Some Nonsensical Babble

Thank you for the good thoughts / wishes on my last post … I am very tentatively feeling a little more “stable,” but I don’t want to get too excited over it just yet because Saturday nights / Sundays seem to be the times that I am most susceptible to falling into the trap all over again!

Because of the weather, I found myself with some free time tonight.  I was determined to knock out at least five of the ten required pages for one of my papers.  (What is that all about, by the way?!  What if I’ve already said everything I need to say, and I’ve only filled seven pages?  Do these professors really want to read three pages’ worth of filler drivel?  Is seven pages not enough?!)  Well, I am — surprise, surprise — in a bit of a panic here.  I think I have five pages —  I’m not sure because it’s such a mess and mixed up with a bunch of random insertions for now — but they seem to be mostly regurgitated crap.  Not surprising, considering I’m attempting to write a paper without having any real thesis, when finding one should have been Step One in this process.  I know I keep saying that I no longer care whether or not I get an A, so long as this interminable semester ends; but I also know that I absolutely will be devastated when I don’t get an A.  Panic, as it turns out, is a very poor motivator.

I need something to look forward to at the end of the semester… where should I go on my post-semester vacation?!  Open to all suggestions… only requirements are A) warm-water diving and B) will not bankrupt me!

On a completely unrelated note, I am a confirmed Target addict, as I am there at least once a week.  Last Sunday, I saw these shirts and sort of fell in love, which is odd because that is completely unlike anything I ever wear.  I didn’t buy it because I am so indecisive that I couldn’t decide which color to get.  (Hey, give me a break — there are fourteen of them!)  I happened to mention that to my therapist, which wasn’t exactly news — we all know that I tend to turn stupid decisions into massive processes.  So now I have an “assignment,” since I’m going to Target tomorrow (to be a nice sister and return something for my sister… okay, and because I want to go anyway)… I’m supposed to buy one shirt and not spend more than five minutes thinking about the color.  And I’m supposed to try it on so that I don’t wind up buying the wrong size and effectively getting to obsess over the color twice, since I’d start the whole process over if I had to exchange it.  Which is really annoying; I don’t like trying things on in stores, especially in the winter.  This isn’t so much a result of ED thinking as it is inconvenience; why should I take off all of my winter layers just to try something on?!

I’ve babbled nonsensically for long enough.  Moving on…

I tried another flavor of the Primal Strips, this time Teriyaki.



I was particularly amused by the fact that this contains “unrefined evaporated can juice.” Whatever, I think I finally figured out how to eat this. What a skill. But I really liked this flavor! It didn’t taste much like teriyaki, but that’s not a bad thing; just a misnomer.


I think kasha might have some serious competition for the distinction of being named my favorite grain. This is garlic salt-spiked bulgur mixed with peas and carrots, plus chopped fried eggs microwaved All Whites. I knew that the ratio of bulgur to water should be 1:2, but I was reading the box and stupidly put in more water than I should have — because that was a “recipe” for bulgur as a hot cereal. As a result of this display of my inherent genius, it was a bit “soupier” than I’d like, but still delectable. I think I am in love with bulgur.


Vanilla yogurt mixed with Puffins, cinnamon, and peaches, because I had to do something with them.  Um, hello?  Why did I not think of this before?!  I loved it!  I tried it with cinnamon applesauce the next day, and it was equally good.  I love discovering things that are so simple that I feel like an idiot for not having thought of it sooner!

I also tried the burgers I bought last week:



Well… they don’t even come close to Tivi Valley.  They had a sort of weird texture that I guess some would describe as “rubbery.”  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t mind it… it’s just that when I compare them to their predecessors, well, it makes me sad!!  They are incredibly filling, though.  (16g of protein; I like that.)

Because Elise wouldn’t try this ;), I finally did!!


Roasted pineapple!  Probably should have roasted longer, but, what can I say, I ran out of time… roasting just brought out the sweetness, really.  And it was warm.  I have no idea what would have happened if I’d let it cool, because I ate it all before it got to that point.  Sorry!

Google Reader is getting scarier by the moment, so I think I will attempt to tackle it now… enjoy the rest of your weekend.


7 responses to “Some Nonsensical Babble

  1. Roasted pineapple looks delicious! I hope things are going better for you!

  2. laurasworthlesswords

    Lol Im the same some days I look at my google reader and think where do I begin!

    Ohh I pity you having to try and write that, one thing I am useless at it writing essays, I guess you may try and waffle the last few pages!

    Those shirts looks really nice, the kind that will go with lots of things. Try and pick out the first colour that sticks in your head, Im totally indecisive to so sometimes I just ask my sister or mum what they think or I think practically and pick the one that will go with most things.

    Great looking pineapple, Ive never tried roasting it before 🙂

  3. Ooh, roasted pineapple…yum 🙂
    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better and that the combination of it being Sunday and having that paper to sort out didn’t ruin your less-than-terrible mood. Panic is definitely not a good motivator – when I’m short of time I usually DO manage to get things finished, but then I fall to pieces 😛
    I LOVE those tops, I would wear them! I’m no help there though because I would spend hours trying to decide which colour I liked best too 😛 good luck with that!

  4. Mmm, I can almost taste the caramelised edges on that pineapple. De-licious.

    Buying clothes is actually relatively easy for me in terms of colour: I always, always buy black. I was actually set a fashion-related challenge myself a while ago to incorporate colours other than black into my wardrobe as it wasn’t helping my mood, apparently. Never mind the fact that it’s a method of self expression. End result: lots of colourful clothes that I rarely wear 😛 All the best with choosing though 🙂

    I have the opposite problem with papers: if I’m set ten, I’ll write fifteen and paring the resultant verbose diatribe down to ten usually just makes it nonsensical. Never mind three pages of drivel, I always produce at least eight 😉 I agree that set limits are very irritating!

    Hope tonight is going as well as a Sunday evening can.


  5. i wold say come visit me for vaca. but alas, it is not warm 😦 the puffin creation looks yummy!!!!!!!!

  6. I just heard about a really cheap week in Mexico for a scuba diving/ Spanish class. Sounds fun!

  7. Mmmm… roasted pineapple. Now that just sounds delicious!
    Try not to panic, dear. it won’t take you anywhere. Just relax and I know you will get through it. Papers really are hell though, sorry! 😦
    I hope things get better.

    Love the tops too! my two personal favorites are the red/black and the blue plaid. They looks so down to earth and comfy.. they all do! Just close your eyes and think of the colors that stick out in your head the most or the ones that you can reeally see yourself in. I’m sure you look beautiful in any color, really. They are all cute!

    Take care, love.

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