Thank you for understanding where I was coming from in my last post… I’ve spent so many years being told that if something upsets me, I need to learn to just accept the fact that the world does not bow to my every whim.  That’s a large part of why I tend to just keep it to myself when I’m upset!  And some part of me does believe that I’m just overreacting, but, well, I’m sorry that things upset me even if they “shouldn’t.”

While I wasn’t considering giving up blogging altogether because of some thoughtless comment (because I don’t think it was intended maliciously, which is what might be the worst part of it), I did think about whether I ought to be posting pictures at all, if it’s going to open up the possibility of “repeat performances.”  But then I decided that doing that would just be me allowing others’ actions to dictate my own, and I don’t want to do that.  I’ll just be sure to stick to close-ups in the future, is all.

I don’t know about you, but I subscribe to the theory that when re-stocking a refrigerator or pantry, the newer items go in the back.  This, to me, is common sense: you want to finish the old before beginning the new!  However, my mom does not share this belief, because when she buys something new, she just puts it right in the front, and everything behind it just gets shoved to the very back.  This usually results in my finding things about which I had forgotten, and which are either very near to, at, or past their expiration dates.  Which is what happened a few days ago when I found a cup of Zensoy banana pudding in the refrigerator, dated 12/05/09.  What to do? …

Overnight oats!  It was … interesting.  I think I prefer to make my overnight oats with yogurt.

Since I’m trying to ease up on the soy, I wanted to give cottage cheese another shot.  It’s hard to resist this:

This is actually particularly notable because it’s low-fat cottage cheese.  Not out of any particular ambition on my part, I have to admit… I just couldn’t find fat-free cottage cheese!  But since I could have just refused to buy any, I’ll consider it a good thing.  And to get rid of the texture that makes me want to vomit, I pulverized 1/2 cup of cottage cheese in my mini food chopper with 1/2 cup of oats, three egg whites, Truvia and vanilla extract to make this:

I actually liked it!  I was thrilled to pieces… I’ve been trying for years to find a way to make cottage cheese palatable!  The only downside here is that it takes forever to cook.  Especially for someone who usually makes pancakes in a microwave!  (I can’t do that with this because we don’t have a dairy microwave.)  Instead, I used a skillet that does not even have a heatproof handle… and, of course, I managed to burn my finger on it.  I think I will be investing in a new skillet.

I don’t care if it sounds strange: from where I stand, applesauce and yogurt are a match made in heaven.  Plus they’re cold, so it doesn’t matter to my prone-to-burning-my-tongue self that I had just defrosted the berries in the microwave.

Of course, as it is the weekend, here is another step in the Turtle Mountain Experiment:

After my experience with the Key Lime Pie Larabar, I was a bit wary of this flavor!  I was glad that it didn’t taste like coconut, but I just found the whole “lime-flavor-in-ice-cream” thing to be a little weird.  Not my favorite.  Next.

The last picture is just because I was waiting in line to buy this and realized exactly how much sugar is in this… I nearly high-tailed it back to the freezer to get rid of it, but hey… it won’t kill me, if it hasn’t thus far… and besides, an experiment is an experiment, right?!  That said, this was a bit too “bitter” for my taste buds.  While I am nowhere approaching a chocoholic, I have always preferred dark over milk chocolate; but this was a bit too “dark-tasting.”

Orange Steaz; not bad, but the black cherry remains my favorite!

If Steaz says it, it must be true, right??

Yesterday’s mail brought something I’ve been waiting on for several days.  (Okay, it wasn’t quite that simple… I had to make multiple calls to the post office, and I was actually a bitch to the clerk, which is so unlike me… but in my defense, she was giving me attitude first.  And hey, it did get me my package, didn’t it?!)

The camera is used; the housing is new.  I spent a few minutes playing around with the camera, and discovered that unlike my Canon, this camera does not actually have an underwater setting.  Which begs the question: why did Olympus make an underwater housing for a camera that does not even have an underwater setting??  (It does, however, have a “cuisine” setting.  I found this rather amusing.)  I’m probably going to keep it, anyway; it will undoubtedly take better underwater pictures than the disposable cameras.

