Thanksgiving Day Off

Since I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday, I’ve decided to call it “Thanksgiving Day Off” instead.  And as totally random proof of my genius, around 5.00 PM today I found myself wondering why the mail had not yet been delivered.  D’oh.

I am now going to be extremely egocentric and recount my fascinating day off!  :p

I woke up before 6.00 AM, just like I always do.  Just like I always do, I sleepwalked into the bathroom… and then I decided that there was no way that I was getting up then.  Uh-uh.  So I hopped back into bed and forced myself to go back to sleep… and I didn’t wake up again until 9.00!  It was, in a word, delicious.

Breakfast was delicious, too!  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I usually just have cold cereal / granola, because I am always rushing and I really don’t feel like waking up even earlier than I already do just so I can have the time to make breakfast… so, especially for someone who loves breakfast fare, it’s always a treat to have the opportunity to actually make breakfast.  I decided on whole wheat pumpkin pancakes.

Success!  I made these in the microwave, just like I always make pancakes, but this was the best yet.  And I think I’m starting to sound a little too egotistical here, so I’ll stop raving about that!  The very complex recipe involved 1/4 cup Aunt Jemima whole wheat pancake mix, 1/3 cup pumpkin, an egg white, 1/2 packet Truvia, a dash of nutmeg, and several dashes of cinnamon.  I remembered that Elise once added protein powder to pancakes, and she complained that they wouldn’t stop puffing up… which would actually suit my purposes quite well, so I added 1/4 scoop of that too.  I mixed it all up with some water (I didn’t measure… 1/2 cup, maybe?), and divided the batter among four sprayed microwave-safe plates.  I microwaved them for about five minutes, stopping to shift the plates around because my crazy microwave doesn’t seem to distribute heat evenly… and the pancakes are different sizes.  That didn’t affect the taste, though.

With sugar-free syrup.  Pretty.

As a side note, I always hated that once I opened a can of pumpkin, I had to use the entire thing before it went bad… pumpkin overdose, anyone?  Yet another example of my genius: I froze the rest of the can in individual portion baggies.  Why does it take me such a long time to reach the most obvious of conclusions?!

Then I was a sweetheart and did the supermarket shopping for my mom… total sacrifice, I know.  😉  And then I braved my closet.  I didn’t do a real, full-blown cleaning… that’s just way too frightening.  Instead, I did some artful re-arranging.  This consisted of taking a bunch of shirts that should have been in drawers and not on hangers and moving them into drawers, thus making room on the rod for the shirts that should have been on hangers but were instead draped over the treadmill.  But since I had to empty out what was already in another drawer to fit these things in, I moved the original contents of the drawer to the bureau upstairs in the guest room.  And I moved a bunch of other things to the closet up there.  Have I mentioned that I have way too many clothes?!

Good old Hugh Jass… with romaine, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, Lightlife Smart Dog, roasted turnip — not a rutabaga! — and honey dijon vinaigrette.  I liked the turnip just fine, but I think I prefer rutabagas.  It’s weird how they both smell kind of bitter, like horseradish, when they’re raw, but they’re sweet once roasted!  Can you eat raw turnips?!

This must be Hugh Jass’ cousin — it’s a blueberry muffin that I pulled out of my freezer.  I label these when I put them in the freezer so that I can identify them … apparently I am blind, or dumb, or both, because I thought this was a cranberry muffin when I took it out.  Then later I wondered when cranberries became purple.  Double d’oh!  Okay, blueberry works too.

But speaking of huge, here’s Hugh Jass’ other cousin … that .60 lb Honeycrisp apple I mentioned yesterday.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, trust me.

Last night, I bought this apple butter spread:

I had absolutely no idea what to do with it, but I wanted to try it… and apparently the bananas I bought didn’t get the memo not to ripen so quickly, so I spread some of this on half a banana.

