A couple of rules:

  • Don’t eat the same thing twice in one day. This goes so far as to extend toward flavors; as in, if eating an Apple Crisp Nature Valley bar, don’t eat an apple that day.
  • If you are going to be moving less, you need to eat less. This means that if you have a therapy appointment during your lunch hour, which cuts into the time you might otherwise have used to take a walk, you can’t eat lunch at all.

As always, I started the day with a bowl of cereal; today, that cereal was Whole Foods’ 365 Organic Peanut Butter Pows.

The oh-so-exciting details will come later, but I did have an appointment with my therapist this afternoon.  And because I love getting all anxious, I packed this:

Soba noodle salad with peanut sauce… said sauce is made with, among other things, soy sauce, cider vinegar, and peanut butter.

And then, in its simplest form.

Multigrain squares with peanut butter.

And so there was my “rebellion.”  Quite honestly, I’m not sure why I ever came up with the first rule; it doesn’t make any sense.  It isn’t that I’m afraid to have the same thing twice in one day… maybe I just want maximum variety?!  That doesn’t make sense either, coming from the person who is horrible with making decisions.  I should be thrilled to eat the same thing multiple times a day, day in and day out, because that eliminates the whole selection process!  I don’t know…

But I actually did venture out of the “peanut butter” category today.

I finally took Katie’s advice from way back when I first bought a turnip and boiled and mashed it.  I think turnips are rapidly climbing to the top of the list of my favorite vegetables — it can apparently do no wrong! Especially not when garlic salt is involved… which, of course, was also on the broccoli. Not on the vegetarian schnitzel; that would be a bit strange.

Backing up a bit… I called my dermatologist this morning to make an appointment to get my arm situation checked out.  I can’t sit in his waiting room for three hours, so I need the first appointment in the morning.  The next available one is at the end of January.  That is not going to work for me, so I had to two-time him.  Which is fine, because I’ve been wanting a new dermatologist anyway — one who does not make me wait for hours and hours!  I called a doctor who was recommended by a colleague, and I left a message.  The doctor called me back while I was at my therapist’s office, oddly just as I was relating these woes… anyway, the doctor asked if it was an emergency, and I said it wasn’t.  (My therapist, meanwhile, was making angry faces at me and insisting that yes, it is an emergency!)  I guess I’m just so used to being told that what I consider an “emergency” is of no consequence whatsoever that I’m reluctant to say that something might be urgent.

Anyway, today was this doctor’s last day until after Thanksgiving, so I made an appointment for December 3.  My therapist was very displeased with me.  Apparently I need to learn to “take care of [myself].”  So as I was going back to my office, I called the dermatologist again and asked if I could come in right away.  She said yes, so I just stopped in the office to pick up my things, and went straight to her office.  Apparently, it’s eczema.  What.  The.  Hell!  Oh, yeah, it’s aggravated largely by stress.  Stress?  You think I might be stressed?!

She gives samples, too.  Though I don’t see how this is supposed to cover such a large surface area, twice a day, for an entire week.  She claims that “a little goes a long way.”  We shall see.

I’m not supposed to take hot showers.  Um… I usually take showers so hot that if I stand under the spray for too long, I’d probably get burned.  I also can’t go swimming until after Thanksgiving.  I’d be a lot more upset about that, except that I won’t be able to go swimming anyway next week, because it’s my grandmother’s yahrtzeit.  Major family gathering.  Whee.

My sister bought these exciting things for me… well, I’m paying for them, but she happened to be in the store, so…

A new camera case — with a zipper!  My old one has a velcro closure, and I use my camera so often that the velcro doesn’t “stick” anymore.

New earbuds!  They were about a fifth of the price of my old ones, and they’re way more comfortable.  Me likes.  And because they were so inexpensive, I asked her to buy two of them, so that if / when this one gets destroyed, I’ll already have a backup.  (Ha, I just noticed you can see the reflection of my camera in one of the buds…)

Because this post is already so impossibly long, I’m going to skip the verbal vomit; instead, it will suffice for me to say that the current operative word is fugly.   And all of the associations about which I have bitched and moaned in the past can go unsaid for the moment.

And tomorrow I need to pick up the next two flavors, whatever they are, for the Turtle Mountain Experiment.  I think I love causing myself additional stress… though that is a really, really stupid reason to stress.  If I’m going to stress out, it would be more appropriate to do so because I have another presentation on Monday, and guess what?  I’m not prepared!

No, instead I am focusing my attention on the post-semester vacation.  After having a really hard time finding a dive shop in Bermuda last January (where I didn’t even end up diving… bad weather, and freezing water to boot), I started looking into dive operations before actually booking a vacation.  So I did that yesterday and today… apparently I am not going for a private charter this time, as for some odd reason, I don’t care to shell out $600 for the boat!  A small group will have to suffice.  Now I just need to actually book the vacation.  What am I waiting for?!?!

Snapple “Real Fact” #724: A pineapple is neither an apple or a pine.  It is, in fact, a large berry.

Random fact from me: I am upset with the outcome of ANTM.  I wanted Laura to win!  (But I knew Nicole would… because I’m a prophetic genius.  Ha.)

Have a great weekend!


11 responses to “Rules?

  1. eczema?! at least they gave you a cream to put on it!

    what ARE you waiting for? book the vacay…..TO COME HERE!

  2. hahah that is so funny- maybe im just imagining coffee??

    and burn those rules!! life doesnt have rules!!

    you rock 🙂

  3. Sorry, I was sure I’d commented on your post yesterday and I just looked and apparently I am losing my marbles 😛 never mind. I was going to suggest eczema – quite a few people in my family have it, and yes, stress is a huge trigger.
    YAY for rebellions. I might just be a sad case, but I actually enjoyed rebelling against my anorexic rules this time around in recovery, because I made me feel like I was taking my life back after being stuck in a petty dictatorship for so long. Good luck 🙂
    (mashed turnip (or swede!) for the win!)

  4. laurasworthlesswords

    I tried to make a peanut sauce using the same ingredients except I used rice vinegar instead, its quite hard to get the ratios right mine always ends up tasting a bit to vinegary.

    Theres nothing wrong with eating the same thing twice in the one day, I mean as long as you like it and are eating a variety elsewhere its fine to do, break the rules!!!!

    Ohh you must be a series ahead of us in ANTM, Im on the series that has cecilia in it and the girl with the huge eyes Alison. I love that show 🙂

  5. those rules are not a way to live hun! i know you know this but it is so importnat ot nourish your body and to get healthy 🙂 keep your head held high, enjoy some good food, & laugh! have a great weekend


  6. Screw those rules!

    Love mashed turnips. And rutabega. I’m a grandmother, I know 😀

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