Mold and Ulcers

On Sunday night, I really did not want to make a sandwich to take with me to class on Monday.  But I went down to my freezer to dig out one of the loaves of bread I knew I had put there.  And couldn’t find it.  After emptying out the whole freezer, and then doing the same to the one in the kitchen upstairs, I called my mom to find out if she knew what had happened to my bread.  No dice.  I, obviously, was a little happy — no bread means I can’t make a sandwich, right?  And then I found my bread.  In a bag hooked over the seat of my brother’s bike, which is near the freezer in the basement.  Apparently, someone took it out to put something else in, and forgot about it.  Does this look like it would make a tasty sandwich?


I don’t care how ill someone is; that amount of penicillin is never, ever necessary.  And, obviously, I still had no bread to make my sandwich.  The reason why I had two of these in the freezer is because there is only one store in my neighborhood that sells it, and it’s extremely expensive; so when I found it somewhere else, I stocked up.  But it was Sunday night, and there was only one grocery store open, and so I had to settle for something else.  I was understandably turned off bread for the moment, so I bought a package of whole wheat mini pitas instead.  Behold:


And it made a really good sandwich.  But now I have a nearly-full package of whole wheat mini pitas in my freezer.  I suppose I can stick a veggie burger in there.  (Speaking of which, I think I’ve heard that these are same thing as the Tivi Valley; so when I saw them when I went to buy my pitas, I grabbed one!)

Moving on…


Wheat berries, edamame, and carnival squash.  I baked / roasted the squash whole, because the sticker on it said to do so; I do not think I will be doing that again.  I have no idea why, but this squash tasted bitter.  I doused the entire plate in salt and pepper, and dumped some cinnamon on the squash too, but … I have another carnival squash, and I am definitely going to cube that one first.

For my salad on Monday, I used a different tofu than my usual:


With romaine, whole grain rotini, and Brussels sprouts roasted with seasoned salt.  I know I said I hate Brussels sprouts, but I don’t know what happened… I loved them here.


I really liked this tofu; it has a totally different texture than what I’m used to.  It’s also insanely expensive in comparison, so I don’t think I’ll be buying it on a regular basis!  (I am actually mortified at how much I used… even if it is “under orders.”  I guess I’m inherently a volume eater, and even if it’s mostly low-calorie things, I just find it embarrassing to post pictures of such… volume.  The close-up shot is my best friend here…)

Oh, yeah… I did end up going to Target for a shirt.  My decision was made a bit easier by the fact that they had all but sold out… I had decided that I wanted this one, but there were none left. I tried on this one, which wound up in my cart along with this one … because I am an indecisive freak.  My mom was no help at all: “Get them both!”  When I explained that the whole point was for me to learn to actually make decisions, no matter how stupid, she told me to get the blue one because “It matches your eyes.”  She’s been telling me that for years.  I did end up getting the blue one, though.  And now I’m going to stop thinking about the purple one.

That should be fairly easy, because I am so so so so so overwhelmed… I’m telling you, I am developing an ulcer.  A big one.  I thought one of my papers is due next Monday.  I am nowhere near ready to hand it in, and I don’t feel like I will ever be.  I seem to get dumber and dumber the older I get!!  There was actually a mistake on the syllabus and I have two weeks; my ulcer got a tiny bit smaller.  But it’s still there.  Very much so.

Though it was a little bright spot that we got our evaluations back for the project that was responsible for my battle with Dreamweaver, in which I was not the victor.  I got a 20/20.  I hate to brag, and I’m sorry if it comes off that way, but it was just such a relief to me to not have totally bombed on it.

I have an appointment with my nutritionist tomorrow night.  I called her today to inform her that there is a situation, the severity of which I am sure she will not appreciate.  She said that since she is a Yankee fan, I can come earlier just for a quick weigh-in, and we’ll have a session on the phone / via e-mail.  To ensure that it is just a quick weigh-in, I am going to stop at the supermarket first; I am buying Steamfresh, which is on major sale, and we can’t have that melting, now can we?!

As usual, there is a lot more I could / would write… but I am on my mini while a DVD is playing on my laptop, because I have no time to do anything, so… yeah.  Have a great Tuesday.


9 responses to “Mold and Ulcers

  1. That tofu and pasta looks great! Good luck with your papers!

  2. It’s still Monday here. Hee hee.
    Lol. I’m an indecisive freak, too. I took 2 hours trying to decide on a pencil case.

  3. I can be really indecisive too, but I try to remember that you learn from every choice, no matter what…Good luck with the appointment and your papers, take good care!
    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  4. Mould scares me. Seriously, how can people eat cheese when it’s basically nothing but mould *shudders*.

    Glad you made a decision with the tops. I think you just need a little faith and self-belief that you are capable of making a choice and sticking with it. Like the sandwich dilemma, hopefully it will get easier with time.

    You honestly don’t look like a total volume eater to me, close-ups or no close-ups. I appreciate, as the queen of volume eating (and not usually low-calorie foods) I’m probably not best qualified to judge, but I think you seriously give yourself such a hard time with regard to the size of your meals when it just isn’t necessary.

    Like always, you’ll get a brilliant mark for your papers…I believe in you even if you don’t!


  5. i get the same thing with the color bue….. “it matches your eyes” needless to say i wear a lot of blue 😦

  6. That bread TOTALLY looks like it would make a tasty sandwich.
    Just kidding, sweetie.

    I think the pita sandwich looks great. Have you ever tried PB&J on Indian Naan? It is pretty fantastic.

    Keep your calm, love. Stress only makes things worse. Don’t want you getting sick.

    And thank you so much for you comment. I was having such a abd day, I really appreciate your support.

    Love you, dear

  7. That bread is NARST! Glad you remedied the problem. Our fridge broke a couple years ago and it took us a couple days to notice it… I will never forget the taste of penicillin-infused chocolate.

    My roommate’s mom made carnival squash once and it was AMAZING. I don’t know what she did to it, but it was really sweet!

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