I Love Fire

I’ve probably never mentioned this — because why would I have, it isn’t the sort of thing that generally comes up — but I am a bit of a latent pyromaniac.  Fire fascinates me.  Not in the I-want-to-set-things-on-fire way, but still.  I was rather hyperactive as a kid, but I was able to spend hours just staring at the candles anyway. Obviously the whole “flame” part of Chanukah has always delighted me.  Hence the photo of the flame above.  I’m assuming you can expect some variation of it every day over the next week.  😉

Yesterday morning, I went to Whole Foods to buy the next flavors for the Turtle Mountain Experiment, and I was annoyed about that because the freezer in the office sucks.  Yeah, I have supplied myself with my own refrigerator at work, but it doesn’t have a freezer. The one in the office refrigerator isn’t much better, to be honest — I may as well have put it on my desk, since it’s so cold in the office! Anyway, someone had a can of Coke in there, and it exploded. Of course nobody bothered to clean it, so the door was sticking. It was gross. I decided that it was high time that refrigerator was replaced, so after informing Mr. J of this decision and getting the extra petty cash required, I recruited a co-worker and we went across the street to Home Depot to buy a new refrigerator.  The clerk there thought he was my husband.  Which made him feel really good, since, “I’m probably old enough to be your dad.”  (For the record: he is twenty years older than I am.  I guess I see his point.)

The freezer is a bit bigger, but I don’t think it had a chance to get up to full power.  My poor ice cream.  It didn’t turn out to matter too much, though.

Mint Chocolate Chip and Purely Vanilla.

The mint chocolate chip smelled like toothpaste.  However, it actually tasted pretty good, though if I’m being nitpicky, there were no chocolate chips in there; they were chocolate shavings swirls, or something.  Which would probably go quite well in plain vanilla ice cream.  (I had a dream that such a flavor came out.  Clearly, I am spending too much time thinking about this.)

The purely vanilla tasted like, well, vanilla.  It’s hard to go wrong with plain vanilla, isn’t it?

Yesterday morning was so frigid, it called for something hot.  Even though while I ate it, I was in my toasty dining room.  But whatever.

I’m not even sure what went into this anymore… oats, wheat bran, almond milk, applesauce, apple, Truvia, cinnamon… I think that’s it?  Whatever it was, it was good.

I am calling this cottage cheese pancake mash.  This is what happens when you have no time / patience to allow pancakes to cook through before attempting to flip them.  You basically end up with a scramble.  Which is okay, since it tasted perfectly fine.  It just doesn’t look very appetizing.

This is what happens when you do allow said pancakes to cook through fully.  This was, I think, 1/2 cup each cottage cheese and wheat bran / Fiber One, two egg whites, and Truvia all blended together until smooth.  I dropped a few random chocolate chips into the batter and then let that cook.  And cook.  And cook.  And cook.  And then finally flipped them, and let them cook.  And cook.  And cook.  Seriously, I don’t have patience for such things!  But it did taste good.  So much so that I am actually considering buying cottage cheese again, just for such pancakes.  I hate that it’s impossible to buy smaller containers, though.  Is it possible to freeze cottage cheese??

I tried chestnuts!  I don’t know what I was expecting, but they were … interesting.  After the first one, I thought I hate this!!  Then I tried another one, and it kind of grew on me.  I’m wondering what to do with it other than eat it plain… any ideas??

In aquarium news… the algae eater and gold gourami that I bought last week are both dead.  I would be a lot more upset about this — not that I’m not upset — but I’m so focused on this poor thing right now:

I finally managed to get him to eat a quarter of a pea tonight… if the sickness doesn’t kill him, starvation will!  I just feel so bad for him; if he’s just suffering and will die from this anyway, why am I prolonging his agony by trying to save him?!  😦

Well, our Chanukah party supposedly is starting now, but of course everyone is late… this is what we call “Jewish time.”  Nonetheless, I’m going to head downstairs…

Have a great Sunday!


15 responses to “I Love Fire

  1. SORRY ABOUT YOUR FISH. =( tears.

    omg. we are sooo besties…I LOVE watching fire. i hung out with someone at his house and he lit a candle…and i totally ignored him and just watched the candle light flicker for hours….he was not amused, let’s just say.

    make chestnut pancakes? grind it up into chestnut paste and smother your DELICIOUS PANCAKES?!

    i still wont buy cottage cheese…despite really wanting to try your panqueques!


  2. Us Brits love watching bonfires especially on bonfire night. And then there’s all those roaring fires as it’s so cold here all the time.

  3. ahahha thats hilarious about the fire thing! you seem so innocent..but you arent! haha JUST kidding!! you are so sweet and innocent 🙂 i do love watching fire TOO! its kind of addicting to watch for real!!

    bummer about those ice creams..they sound kind of so-so!

    hope you had a great night love!

  4. hahaha os true about jewish time!! yay for chanukah… i am so scare dof fire actually. & the eats look delic..esp the pancakes


  5. Great Blog! Found it through KBwood’s. I’ve never tried that ice cream…I drink regular milk or almond usually…is the soy creams better or better tasting I wonder? Have a great day 🙂

  6. Hehe I’m not keen on cold chestnuts either, they are a bit gross. But they are really good warm in stews or whatever. I ground them up and put them in soup the other day. And I have had scrambled pancakes sooo many times. Gluten free flour is terrible for not sticking together so most of my pancakes turn out looking like that! As long as it tastes OK I don’t really mind though 😉
    I am sending get-better-fish thoughts ❤

  7. i have always loved fire too, but i think mine stems from the fact that i am ALWAYS cold 🙂 i just bought some mint choco chip Rice Dream last night. i hope it doesn’t taste like toothpaste, lol. i am so sorry about your lil fish. but impressed you got him to eat. my ‘shark’ just died 😦

  8. In winter, my dad and I often sit and watch the fire in lieu of TV. Way prettier, and so cozy.

    I love those oats! Apples in my oats is one of my faves. And those pancakes look soo good. Here they make some sort of cottage cheese cakes, but yours look better!

    Happy Chanukah!

  9. Fire fascinates me too…I honestly find it both enchanting and beautiful. Its destructive potenial is just awe-inspiring too. I have no intentions of becoming a pyromaniac, but one of the most amazing experiences of my life was seing Rammstein live ~ they perform while firing flames at each other from flamethrowers and shooting flaming rockets over the audience. It’s difficult to convey how brilliant the spectacle is in words, but their website has some amazing concert images on it.

    I’m so sorry about your fish 😦 Here’s hoping for a miraculous recovery.

    I use chestnuts in several ways; in a tomato-based sofrito with sweet potatoes, carrots and chickpeas or beans, with mushrooms in a vegan gravy with sweet potato mash or in a mock ‘risotto’ with mushrooms and brown rice. I could send you the recipes if you like the sound of any of them 🙂

    My favourite ice-cream was always vanilla…boring but delicious. Shame I can’t find a non soy-based one over here.

    Hope the Chanukah party is going well!


  10. Those cottage cheese pancakes look professionally made! I’m very impressed:)

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  12. I love the way fire gets in your clothes and smells for months.

    I’ll be on the lookout for those PD flavors… mmm.

    Power on, fishy!

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