Wuss in Boots

Apologies in advance for the extremely corny post title… but I just couldn’t resist it.


To make what could be a very long, drawn-out rant very short, I am (mentally) exhausted and absolutely terrified.  (Hence the “wuss.”)


I finally made “proper” overnight oats!  Since I had never done this before, I didn’t want to waste the ingredients if it was a total disaster, so I made a small portion, using old-fashioned oats which I soaked overnight in soy yogurt mixed with Truvia.  In the morning, I stirred in some raspberry jam.  I am officially a convert.


I know you can hardly see it under the banana, but there’s Kashi Cinnamon Harvest under there.  An entire serving’s worth was crushed at the bottom of the box, and I felt bad throwing it out!  I didn’t add the soy milk until after I took the picture, because I don’t like soggy cereal.  But then I took another one anyway.


I was going to use vanilla Boost instead of soy milk.  I guess Wuss in Boots is too much of a wuss for that.  But, full disclosure: I have been known to dilute my soy milk.  (This is clearly crazy, because I remember someone once telling me a couple of years ago that she diluted her skim milk, and even I thought it was crazy!)  I didn’t.  So I guess it counts for something.


I bought this on a whim at Whole Foods on my way home on Friday. Ice cream isn’t a fear food, exactly, because I force myself to eat it so often.  But never out of a container like this; just in single-serving units.  And we ate this on Shabbos, so I couldn’t really measure it either.  Supportive environment?  You got it.  (“Let’s see how bad this tastes.”)  For the record, I don’t think peanut butter is a flavor that ought to be in ice cream.


I found whole wheat English muffins I can eat!  I used one to make an “egg McMuffin” with All Whites.


When they say to toast for optimum flavor?  They mean it.


Remember this?  Apparently they’ve been reformulated and put in new packaging.  (The new recipe has hubbard squash in it, too.)  The calorie count went up, and the product itself seems to have shrunk, even though it says the size is the same.  Either way, I bought a new one because I wanted to compare it to the old one; they taste pretty much the same.


Roasted portabella mushrooms, zucchini and yellow squash; “chicken” patty; and millet.  After my last attempt at millet, I decided to attempt to follow the package directions.  Big mistake.  I prefer my grains to be, well, grains; this had a consistency more akin to that of mashed potatoes.  I don’t think I’m a big fan of millet… but I have to finish the package, so maybe by the time I get there, I’ll have found a way to prepare it that will mean I do like it.

Another totally pathetic Wuss in Boots moment: I actually called my nutritionist while I was staring at all of this food prep paraphernalia on my kitchen counter because I felt like I needed permission to make “extra.”  Why on earth should I need someone else’s permission for that, I’d like to know?!  In a similar vein, I feel like it’s “wrong” to eat the same thing twice in one day.  That is equally stupid.

Well.  Moving on.


I’ve mentioned that I have major issues finding boots.  Not long after that post, I actually found those boots!  (Sorry about the horrible pictures… as it turns out, it’s quite difficult for me to photograph my own leg.)  These are my old boots:


Excuse the mess!  Anyway, these are a little big around the calf, but they were the most decent-looking boots I’d ever managed to find.  So I was quite excited to finally find them again… imagine my dismay when I tried them on (which I wasn’t going to do!) and found that the calf circumference has increased!!  I bought them anyway, because what else am I supposed to do?  Then my mom started driving me crazy about how I lost weight in my calves (which is ridiculous because I don’t have any weight to lose there; it’s the only place on my body that never did); I had to hold up my old boot next to my new one to show her that they actually were not the same size.  In fact, they looked quite ridiculous.  So, off I went to Amazon to find boots by calf circumference.  Just look at what I wound up with.


Combat boots!!  I would have given my eyeteeth for these boots when I was in high school, but I am no longer in high school.  They’re still a little big around the calf, even after I pulled the (miles long!) laces as tight as they go; but since they’re so huge and clunky in general, it’s not as bad as the other boots.