I’m not sure how much I liked them together, but I did like the apple butter.  I just wound up licking most of it off and eating the banana separately.  😉

Sorry about the horrible lighting — I’ll figure it all out one day, really!  This is zucchini and yellow squash julienned into “spaghetti” strands, and my addiction… Sonny & Joe’s sauteed eggplant simmered in water and mixed with a diced mini “meat” loaf.  It looks like sludge… but it doesn’t taste like it.  (Not that I’ve ever eaten sludge, but I just assume it wouldn’t be very palatable!)  And as a bonus, I got to microwave the “skeleton” that was left of the squashes after peeling them!  Have I ever mentioned that I love squash?!  (That was a rhetorical question.  ;p)

Somewhere along the line today, I also vegged out and watched Made of Honor.  Or, um, sort of vegged out.  I was going so stir-crazy from being sedentary that I watched the first half of it with my butt planted on my recumbent bike.  I don’t count that as a workout at all, actually, so I think I can safely say I survived a day without real exercise.  I feel like a fat lazy lump, yes, but it didn’t kill me.  Woohoo?

It was really, really lovely to not have to go in to work today.  And the best part of this is that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, either!  My sister asked me if I want to go to Target with her… my response was pretty much Are you crazy?!  I don’t go shopping between Thanksgiving and New Years, as a general rule.  Do you put up with the Black Friday madness?

I suppose I will have to spend some time working on my paper tomorrow… it’s due on Monday.  Along with a couple of presentations.  Joy of joys!  At least the gym is going to be open again so that I can attempt to salvage what little sanity I may have left.  😉

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether or not you celebrate it!  Happy Friday!


9 responses to “Thanksgiving Day Off

  1. that muffin looks delish. and i will try to adapt your pancake recipe to fit my sparse pantry (lacking in the protein powder department!)

    ahhahaa i was on the stationary bike today too. biking half heartedly. =D


  2. Why don’t you celebrate Thanksgiving? In any case, I hope you had a nice day off! 🙂

    I HATE Black Friday… People make such asses of themselves, and anyone that would get up at 3 in the morning to go shopping is nuts. End of story!

  3. i think im going to for sure avoid black friday craziness! & that apple butter looks awesome, along with the rest of your eats too.


  4. i love honeycrisps!! the bigger the better 😀

  5. Oh my goodness that’s the biggest apple I’ve ever seen! Wow. And this post just reminded me: I got an email a week or so ago asking for my recipe for microwaveable pumpkin pancakes. I told them politely that they had got the wrong number and directed them to your blog 😛 lol, how anyone could mix us up in regards to pancakes I don’t know – I can’t eat wheat, I can’t be bothered to separate eggs and always use them whole, I’ve never seen a can of pumpkin before and I had never heard of making pancakes in microwaves before I started blogging! It was amusing though!
    You can eat raw turnips – you can grate them to put in salads, like beetroot.
    Your closet sounds a bit like mine…I think half of my clothes are up in the attic. Well done for sorting it out though!
    I hope you have a nice second day off 🙂

  6. That is officially the biggest apple I have ever seen. It must be a world record, surely? Not that I’d be complaining…when it comes to apples, the bigger the better 😉

    I’ve definitely seen raw foodists use turnip in recipes but unless you have a stomach of steel it’s probably not advisable!

    Glad that you managed to make it through the day gym-less ~ I absolutely dread Christmas and New Year because the gyms are shut and the weather is too awful to do much outside. Surely everyone who doesn’t want to sit on their ass all day should all club together and take turns managing the gym on those days in return for being able to work out. I’m going to start a revolution, I say.

    We don’t have Black Friday in the UK but there’s an equivalent in January and I can safely say I would rather saw my arm off than go anywhere near the shops then. To be honest it upsets me a bit because it’s an example of how materialistic our society is…the way that people go insane and practically kill each other over ‘stuff’ is slightly warped.

    I love squash too…I just wish it wasn’t unrequited!


    P.S You are not a fat lump…from that picture of your wrist I'd say you're about as far away from a fat lump as it's humanly possible to be! But I know the feeling of going stir-crazy. At least the gym will be there tomorrow.

  7. good for you for taking a day off!! i ❤ honey crisps! yumm. and no i do NOT do black friday either girl

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