I can’t think of a title for this!

This is a shoutout to the not-so-anonymous blog stalker (you know who you are): Hi!

I must have really been exhausted, because this morning I overslept (by forty minutes).  That practically never happens, but I hate it when it does because it feels like the entire day is thrown off schedule.  After getting ready at record speed, I was out the door just fifteen minutes later than usual.  I was aggravated that I spent about twenty minutes hanging around waiting for a train… and again, after I got off to transfer.  For all that, the girl who opens the gym came ten minutes late, so I got there before she did.  And just like that, while I was annoyed that she wasn’t there, my day was “back on schedule” … starting off with standing around outside waiting for the gym to open!

Today is also Tuesday — the day I meet my friend for lunch.  This is why I should get dressing on the side.

I “drained” the vinegar off my salad (which itself wasn’t very memorable… romaine, broccoli, mushrooms, kidney beans, and croutons).  Mind you, I asked for a little bit, so this is the equivalent of half the amount that would normally be dumped over this.  Yikes.  I like balsamic vinegar, and all, but it definitely is possible to have too much of a good thing.

That’s what I drained off… and I still had a puddle in my container when I was done.  Yecch.

Yes, I made it again.

Because it is that good.

I also found this in the pie filling, so I guess they really do use fresh apples.  As opposed to, um, some sort of alien substance posing as apples?!

Apple seeds!

…And then I went to Antarctica.

Well, not really.  An 81-degree pool isn’t exactly cold, but it’s not quite as delicious as 88 degrees.  So says me, anyway!  Do you prefer to swim in cold or warm water?  (I am also getting to the point of thinking that I may just have to waste a day of my life and visit my dermatologist, because my arms are getting way out of control.  I’m really not the type of person who scratches an itch like that, but it’s driving me insane!!  And a couple of inexplicable and random bruises decided to join the party.  I look all battered, and for no good reason.  Unlike some of the other people in that pool, I happen to believe a swimsuit isn’t supposed to have sleeves.  I don’t care to exhibit such… colorful arms!)

Not that I’m going to say where until I’ve returned home, because I’m a paranoid freak, but I think I may have actually decided where to go on my vacation!  Of course, knowing me, I could theoretically change my mind fifteen times before I actually book said vacation, so… yeah.

Something semi-exciting happened today: I found boots!  Or, um, sort of.  I saw them online, and I was SO excited because the calf circumference actually would have fit me… but they didn’t have them in my size.  😦  And they were pull-on boots, too; I’d rather have boots with a zipper, but at this point I don’t think I can afford to be all that picky!

It’s not even 10.30 yet, but this old lady would prefer to avoid a repeat of today’s rushed morning — it just gives the entire day such a hectic feel!  Off I go, then.  Have a happy Hump Day!


11 responses to “I can’t think of a title for this!

  1. The title should be: I found BOOTS!

    I also always order dressing on the side. I like the taste of raw veggies, and I don’t like it drowned in some kind of sweet or sour sauce.

  2. Aw, silly boot people, getting your hope up! I prefer swimming in warm water, I am overly sensitive to the cold and would just give up on the swimming after ten minutes if it wasn’t warm enough 😛 delicate little flower I am.
    Is it mean that I laughed at your description of your morning? Not at all the anxiety it caused, I just thought it was really ironic that the gym-girl chose this particular morning to be late herself! Always the way. Whenever I’m late for a train it always seems to be late itself so I end up hanging around on the platform for ages. It’s obviously one of lifes odd rules. I hope you didn’t have a repeat this morning 😉

  3. I hate it too when I oversleep…
    Hope you’ll find new boots really soon!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  4. Waking up late can throw your whole day off! Glad yours was saved.

    When I’m a little cold, I like warm pools because then I don’t have to go through the whole shebang of getting my body acclimated to the cold. But on a hot day, bring it on!

  5. yay for you finding boots!! that apple thing looks sooo good.
    Im all about warmness.. I love warmer pools..even in the winter! haha

  6. laurasworthlesswords

    I always like to add my own dressings and whatnot, some places can really drench your food in the stuff.

    I like hot water personally, I like the heat 🙂

  7. haha i love the face. and i’m glad you finally found some boots!! and i’m def about warm pools for sure


  8. So sorry! I didn’t mean to insinuate that I thought your boots were made out of leather, just that they resembled a pair that I had which were. I know that you’re vegetarian and have a much stronger moral fibre than I do ~ mine didn’t develop until I was eighteen and finally realised the hypocricy of refusing to eat cows but then wearing them. I certainly wasn’t accusing you of said hypocricy! I really, really need to phrase my comments more thoughtfully.

    Swimming in cold water is preferable to warm for me, although a happy medium is obviously desirable…but sweating in chlorinated water is never fun and I work pretty hard when I swim (I’m not a natural by any means) so once I get moving I don’t really notice the cold. Fortunately, the pool I swim at is always a lovely temperature.

    Glad that your schedule balanced out in the end…I tend to freak out if a train is delayed by even a minute so I feel your anxiety over the comparative chaos of the morning.

    Happy Wednesday to you too 🙂


  9. we should see who finds boots first. damn we are on a boot hunt. who’s teh shoutout too? i’m really dense.



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