Starbucks Virgin No More

Thank you for all of the outrage on my behalf regarding my (alliteration alert!) plagiarizing project partner… if thoughts could kill, she would so be dead by now!  However, they can’t, and so I was a very responsible and mature adult about the situation.  (Cue insane giggles.)  Actually, I just fixed up the problems, put in citations (which I had to find myself since the links she gave me, after I requested them, proved to be dead), and sent it off to the professor.  I included a note explaining what happened; I didn’t go so far as to say outright, “It was her fault,” but hopefully she can infer that at least it wasn’t mine.  After I sent it to the professor, I sent it to the PPP telling her what I had done.  Which, if you ask me, was entirely unnecessary, but there you have it.

Try not to be too shocked, but I am exhausted… I am posting anyway, though, because I know that if I don’t, I’m going to have a total logjam after the holiday is over (Sunday night… finally!!!!) and that idea just doesn’t appeal to me.

So… the title of this post!  I hate coffee.  Recently I decided that maybe that was because I’d never had real coffee (i.e., brewed vs. instant), and so I needed to try that before I write it off completely.  I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, but I just never got around to it until today… so I met Ellie at a Starbucks and got… something.


The uncertainty is because I really don’t know what it was.  Plain coffee, since that’s all I can buy at Starbucks.  And a frightening amount of sweetener, which didn’t do anything to diminish the bitter taste.  After that, I realized that I actually could use the sugar-free vanilla syrup, so I pumped that in too… which might have helped, had I not had the sweeteners in there already!  Will have to try this again.


The “baby” coffee is mine, obviously.  😉

When I got home from the concert last night, I wanted nothing more than to fall into bed, but I realized I hadn’t packed a lunch for the next day… I was feeling extremely uninspired and not in the mood of thinking about food at all, not to mention way too tired to stay awake long enough to roast anything, and so this is the strangest, most random salad ever.


Romaine, alfalfa sprouts, and Texas BBQ Primal Strips.  The only dressing I have at work is a raspberry vinaigrette, which I think sounds rather unappetizing when paired with BBQ anything, so I turned to my trusty sauteed eggplant…


I plopped a dollop of this on top, figuring it theoretically could serve as a dressing.


Okay, fine, I’m lying.  It wasn’t a dollop, it was the whole container.  Don’t judge!

I came home to find two packages waiting!  I love packages, so that was nice.

The first one was from POM Wonderful (thank you!)…


Two huge bottles: one of pomegranate nectarine juice, and one of pomegranate kiwi juice.  Reviews to come!

The second package was from Mikey, and it was even more gorgeous than it appeared in her photo!


Thank you so much — I completely love it!  (No need for envy, people — you can get your own unique mask, too!  ;))

Went to nutrionist.  Blah blah blah.  Went to the supermarket, where I saw the hugest spaghetti squash ever… it looked like a large yellow watermelon.  (To put this photo in perspective, I don’t have especially large hands!)


I got an enormous bag of baby peppers, because they were so adorable, and now I can have pretty pepper rings in my salad next week!  Though I find it a bit odd that there aren’t any green peppers here… not that I mind, it’s my least favorite color pepper anyway!


I also bought a new (to me) vegetable — a waxed turnip.


I probably should have thought this through before buying it, but anyone have any suggestions re: what to do with this thing?!

Tomorrow is going to be a totally keeeeraaaayyyyzeeeee day.  (So will Saturday and Sunday, come to think of it; but not in the same way.)  I have so many things to do, it’s not even a joke… I will be running around like a headless chicken!  Stress piled upon stress piled upon stress.  Should be fun…

Have a fantabulous weekend!


12 responses to “Starbucks Virgin No More

  1. That looks like a swede to me rather than a turnip (big and purple-ish rather than small and pale)! If you get bored at some point today you should google swede vs turnip, it’s hilarious how riled up people get over the difference between two very similar vegetables 😛 anyway, swedes are definitely best boiled then mashed. I usually put vegan margarine in mine but as long as there is salt and pepper it’ll be good. I love mashed swede, yum 🙂

    I am neither a coffee nor a green pepper fan either! I tried Starbucks decaf with about a million sugars once and it was still way too bitter for me. I drink tea if I go in there!

    I’m glad you were able to sort out your partners mess but I stand by my rawr 😛

  2. I have to give you props for resisting Starbucks for so long! Not a big fan of their coffee though…too strong for my tummy but congrats on popping your cherry!

  3. You’ve probably thought of this already but…roast the turnip! Apparently it’s got quite a bitter, peppery flavour so you might need to put something with a hint of sweetness with it to balance it out (you just know I’d be dipping roasted turnip fries in ketchup if I was in the same situation!)

    Not a fan of green peppers either…or raw peppers for that matter. Roasted peppers on the other hand…okay, I’ll stop with the roasting obsession now (I blame you for this lol)

    Glad the partner situation is sorted out ~ I still think it’s terrible that you had to cover her ass (couldn’t think of a more polite way of putting it) but at least hopefully you should get the grade you deserve now instead of being dragged down by her.

    Caffeine sends me round the bend…literally, it’s triggered both mania and migraines before now…hence, I have never visited a Starbucks (shock, horror)

    Hope the week-end isn’t too hectic for you…take care.


  4. laurasworthlesswords

    I used to drink litres of coffee a day now Ive weaned myself off and dont drink it at all. I only ever liked plain coffee though I hate all those fancy lattes and other stuff they were just sickening.

    I love peppers :-), I eat them raw in my sandwiches and wraps, sometimes Id get little baby ones like that if the shop has them, they are just a nice size for a sandwich.

    Hmm this will sound boring but whenever I eat Turnip I just eat it raw :-), I love it raw but dont like it cooked. My mum however cooks and mashes hers like a potato, carrot and turnip mashed together I think is supposed to be nice.

  5. Wow, you were very mature in your dealing with PPP. Well done. I’m not sure I’d have been as good.
    I love the Tazo Green Tea in Starbucks and I love the little inspirational messages you get with them too.

    It’s odd but it’s the small bad things that tend to derail me and the small good things that bring me most happiness. I think that the small good things should always be pointed out so you can feel thankful for what we all do have. xox

  6. That’s so cool you got to meet Ellie! AH!!! I would really love to meet you too! I didn’t know you lived in NY…:-(
    and boy, a Starbucks virgin? What are you, from Mars? lol!

  7. sometiems rando salads work out alright.

    glad you were stripped of your virginity. about time!!

  8. i’m glad that package reached you safely. you sound super busy. i have to admit i love starbucks. and like most caffeine. but i need to try and phase that out. i know it’s not that good for me.

  9. Congrats on Starbucks. Places like that and Smoothie places freak me out!
    My ED is like… “can you trust that they made it ‘skinny’?”
    I force myself to just chug down my lattes. I’ve been really into tackling fear foods lately. It is so good for us!

    I looooove peppers, and I love the mask as well!
    Hope your weekend has been great. Enjoy your Sunday!

  10. I’m a BIG fan of the passion ice tea (sweetened) with one cane sugar added (haha, I just realized how overly specific that is) or the tall raspberry chi (skinny–only b/c I like the skin milk more)!

    Hope your project works out well!

  11. Look at those cute littler peppers!

    Why don’t you roast the turnip in a little maple syrup? Or you could pretend it’s Thanksgiving and make mashed turnips, or turnip soup.

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