I slashed my thumb at work today. It’s a good thing I’m not queasy at the sight of blood, let’s just say that. I applied pressure to it but after twenty minutes, it didn’t show any signs of slowing, and I was getting very frustrated, so I called my brother (he’s a paramedic), and he told me to apply pressure. And raise my hand above my head. I looked like a crazy person because I was walking down the street like that. (Pity I didn’t need a cab!) I got sick of “applying pressure,” so I wrapped my thumb in the gauze-and-tape contraption you see above. This is how I came to discover the dismal state of our office first aid kit… we have two bottles of antiseptic. One expired in 2003. The other expired in 2002. Now, that is what I call helpful… When I got home, I had my brother (a different brother; EMT, medical student) clean it up for me and re-bandage it.


Between this and my wrist, my office seems to have it in for me!!  I think it’s still bleeding, actually.  I’ll spare you all the bloody photo of the gauze my brother cut off my finger.  😉  It might seem weird that this whole affair annoys me as much as it does; you’d think it would thrill me, given my reaction to weight gain, but it’s not at all like that.  First of all, a fingertip is an extremely annoying place for a cut.  And it doesn’t give me any satisfaction whatsoever if I haven’t done it myself, anyway, so I could have done quite well without this, thank you very much!

Kailey’s post the other day bizarrely had me craving lentils! Bizarrely, because while I like lentils just fine, they’re not generally a food I associate with cravings. But a craving must be satisfied…


Romaine, roasted delicata squash, “cinnamon croutons,” and, of course, lentils!


Obligatory “sans anti-sog baggie” picture.


Vegetarian drumstick, whole grain couscous, and Steamfresh broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  I’ve decided couscous is a pretty awesome grain; the most awesome thing about it is how incredibly fast it cooks, and you don’t even really need to boil any water!  I just used some water from the hot water urn and poured it over the couscous.  Ta-da!  That said, I know that doing something repeatedly is supposed to ease the anxiety over doing it, but I am still finding it insanely stressful to add this whole “grain” component here.  It’s so ridiculous… it’s what people do — they eat!  Why am I just so incredibly special that I can’t do that like a “normal” person?!  But I’ll spare the Verbal Vomit, given the late hour…

On another front, I am seriously out of control… I was meant to be buying boots, but since that’s all but impossible, I wound up with more shirts. This tells me several things: first, that when I have my eye on something, I ought to just buy it immediately, since I’m going to end up with it eventually. Second, I need to take a day off just to clean out my closet, because I have no space for all of this.

And in my indecisiveness, I went and bought this shirt too, to see whether it “worked” better for me than the purple.


There is something weird about the fit.  The purple one has the same problem, come to think of it.  It would really make my life a lot simpler if I just tried things on in the store, wouldn’t it?!

And when I was meant to be buying the boots, since I (surprise!) couldn’t actually find any, I purchased two long-sleeved thermal shirts instead.  I’d wanted these since the summer, too — the sleeves are really long, and there’s a hole for the thumb.  I’d post a picture, but I’m too lazy to try it on, and it will just look like a blob if it isn’t on a person!  (Heh… it would look like a blob on this person, too.  :p) It’s this one, in the black and the black/white.

To end on a happy note: my sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl today!  This is truly incredible, because she comes after half a dozen boys.  (No, that isn’t an exaggeration.)

Have an awesome Thursday — almost the weekend!!


10 responses to “Slash

  1. sorry about the finger. i totally understand. i mean, i walked around one whole day in a constant THUMBS up. so yeah. sucky.

    hmmm…coucous…never tried…but it looks delish!

  2. congrats about the baby!!!

    & sorry about the fingerr accident :-\ ughh.. your meal looks really tasty!


  3. YAY TO A NEW NIECE!!! you’re gonna spoil her to bits, aren’t you?

    and eek! Sorry abt the cut…that is an annoying place indeed, esp when you cook and stuff…hope it heals soon!

  4. Congrats Aunt! Sorry about the finger, that such an annoying place to cut!

  5. Ouch! I never realised office environments could be so lethal. Hope it heals quickly for you…fingers are never the best places to slice oneself…not that there really is a ‘best’ place.

    Yay for baby girls! I feel a little sorry for her though…I’ll bet she’ll be teased a lot by her brothers. Plus point though: when she’s older she’ll have an army of people to ‘protect’ her at school 😉

    I think you’re indecisive when it comes to clothes because you seem to suit almost everything. Far from blob-like, I might add. It’s easier for me because the only colour that doesn’t look ridiculous on me is black 😛

    Happy Thursday to you too 🙂

  6. girl- i used to be so freaked out by the green-ish food thing but now i LOVE IT! even the green color i love! the spinach adds a nice flavor to it..almost kind of sweet? and more volume! im all about some volume. and yes i do have a kitchen here 🙂

    so sorry about your finger! ouch..and congrats on being an aunt! yay!!

    • lol i know..its sad that i have a kitchen and im still asking for ideas! just like things that dont take my time to cook..and that are easy and budget friendly!

  7. yay! for babies 🙂 again i like the purple shirt. and the pink one! i’m having issues with finding boots too. the only ones i have seen that i even slightly liked were waaaayyy out of my price range. grrr….. wanna hear something weird? i slashed my thumb this morning!

  8. Sorry about your thumb! Been there! The top looks sooo cute!

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