Hope you’ve all had a happy Monday… here’s a quick recap of bits of my weekend! Needless to say, I’m quite happy that it’s over, since that means no more holidays until Chanukah. Yay!

quinoa-stuffed acorn squash

quinoa-stuffed acorn squash

My mom actually clipped this recipe out of MORE magazine; that’s the only magazine to which she is subscribed that I don’t read, because, well, I feel old enough already, thank you very much! 😉 Anyway, she told me that she found a recipe which “meets [my] qualifications.” I actually made a couple of changes, but nothing drastic. I told her it wouldn’t go over well with the males, and I was right. My brother refused to eat it, so I got to eat his the next day. (It turns out that it tastes better cold.) My dad did eat it but he complained about it and said that we should stop trying new recipes and just stick with the “good old.” Yawn. Bread, deep-fry, heart attack! Whatever.

"dogs in blankets"

"dogs in blankets"

The ones in the baggie are mine, made with Lightlife Smart Dogs. Honestly, I think I’d prefer to have the “blankets” separate from the dogs… that’s just me, I don’t like “mixing” things most of the time! I’m clearly weird.

romaine, baby peppers, chick peas

romaine, baby peppers, chick peas

I saw this pretty salad and I just couldn’t resist trying a variation of it for my baby peppers!  I used raspberry vinaigrette today, but I’m thinking that I’m going to try this with salsa, too; especially since I finally found a jar of extra-hot salsa that I can actually have!

I saw this at the gym on Friday:


Yes, that would be a towel, water bottle, and a muffin on the top of an ab bench.  And the person to whom they belonged was sitting on the hip abductor machine, drinking a cup of coffee.  Hogging two pieces of equipment, and not even using one of them — that takes talent.  What is your gym pet peeve?

Since I’m on the topic of the gym already, I am going to segue into some Verbal Vomit here… I went IP in February of 2007.  Not long before that, the manager at the gym told me that because I was “so tiny,” I needed to get them a doctor’s letter stating that I was in good health, in order to absolve them of any liability should anything happen to me.  I didn’t feel like getting one, because as we all know, my doctor is a nut; they never followed through with that request, either, because I think that manager had a baby, and she hasn’t been back since then.

Fast-forward to the present.  To be clear: I do not have an over-exercising problem.  Compulsive, yes; excessive, no.  My therapist and my nutritionist both know exactly how much I work out, and they’re fine with it.  So, especially given the above paragraph (as I am the queen of illogical associations), I was not very pleased to be told on Friday that I needed to get a doctor’s letter.  Especially because my doctor is just as much of a nut as ever… and he would probably charge me a copay for that, which wouldn’t be such a big deal, but he’d make me wait for six hours in his waiting room too, and I just don’t have the time for that!  I called the endocrinologist instead; he’s the last doctor to have given me a physical, anyway.  I told him what I needed and why, and he said he would put it in the mail.  Either he’s a totally irresponsible medical practitioner (which must not be the case, since he’s been around as long as he has), or I am in good general physical health!  I’m just intensely irritated by this whole affair; I suppose I can understand that the gym wants to cover themselves, but aren’t obese people just as likely to keel over from exertion as skinny people?!  Though I suppose I could take this as a not-so-subtle hint that I’m not as huge as I think I am.

In other news, the infamous De-Plagiarized Paper was returned. We got 9.5 out of 10 possible points. Naturally, the PPP was thrilled. I was less so… I realize that a 9.5/10 is not a bad grade at all, but I’m still ticked off. That’s me — impossible to please! And as I’ve mentioned before, I am technologically retarded, but apparently we have this huge project due next week, and so I am currently sans laptop… my nephew has it, because I need Adobe. Oh, joys.

And just to end off on a slightly more lighthearted note… I saw this post at The Skinny Plate and I got so excited, because I have been searching forever for a soy yogurt that isn’t marked dairy. Please note the enormous size — it was all Whole Foods had, and it was on sale too, so I grabbed it!

Have a happy Tuesday!


7 responses to “Breathe

  1. I can’t stand when people don’t clean the machines after they use them. Also, the people on the phone at the gym. I’m there to workout, and have some “me” time, I don’t need to hear your conversation!

  2. That quinoa stuffed squash looks delicious! 🙂

  3. The people at my gym are terribly well behaved, I haven’t found anything to complain about yet! This is something of a miracle, because I have a very low tolerance for that sort of thing 😛 Your quinoa stuffed squash looks good, I like quinoa 🙂 lol your dad sounds like mine!

  4. Machine hogging is not a problem to me as long as the person hogging it is actually working out and working hard (because I am a terrible machine-hog and extremely territorial over certain elliptical trainers lol) My issue is with those who just chat on the machines or barely break a sweat. There’s one woman at the gym who doesn’t even turn the darn elliptical trainer on…she just moves the thing without any resistance engagement or anything. Yeesh. I also hate 15-minute rules about how long you’re allowed to be on a certain machine ~ how the heck can anyone get in a good workout in fifteen minutes, even if they then move on to another machine?

    Hey, thanks for giving me the chance to get that out of my system! I love gym-based rants.

    Squash looks beautiful and so refined…my presentation is so messy, usually due to the huge volume of food I’m trying to pile on to a plate…meh.

    With regard to the presentation, YOU are a perfect 10 and you know it ~ your mark would have been 10/10 every time and it’s just irritating that your idiot of a partner dragged you down half a point. But congratulate yourself for salvaging what you did!


  5. That squash looks really good, mmm…Would be nice with couscous too, I think!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  6. Eeewww for bringing food and coffee in the gym. I can understand doing a quick protein powder shake, but enjoying breakfast there? Kind of gross. Personally, I hate it when people talk on the cell phone while they are at the gym.

    Thanks for the shout out on my Soy yogurt post. How was the unsweetened plain flavor?

  7. i was just wondering what to do with an acorn squash, lol. now i know 🙂 i’m not sure why you would need food in the gym. that’s one of the reason i don’t like going to the gym. there are always so many people there and most of them just seem to be hanging out.

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