHY?! Cranberries, yeah, I can see that. But blueberries are sweet enough on their own! With all these added sugars, I could practically feel my teeth falling out of my head.  And I have a package of dried cherries with the same problem… oy.

To make up for that, I took some more attractive pictures than the ones with the blueberries and almonds still in their packages.  (And then I spent an inordinate amount of quality time with my toothbrush.)

It’s been a crazy day. I went to my laser appointment, where of course I had to wait. And I went to the pet shop to exchange my filter… I was going to get another brand, since this one clearly isn’t working for me, but this one is supposedly the best. So I got the same one, AGAIN, and will have to play around with the inserts and see what I can do to stop it from leaking. Because my dad expects me to wave my magic wand and, ta DA!, it’s all fixed.  But to make a long story short, I emptied out half of the contents of the filter insert bag, because it may have been leaking since that particular insert is intended for a bigger filter.  It’s only been about twenty minutes, but so far, so good.

And it’s got a respectable flow, too.  Knock on wood that it lasts.  As for the silver dollar, the poor thing is still hanging on.  He’s now completely “bald” — he has no tail or fins at all.  😦  And he isn’t eating, either, I don’t think… at this rate, he’s going to starve to death!!  Oh, the irony…

I’ve touched on this a couple of times… the fact that frozen meals are “safe” to me.  I think blogging is a large part of the reason why I no longer rely on them so heavily; they’re not exactly very photogenic!  😉  Of course, they do have their time and place; sometimes I’m just not in the mood of whipping something up.  But I think that a couple of boxes in the freezer should be enough for that.  I don’t need to stockpile a dozen of them!  Doing that makes me wonder why I’m “holding on” to them.  So I’m setting myself a goal to start emptying my freezer… I really don’t need so many.

"Vegetarian Moroccan chicken with whole wheat couscous and vegetables"

Tuesdays are a good day to do that, because I’m generally rushed since I want to get to the pool!  It was, in a word, delicious.  I purposely didn’t remove my (non-waterproof) mascara beforehand, because I wanted to put my goggles to the ultimate test.  And I am thrilled: they didn’t leak!  I even did a few extra laps to make sure, and varied between swimming underwater, on the surface, diving, whatever… I am officially in love.  The 86-degree water didn’t hurt, either.  Someone there told me that supposedly the temperature last week (88) was a mistake, and it’s not supposed to be that warm.  If so, I hope they keep making mistakes; it was perfect.

This happened when I got home from the pool.  And after that, something less happy… some relatives came over for a sort of impromptu “prayer group” and we completed the entire Tehillim.  I don’t like to get too personal here (yeah, I know I do that a lot, but that’s when it’s about me, not other people) — I’ll just say that someone in my family really needs those prayers right now.

Tomorrow is a bit stressful — I have an early-morning follow-up appointment with my endocrinologist, and so I won’t get to go to the gym beforehand.  And tomorrow is also my company Chanukah party, and even though I know that I’m not going to eat that fare and so am taking along my own lunch as always, I also won’t have the opportunity to take a walk during the day.  In effect, I am going to be sedentary for an entire day.  I am kind of freaking out about this…

Have a happy Hump Day!


13 responses to “Sugar Craze

  1. girl-just said a prayer for that family member.. i hope everything turns out okay! there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel-i know its easier said than done.

    GOOD luck on your stressful day! do NOT freak out about being sedentary girl..seriously, its totally normal to be sedentary..and your body needs a break anyway, tommo you will be more energized! try not to dwell on it-youll still go to bed tommorow and wake up the next morning and look the EXACT same!

  2. uh, ew. HFCS in dried blueberries? Yeah, that’s kind of enigmatic. Blueberries are sweet on their own!
    Um, sedentary for the whole day…that’s not everyday, right? Relax. It’s not gonna kill you. Logically, you already know that…you just have to shut your ED side that tells you otherwise, and try to forget about it.

    I used to only eat frozen meals because they were “safe” for me, too. Now, I rarely do. Maybe sometimes, if there’s nothing else to eat.

  3. gross about the blueberrries!
    I’m so glad you like the goggles 🙂

  4. Don’t worry about sedentary girl. I have days like that A LOT and hey, I’m still alive and kicking;) Nothing bad happens, trust me. I think it’s actually a good challenge for you:) Stay strong girl!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  5. I’m sorry about the family member, I hope you’re ok ❤

    I am not one for freaking out about sugar usually but on dried blueberries?! Dried fruit is sweeter than…um, non-dried fruit anyway, so that is really odd. Oh well! I hope you got through your sedentary day – I used to be really obsessive about being active every day, but I regularly sit on my butt for entire days now and it hasn't killed me/turned me into a whale yet 😉

  6. I HATE when they add sugar to dried fruit! GRR.

    Hope your family member is okay. Thinking of them.

    Good luck at the endocrinologist.

  7. that salad looks delicious!! & those dried bluberries sound good, despite the sugar. its ok that you werent active- seriously, your body needs rest 🙂
    happy chanukah!


  8. I understand your annoyance with the dried blueberries! There are so many products that I have tried and like the taste of at the time, but then realise that they’ve practically coated my poor teeth in sugar. I don’t learn though…rationally you’d think that when a product is called ‘Chocolate Stars Cereal’ or ‘Maple Frosted Flakes’ it’s obviously meant to be sugary.

    I used to live on frozen meals too because of the *exact* calorie counts…what stopped me from eating them was the increasingly violent reactions of my stomach to them. I think they have their place though (as long as you’re not allergic or intolerant to any of the ingredients of course!) presuming you don’t eat them in a compulsive/anxious way and don’t rely on them all the time.

    I’m not going to be hypocritical and say that being sedentary wouldn’t scare the heck out of me, but from a rational perspective it honestly will not make a difference in terms of weight or fitness levels. It’s a compulsion and I completely get that…all I can advise is deep breathing and holding on to the fact that you can get back into your preferred routine the day after.

    I am thinking of both you and your family



  9. That’s a lot o’ suga’!! I’ll take chocolate for that please :)! Nice post, keep it up girl, your doing great :)…oh and lovvvvve sweet ‘taters – i’ve been sauteing them lately mmmm…thanks for commenting on my blog – love new readers who come back !!

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