For some reason, I’m feeling kind of “blah” … so I’ll try to keep things simple here!  Though knowing me, I’ll end up with some Verbal Vomit at some point.  For the moment, some pictures.


Romaine, baby peppers, ginger teriyaki Tempehtations, roasted asparagus.


Honey wheat braided twist pretzels… I had never tried them before, and I loved them.  I kind of go through stages where I crave pretzels, and then sometimes I don’t touch them for months.  I am weird.


As planned, I put a Garden Gourmet veggie burger in a pita.  While I did like the “burger-in-a-pita” concept, the burgers are definitely not Tivi Valley!  They are a bit greasy, and there are some weird chewy chunks in there.  Not a major fan.  Nor am I a fan of the turnip greens you see in the background… at all!


On the topic of Garden Gourmet, I tried this too:



I kind of liked this… again, though, it was definitely not the same as Tivi Valley’s schnitzel.  It wasn’t bad, but it did have a lot more grease.  I think it goes without saying that I do not like grease.

I know there are hummus purists out there, and those who say that if it doesn’t have tahini, it’s not really hummus.  This is true.  However, I do not like tahini, and therefore, I love the zero-fat hommus from Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine. I had a little issue, so I contacted the company, and they very graciously sent me a package “for my inconvenience”:


I’m especially excited about the black bean dip, because I haven’t been able to find that anywhere.

Mini Verbal Vomit (told ya!)… Part of the reason why I am feeling so … flat is probably because of the weather.  It’s been raining for two days (and the umbrella that I bought yesterday seems to be leaking — I don’t think I ought to have blobs of rain dropping onto my head when I’m under an umbrella!), and that’s depressing enough.  But I always feel like I bloat due to the humidity.  Is it possible to bloat but not actually gain weight?!  Hmm.  It must be, I guess, because after my dash onto my nutritionist’s scale, she wasn’t too happy with me.  I quote: “You are in trouble; I am going to have to yell at you.”  Or something like that.  Apparently, if I feel like I gained X, I lost that much.  Does that mean I need to start flipping around every thought in my head?!  No, I should just stop thinking right now, because it’s been a very very long day and tomorrow looks like more of the same.  It feels like I am always so busy, but doing what?!  You would think that I might actually have a life, but I don’t.  Come to think of it, that’s not so odd under the circumstances.  But sometimes, it really does suck to live in a bubble like that.  I live in my own world… but that’s okay, everybody knows me there.

This is totally random, but I found it really amusing for some reason.  Hair that styles itself?  I wish.


Enjoy your Thursday.


10 responses to “Blah

  1. What is hummus without some fat? But that’s cool that they sent you a whole package. Dang, girl, you lucky! 🙂
    I would be feeling “blah” if it rained all day, too. Boo. But hey, you’ve got plenty others stuff to be happy about. Like that hummus! Or “hummus”! Haha, whatever!

  2. Don’t blame me for the no-tahini-no-houmous thing 😛 I was searching for tahini-free houmous recipes and came across all these crazy people calling eachother stupid for daring to believe that houmous could be created without tahini! It was hilarious. Personally I don’t care what goes into houmous but I’ve never found a tahini-free version that tastes as good as the normal kind, so I’ve given up on it until my sesame seed intolerance sorts itself out. Fail, houmous.

    Sorry you got in trouble with your nutritionist! Ack. I think I live in a bubble too, and how I feel about that varies from ‘safe’ to ‘for goodness sake get me out of here before I go crazy’ from day to day 😛

  3. Hummus without the tahini? Now I’ve seen everything. If only they made hummus without the garlic…then I’d be in heaven.

    Weather affects my mood too…too bad sunny days don’t have as profoundly positive an effect as rainy ones do negatively.

    I often feel like I’m busy doing nothing…like so much time is wasted with psychological crap. I doubt this is true for you though: you have school, work, so many things to juggle in your life.

    Give yourself a break!


  4. Hummus sans tahini has me completely confused! I never knew it was possible.
    I think you need to do something special for yourself everyday, even if it is just a clay mask and 5 minutes with a magazine. Carve some YOU time out!

  5. I LOVE honey wheat pretzels! I could eat the whole bag.

    Vegetarian Schnitzels?! Not being able to partake in the wiener was so sad when I traveled around Eastern Europe!

    The weather always bums me out too. Hopefully it’ll stop raining soon…

  6. laurasworthlesswords

    Lol wouldnt it be great to have hair that styled itself 🙂

    Hmm I love hummus, Ive heard of hummus without the tahini, as long as you like it thats all that matters.
    Rain always puts me a blah mood to, Im not a wet weather person.


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