Happy December and Giveaway Winner

Yeah, there really isn’t anything particularly happy about December, I don’t think.  It just sounded like the thing to say.  :p

My mom e-mailed this article to me the other day. I found it rather interesting…

A session of yoga for teens with anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders may provide more than a spiritual and physical boost; it could also help them get over their illness, according to a new study of 50 adolescents, mostly girls. The girls were seriously ill — nearly half had been hospitalized because of their eating disorder — and were being treated at an outpatient clinic at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The teens were randomized to receive either their usual treatment at the clinic or that treatment plus two hours a week of yoga classes. The study lasted eight weeks. While the non-yoga teens showed improvement during treatment, they relapsed a month afterward. In the yoga group, improvement started slowly, but a month later, the teens were showing steady gains. The exertion required by some yoga poses had no negative effect on weight, which was reassuring — the last thing dangerously underweight subjects needed to do was shed more pounds. The researchers suspect that yoga may help by reducing the obsessive concern about weight associated with eating disorders. In their study, they wrote, “Food preoccupation may be reduced by focusing attention on yoga poses.” Some subjects even expressed this idea directly to the researchers. Said one: “This is the only hour in my week when I don’t think about my weight.” A larger study is planned to confirm the findings.

This just makes me feel more sad that I don’t have much opportunity to do yoga!

Anyway, this morning was a bit frightful!  I was faced with this:

Looks perfectly innocuous, doesn’t it?  Well… it’s not.  It’s been established by now that I do not like higher-calorie cereals.  Or, more accurately, they scare me.  So while I didn’t have anything against the concept of the cereal itself, I did take major issue with this:

But, nonetheless, I poured myself a bowl and added some unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze.

As an aside, do you see that white speck on one of the cereal pieces??  It’s just another reason why I don’t like Almond Breeze.  No matter how much I shake the box before pouring it, there are particles in it!!  Has anyone else experienced this?!  Anyway, I wasn’t completely blown away by the cereal, but I am sort of glad I tried it, at least.  However… Strawberry Fields still has my heart.

Romaine, roasted carnival squash, roasted Brussels sprouts, chopped microwaved All-Whites.  It is Tuesday, but my poor friend is busy cramming and prepping for the GRE, so we skipped our lunch meeting this week.  Instead, I came back from my little lunch-break walk to find that the stupid locksmith, who was supposed to show up at 9.30, had arrived about three hours late.  And he was literally standing on my desk to be able to reach the ceiling.  Paranoia about eating in front of other people aside — call me crazy, but I’m not too excited about the idea of eating a salad with bits of ceiling matter in it!  I had to tote all my crap with me and relocate.  And the guy is so slow that he’s supposed to come back tomorrow.  I’m willing to bet that he’ll be dropping pieces of the ceiling on my head again during my lunch break… even though he said he’d be there in the morning.  Hmph.

Anyway, on the abovementioned walk, I popped in to Whole Foods… and this thing is going to bankrupt me if I don’t stop buying it!

Raspberry Steaz.  Almost as good as the black cherry.  And this accidental photo reminded me why I never use flash:

Let’s not forget the lovely affirmative message in the cap!

Tee hee hee!!!

I was really looking forward to the end of the day today — more so than usual — because I would finally be able to go back to the pool!  Sadly, it turned out to be a rather irritating swim.  The thermometer in there appears to be broken again, because it read 80 degrees, but I’m sorry, there is no way in hell that water was 80 degrees!!  I spent at least five minutes freezing my butt off before I just dunked myself… and then my goggles’ seal was broken, and I had to stop after each lap to re-adjust them.  They were so tight that I looked like a racoon with circles around my eyes.  An inebriated racoon, because after three laps I gave up on trying to fix them and just swam with water-filled goggles.  I’m normally fine without goggles, but this pool is so heavily chlorinated that my eyes turn red and sting just at the thought of being exposed to the water.  Despite all that… it was still nice to swim again.  It would have been nicer still without all the mishaps.

I finally updated my “About Me” page, which, in my opinion, should be called something like “Self Central,” and I also added a Q&A page.  More updating is necessary, but that will take time.  😉  Thanks for all the help!

Since I’ve become a total technical genius, I used Random.org to choose the giveaway winner… I’m not such a genius that I can figure out how to post a picture of the generator, but the winner is Tra!!  😀  E-mail me your mailing info, and let me know which flavors you want of the Primal Strips and the NuGo 10 bars.

Tomorrow night is my grandmother’s yahrtzeit. (Yes, I know I said that last week, but that was my paternal grandmother; this is my maternal grandmother.)  More family!  Wheeee!  I’m tired just thinking of it.  Or, hmm … maybe I’m tired since I seem to have lost the ability to sleep properly.  There’s an idea.

Have a happy Hump day!!


8 responses to “Happy December and Giveaway Winner

  1. OMG I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG OMG! and you tried the cereal! PROPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    =D i’m writin you an awesome email RIGHT NOW!

  2. YAY for challenging yourself with a higher-cal cereal! I hope you enjoyed it!

    That’s interesting about yoga. I’m taking a yoga class next semester. hopefully everything is true! 🙂

  3. GOOD for you about the cereal! you should SERIOUSLY be very proud of yourself..thats a huge step in recovery!

    so interesting about yoga!! and im glad we both wash our hair the same amount 🙂 you are awesome girlfrand!

  4. That is such a cool drink!

    I LOVE yoga (haha as you may have been able to tell from my blog)–I really credit it to helping me appreciate my body.

  5. I have yet to try the shredded oats!! gah. looks yummmy though!
    I have had that happen to me with almond milk.. its weird..
    store it in a cool place. no matter if its opened or unopend.

  6. Is it bad that as I read this, all I could think was “Call a locksmith!” from “Robin Hood Men in Tights?”
    HATE when the goggle seal breaks. I eventually switched to Swedes, and never had leaking again. They take some getting used to, but are the best goggles.
    Sorry about the yahrzeit. Never fun 😦

  7. Happy December to you too 😉 OK, I think I missed something – what was a locksmith doing that required standing on your desk and poking at the ceiling? None of the other commenters seem to think this is odd so I must have missed the bit where you explained how this makes sense 😛
    I have never found goggles that don’t leak. I think my head must be a funny shape. Alas.

  8. im glad you had the cereal regardless of the calorie content 🙂 & ive never tried yoga but think i should
    & i like the affirmative message haha


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