Speaking of the other boots, I couldn’t return them; I could only exchange them.  So now I also have these boots, which I don’t exactly need.


I know you can’t really see it here, but they’re brown.  And also a little big, but I got these over any others because the ankle actually fit.  I don’t think I’m going to wear these enough to invest in fixing the rest of the shaft to have them fit, but… whatever.  I need to clean out my closet.

I spent a couple of hours working on the paper that will kill me.  I think it might actually be long enough now, but it’s a mess.  I can’t even say screw it and just hand it in that way, because I have to present it to the class.  (Eek!!)  I am so looking forward to the end of the semester… vacation destination suggestions still welcome!

Wow, this post is interminable in length… I’m going to shut up now.  Have a great start to your week!


10 responses to “Wuss in Boots

  1. “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of it” – you are not a wuss for being scared, you are only a wuss if it stops you from doing the things you’re scared of! And that’s a long term thing too, you’re also not a wuss if you chicken out a few times but eventually do it 😛

    I wish I could give you some vacation suggestions but I have no idea of good diving locations. Everytime you start talking about going diving I think about garden eels, lol. Random. I like your boots! I have the opposite problem, my calves belong to a sumo wrestler. Ah well.

  2. Peanut Butter ice cream is usually delicious. But I guess that’s more of a PB swirl, than PB as the ice cream flavor itself.
    I say go to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It may cost an arm and a leg, but it will so be worth it for diving!

  3. As you know I went to Australia this past summer. That would be gorgeous! But myself I’ve always wanted to do the Mediterranean. Greece, Turkey,…..

  4. Oh, no! Peanut butter in ice cream is the best! I hope you’ll give it another chance, it really is super delicious!

    All you boots issues are sort of funny, even though I am sure it is frustrating to deal with yourself. I do like those last ones with the heel, though!

  5. Wuss? I don’t think so. A wuss would have cracked under the strain you have to endure long, long ago. If there’s one element that I never sense from you, it’s weakness. And if you believe yourself to be weak then it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    My opinion on the situation with the nutritionist and the supplements may be controversial, but what the Hell. Personally, I think too much emphasis is placed on shoving in calories to gain weight as quickly as possible without addressing the psychological issues first. I don’t believe that the only marker of health or recovery is weight gain and would personally consider a person without anxiety relating to food but a lower BMI more stable and successful in their recovery than someone with a higher one who still battles with food every day. I say this partially because the nutritionist and mental health team I saw when I was eighteen basically said ‘you’re BMI 18 now, you’re fine, get lost.’ They wrongly assumed I was anorexic at my low weight and totally ignored the fact I’d binge at least twice a weak. I don’t know how the healthcare system is in the US, but if this is placing such horrible stress on you and denting your confidence even further then I don’t think it’s worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s okay to wander around at a dangerous weight but it all depends on what your health’s like.

    Example: you conquered your sandwich fear. In my opinion, that’s worth more than 2lbs or whatever on the scale. Feeling more comfortable with food should come first in my opinion, otherwise you’re left feeling just as disenchanted and lost but at a higher weight like I am. Is seeing this nutritionist compulsory? I don’t know if it’s a choice you’re comfortable with yourself or that you made but I think there are more issues to be worked on than force-feeding you Boosts.

    Many apologies if that was inappropriate or offensive in any way…I just hate to see you going through so much agony because of this.

    I adore your combat boots. If I owned a pair, I would sleep in them.

    Good luck with your paper ~ you are clearly conscientious and I doubt any other student worries about their papers as much as you do (unnecessarily, I might add)


  6. I love the boots!!

    kashi cinnaon harvest is so good 🙂

  7. Come to LA! Or SF! Or if you have a bit more money, go to SE Asia! The food there is dirt-cheap! 🙂

    Oh, and SEXY boots!

  8. Oh, you are so cute. I love the titles, and I love the boots! There are also so many new products I need to try out here. Yum!

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