Big News!

So much to say / do, curtailed by laziness.  That’s okay, right?

Let’s see.  My arms have calmed down somewhat, and I happened to mention to my mom that I think I am going to go back to this dermatologist and tell her to fix my face.  My mom looked at me with a very confused expression and asked what is wrong with my face.  I had to explain that skin is supposed to be smooth and clear and dewy.  But compare that to my dad, who, when I told him that the dermatologist said I had eczema, asked me if it was on my face.  Seriously… my complexion isn’t that bad!  Thank you, Daddy.  I can always count on you to make me feel beautiful!

For no particular discernible reason, I checked the calendar before booking my vacation, and found that the day I was planning to leave is actually one of my nephew’s upsherin.  Not that I think anyone actually cares whether or not I’m there… but still.  So I called my brother to ask him what he’s planning to do for it and when, to see if I can work around it.  And he doesn’t know, because it all depends on his nephew’s wedding, but they don’t know exactly when that is yet.  I’m getting very frustrated, because it seems like every time I try to book a vacation, something like this happens.  I guess it’s to be expected when I have so many nieces and nephews, but still.  I checked the price of the package again tonight, and it went down; but for the previous week, it went up.  Like, double.  I think I am going to just miss it.  And piss everyone off… arghWhat to do?!

Some pictures, of course.

Oats soaked overnight in soy yogurt mixed with Truvia, and chocolate spread stirred in the next day.

Same thing, minus the chocolate spread, plus chocolate PB2.  I wasn’t wildly impressed with it, but I’ll have to give it another chance.  And in case you were wondering, “overnight oats” does not, and should not, translate well into “twenty-four-hour oats.”

Kashi Island Vanilla cereal (the crushed remnants from the bottom of the box are the best part!), banana, and unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze.  Still trying to decide whether I like it or not!

Sugar-free cherry pie filling and the requisite stale graham cracker!  I’m thinking that I might be slightly mentally unbalanced for liking this.  Are there foods you prefer when they aren’t “fresh”?

Oh, and these are the Turtle Mountain flavors I picked up yesterday:

Coconut Milk Cookie Dough; Snickerdoodle!  We actually didn’t end up trying the Snickerdoodle this week.  But for the Cookie Dough…

Yeep.  Well, to overstate the obvious: It tastes like coconut.  I absolutely hate coconut.  This smelled exactly like Passover macaroons.  Not a fan.  But if you like coconut, you’ll love this.

I just found out today that we’re having a total Cousin Invasion tomorrow… a whole slew of them are coming to town for a wedding.  Most of them are leaving on Tuesday, but one of them will be here for the next week.  This doesn’t exactly thrill the living daylights out of me… especially because it is this cousin.  Wow.  This should be fun.  And by “fun,” I mean “extremely awkward and uncomfortable.”

But the really BIG news… I went to scour the mall again, out of sheer desperation, and … guess what?  I bought boots!  They’re not exactly what I was looking for, and they’re too big in the calf, but because of the style they don’t look too ridiculous, I don’t think.  I don’t know whether I even care at this point, to be honest.

That’s enough yapping on my part, I believe.  Especially since I still have yet to prepare for my presentation on Monday.  The rest of my group wants to meet before class to go over it… smack in the middle of the day.  What is up with these people?!  Do they not have jobs??  How can they afford to pay for graduate school?!  So of course, I’m left to be the impossibly difficult person who just can’t make it.  Sigh.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend!


14 responses to “Big News!

  1. SEXY BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need a pair of combat boots. =D
    need …or want….
    who the fuck cares. hahhaha

  2. Those boots look gorgeous!
    I’m betting that you’ll build up a collection of them by the time the cold season is out!

    I have eczema, too, so I know exactly how you feel! I have this great cream, called Elecon, I don’t know if you have it in the States? I recommend it, though! Just not for your face. Pimples, ahoy.

    I hope the cousin situation goes smoothly!

    Eleanor. xo

  3. LOVE THOSE BOOTS! i bet you totally rock them. ahh sorry about the face thing girl 😦 im sure its not that noticable at all. and those overnight oats..look..awesome!

  4. those boots are adorbs girlie 🙂 i’m sure u look awesome in them!! & i dont love cocunut either, but i love cookie dough anything!! enjoy the rest of your weekend

  5. Your boots are adorable!!!! I’m gald your arms are starting to calm down! I totally understand you with the skin stuff—there are nights I can’t even sleep it is so odd!

    Have a good rest of the weekend!

  6. laurasworthlesswords

    I love your boots :-), I hate as well how its so hard to find a pair that are just right around the calf, but you could definitely get off with those, they looks great.

    I say go ahead and book your vacation! You need a break and Im sure there would be plenty of other people at your nephews thing?

    Have a great weekend, xoxo

  7. Nice boots 😀 I’m glad you found some at last! Also yay for getting through the Turtle mountain challenge again (I would gladly do it for you if I could, UK brands of dairy free ice cream are not all that great and far less creative flavour-wise. I am sick of chocolate flavoured soya!) and the eczema calming down a bit. Not-yay for cousins, presentations and holiday planning complications. I would probably just go ahead and book it – you’ve done your best to work out what everyone else is up to, if they can’t make their minds up it’s not your fault! Good luck with your presentation 🙂

  8. ooooo, i love the boots!! glad you finally found a decent pair, haha.

    im not even going to respond about that jelly/graham cracker creation (the word creation already implies it took more work and thought than im sure it did).

    book your vacay and eff the rest girl. seriously. you need to put YOU first, and when you have that many relatives there will always be an event/excuse to NOT be able to step away. (if only i could always follow my own advice)

  9. Glad the arm problem is under control… I just picked up some new moisturizer yesterday in hopes of soothing my legs.

    Mmm oatmeal with chocolate. Mmm. MMM!

    Cute boots! I like boots to be a little big so you can stick your pants in there.

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