Thanks for all of the “sleeping tips”!!  I’m going to have to try some variation / combination until I find something that works, because being a zombie?  It’s not much fun!

Luckily, we got out of work early today because of Thanksgiving.  Which we didn’t know until half an hour before the end of the day, but who would complain about that?  Not me!  I used my extra time to go to the photography supercenter… and instead of figuring things out, now I’m even more confused than ever before.  I can’t decide whether I should shell out the extra couple hundred dollars to get a brand-new camera and marine pack, or buy a used one… I’m giving myself a headache just thinking about it.

Jumping to a totally unrelated topic, when I first discovered Jazz apples, I got everyone addicted to them… my dad, especially.  I was telling him about Honeycrisps, and how they’re the size of my head.  He didn’t believe me.  So to prove it, I bought one that was .60 lb … he said it’s too big and that I’ll have to split it with him.  Ah, hello — I don’t like big apples!  That’s why I hogged this Honeycrisp!  😉

That’s more like it.  I’d show you a photo of the huge one, too, but I’m too lazy to go downstairs!

Because I got home earlier than usual, I had the time and patience to cook up some wheat berries.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder — I missed these!  Paired with a vegetarian “drumstick” and a mountain of steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  Is it possible to have an addiction to cruciferous vegetables?  Because I think I do…

Romaine, roasted rutabaga, roasted delicata squash, and Lightlife Steak Style Strips.  Not very colorful, but it tasted good, and isn’t that the most important part?!

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving… and even though I don’t celebrate it, I still have the next two days off from work.  I’m thrilled about that, obviously.  What I’m not so thrilled about is the way the whole world seems to shut down on Thanksgiving.  Everything is closed.  My gym is closed.  I am feeling very, very anxious about the prospect of an exercise-free day.  I’m trying to convince myself that it’s just one day, it isn’t going to kill me… and I don’t have to just sit around and vegetate all day.  In fact, I should venture into my scary closet.  Which probably counts as a workout… just not in my book!

What I would like to do tomorrow is sleep in … until at least 7.00 AM.  That is my goal, for the time being.  And after that?  I’ll figure it out as I go along.  Don’t freak out and don’t “forget” to eat are on the list, too.

I’m guessing my “laid back” day will be in stark contrast to the dozens of people who were in the supermarket tonight… I generally go there after my appointment with my nutritionist, because it’s open 24 hours and when I go late at night, it’s not at all crowded.  Seems that a whole bunch of people have just realized that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and they have food to cook!  I do not envy them.

Snapple “Real Fact” #833: Children have more taste buds than adults.  Well, duh.  By the time you’ve grown up, you’ve killed them all!

I think I just wrote an entire post of “fluff” … I’m too tired to concentrate on anything!  Oh, well.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


6 responses to “Fluff

  1. you can DEFINITELY be ok with a day off exercise…. seriously!! in fact, i’m surprised you exercise every day girl 🙂 but your food looks delicious and i hope you are able to relax on your day off


  2. Good luck with your day off 🙂 I always used to have trouble with days like that – no routine or structure to keep my head in order – but most days have been days off for me in the last few months so I just had to learn to deal with it! Think of not exercising as being one of those challenges 😛 it’s always good to know that you could choose not to exercise for a day if you felt so inclined. I hope your day isn’t too anxiety-provoking anyway 🙂

  3. A day off from excercising can be good. I don’t normall work out at the weekend and have got used to it now. It’s a great feeling knowing I can get up when I want and don’t have to plan my day around either going swimming or doing a work out DVD. You should try to plan more exercise free days and eventually you’ll get used to it.

  4. Ooh, I’ve never heard of Jazz apples! I like the name.

    Enjoy your days off. Maybe a day off of exercise is a good thing? If that’s too much, what about some light stretching or yoga?

    Have a great weekend, Miss Blue.

  5. omg i LOVE huge apples!! the biggest i’ve found are fujis– ive found ones that are over 1 lb! lol! LOVE them!!!!!!

    i can totally relate to your stress over not working out– but trust me it makes NO difference. i used to work out everyday and now its 4-5 times a week– no difference what so ever. promise 🙂 you will be fine and on the plus side its a challenge– you will be able to PROVE to yourself that that stupid ED voice is BS!!! 🙂 happy thanksgiving angel!

  6. “Seems that a whole bunch of people have just realized that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and they have food to cook!” – HAHAH! That made my day!

    Loved the fluff! 😉

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