The Case of the Missing Fish

One of my GloFish has vanished. Seriously… there is neither hide nor hair (fin nor scale?) of it to be seen. It is quite perplexing. There was one semi-aggressive fish in there that might have eaten it, but that one was a victim of the Great Plague, so I really have no idea what happened here…

Last night, I stayed up late reading… it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve read a book that made me keep going and going, even if I said, I’m going to read until the next chapter and then go to bed.  Somehow, “the next chapter” kept turning into the next one, and then the one after that.  I absolutely loved it.  It probably sounds kind of crazy, but I used to do that all the time when I was younger (and thus pre-ED) — I was a total bookworm and you literally would have had to pry a book out of my cold dead hands!  I don’t know when or why that changed, since I never stopped loving to read… but experiencing a book like that again kind of felt like I was revisiting an old part of myself.

Anyway.  I think I’m sounding crazier by the moment, so I’ll quit trying to explain the unexplainable!

I did go to the kiddush today… I didn’t stay that long.  Just long enough, apparently, for Mr. J to spot me and go out of his way to talk to me.  Argh.  I suppose I appreciate the sentiment, and all, and I guess he was just trying to be “friendly,” but really!  I’m on vacation here, I don’t want to see you!  Go away!  I went away myself, instead, and went home to rustle up some victuals.  I had meant to steam vegetables, but of course I forgot; and I meant to defrost some edamame, but I forgot to do that too.  So I had to make due with lettuce and some peppers we had in the refrigerator, which, if you ask me, does not make for a very respectable salad!  Oh, well… at least it was colorful.

My parents went to see my great aunt tonight, and I decided to go along.  I wasn’t planning on it, but, and this sounds a little … morbid … she is 101 years old, and I don’t want to rue “missed opportunitites,” if you know what I mean.  So we all went — my parents, my brother, and me.  Now, for someone of her age, my great aunt is really unbelievably sharp and “with it,” but still, it makes me sad… all those years spent on this earth, and you end up having to rely on others to do the simplest, most mundane tasks for you.  I can’t really explain it very well, but I guess that doesn’t really matter.

Hopping back to last night, this part of the Turtle Mountain Experiment received mixed reviews… we tried the Snickerdoodle flavor.

Yes, indeed… this part, I didn’t love.  But the rest of it?  Uh, hello — cinnamon?  What’s not to like?!  My brother, however, is very odd and hates cinnamon… so much so that he refused to even eat more than two bites of this.  Believe me, this is a rare occurrence!  Everyone else liked it, though.  (In fact, I adored it so much that it scared the crap out of me.)  Lucky for my brother, we have quite a few flavors to work through before the chance arises of this coming up in the rotation again!

I found this picture to be extremely funny, because there seems to be a face in there — the blueberries are the eyes, and then in the middle of the bottom of the frame, it looks like nostrils.  This was a packet of microwaved oats which was then mixed with blueberry yogurt.  I haven’t had instant oats in a long time… it surprised me how different the texture is from regular oats!  The good thing about mixing in cold yogurt with hot oats is that it decreases the chances of someone like me (read: someone who can’t eat anything hot without getting burned) burning their mouth.  Always a good thing, in my book.

This photo is notable because it shows my (nearly!) rash-free arm!  Truly a cause for celebration in my world…

And on the topic of “celebrations,” this is my 199th post.  Stay tuned for a little giveaway in post #200!

Enjoy your Sunday!


10 responses to “The Case of the Missing Fish

  1. YYA FOR 199!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

    and a rash free arm. ROCK IT !


  2. YAY for rash free arm!!!!! sweeeeeeeeet!
    i cant believe your bro doesnt like cinnamon..crazy! he is missing out.
    thanks for the advice bout the yogi crisps..cant wait to try blueberry

  3. yayy for almost being rash free 🙂 and wow 101, that is extremely impressive!


  4. Whoa, that’s just like me…I used to be SUCH a bookworm, and I literally hid in the bathroom to read (my parents didn’t approve of me reading so much).
    But after ED, I just completely stopped reading anything except diet tips books and cookbooks.
    Even now, it’s hard for me to get so engrossed in a good book again, but when I do find one, I get beyond excited.

    p.s. What book is that again?

  5. laurasworthlesswords

    199 posts 🙂 cool! You arm looks so much better, glad you got that sorted.

    I used to be a real bookworm to, then due to my ed I think I lost the ability to be able to focus on a book to read it or else I was always to busy doing other silly things than to actually sit down and read one.

    Hmm I know how you feel about seeing older people,I see so many people that I look at and think why does life have to end up like that? Its sad to see them unable to do anything and it worries me to end up like that. So make the most of your life while you have it!

  6. Yay for 199 posts! I’m glad your arm is mostly better now, it looked really uncomfortable a few days ago. I am like that with books as well 🙂 I was so happy when my ability to concentrate enough to get lost in a book came back! It still disappears sometimes when I am extra anxious but otherwise I am quite capable of accidentally staying up until 2am to finish reading something.
    Sorry about the fish 😦 maybe it slipped into a parallel universe. You never know with fish.

  7. fruitsveggieslife

    I’m definitely a bookworm. When I was little, my parents would find me with one leg in a pair of pants, a backwards shirt, etc, etc, as I sat in the middle of the floor reading. Or I would do the ‘one more chapter’ things… for hours. 😉

  8. Before Uni destroyed most of the pleasure in reading and my concentration levels were shot by adolescence, I was the same way with reading. I would devour books in the blink of an eye. I’m so happy you’ve found a place of calm in reading, and reconnected with the ‘old’ you!

    Ageing is quite disturbing and saddening…I suppose it’s an extra incentive to live every moment to the full and enjoy our youth while we still have it.

    Your face oats are quite spooky…

    Yay for a rash-free arm!


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