Something most unwelcome arrived for me in today’s mail, though: my tuition bill for the next semester.  All I can say to this is ouch.  And if I were taking more classes?  Oh, my goodness.  I don’t even want to think about it.  😦

My glass catfish have already vanished.  I’d really like to install a security camera in there to find out what is going on!!  But I went to the pet shop today to repace them, and the Resident Genius (that would be me) strikes again… the store apparently closes at 7.00, and for some reason, I was under the impression that they close at 9.00.  I got there at 7.11.  Sigh.  There went half an hour that I could have spent working on my paper.  Which, by the way, I have yet to do.

To end this epic post of randomness, I give to you my paw-print pajama pants. Tra, this is for you. :p

Have a beautiful Sunday!


11 responses to “Randomness

  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haaaha LOVES LOVES!

    um. when (not if, when) i come visit you, you must make me pancakes so i taste the deliciousness. =D

    and you got a camera! WOO WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry about the tuition bill. lame, that is.

    i believe in your theory as well. sometimes shit gets pushed back and then i’m like SHIT-OLA i have to eat a 16oz container of yogurt in 2 days! AIYAH!

  2. awwwwww i love your PJ PANTS!! i so love pjs…they are amazing for reals
    I WANT PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. laurasworthlesswords

    Good Im glad that comment hasnt put you off 🙂 and I wouldnt worry about posting your pictures but just do what you feel most comfortable with yourself.

    Hmm my household is the same tins just go to the front, I have to keep checking our cupboards because sometimes its unbelievable the dates on some of the jars!

    I reallly dont like cottage cheese either but I really want to, I might take some tips from your recipe and see if I can bring myself to like it as well 🙂
    The pancakes do look pretty good.

    What is up with your fish? Something stange going on there.

    Anyhow have a great sunday, xox

    ps I just checked out your Q+A and about me section, its great 🙂

  4. Damn, I meant to comment on the last post but essay writing distracted me (odd, because it’s usually the other way around). I can’t believe you received such a cheeky, insensitive and downright rude comment. You’re not being oversensitive ~ a remark like that would upset anyone, disordered history of eating or otherwise (well, anyone female…most men would take it as a compliment. Gender sterotyping, but true if the guys at my Uni are anything to go by)

    I’m so happy you’re still posting pictures and not letting that comment get to you. Seriously, if you receive remarks like that then thank goodness they haven’t discovered my blog. I dread to think about how they’d respond to my ability to down a whole Kabocha squash in one go. I think it’s not necessary to stick to close-ups though, as if you’re ashamed of what you eat. Volume or otherwise, it’s better than eating a miniscule portion of something loaded with fat, calories and junk. There are so many other blogs out there who post amounts of food MUCH bigger than yours both in volume and density, and the pic that was commented on honestly didn’t look a lot to me anyway! I’m not sugar coating anything or just saying it to make you feel better: even I look at some pics sometimes and think ‘dang, that’s a lot of food!’ (usually my own. Ahem) but I’ve never, ever had those thoughts looking at yours. If anything, I usually think I’d still be so hungry after your salads, which look yummy but certainly wouldn’t fill me up at all (I don’t mean this as a negative comment, just as an emphasis that you don’t eat too much in any sense!)

    I tried overnight oats with soy pudding once too…the results were disappointing to say the least. I think you’ve achieved the impossible in making cottage cheese edible 😉 When I was vegetarian the texture of it gave me the shivers…

    Your PJ pants are adorable!


    P.S I know you're not going to anyway but please, please don't ever stop blogging or feel embarassed to post pics because of one thoughtless comment. You're worth far too much for that. And *hugs* just for the sake of it.

  5. In the UK dates are commonly written day-month-year, so when I saw that expiration date to start off with I read it as the twelth of May!! It took me a moment to remember those 3000 miles between us 😛
    I have to agree with everything Jessica said, I don’t think you were being oversensitive at all, it was a very insensitive comment. I also have to agree that you must be some kind of genius to make cottage cheese palatable! Those pancakes look really nice though 🙂 I love pancakes. I’m glad you managed to come to a decision on the camera issue, even if this one is weirdly lacking an underwater setting! I am looking forward to seeing your photos already 🙂

  6. i love how those drinks have happy messages! I want to try them 🙂 & your parfait looks amazing along w/ the pancakes. also, i’m glad that you are feeling a little better about the mean commenter– you should definitely not hold back ! this is your blog & your space to do what you want w/ it..don’t let anyone ruin it for you


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