Cooking Zombie

Happy October!  (Well, as happy as the advent of winter can be, anyway.)

I received this award…


Thank you, Jessica! I believe I am supposed to share seven random things about myself, and pass this on to seven other bloggers… coming up with seven random things will be difficult. Finding seven bloggers who haven’t yet received this award will be nearly impossible! So, if you haven’t yet received it, consider yourself awarded. (Is this a total cop-out?!) Seven random things…

  1. My oldest niece was born when I was six; I’m not even sure how many nieces and nephews I have now without stopping to count.  (Yes, that many.)
  2. My first time flying on a plane was when my family went to Canada for my brother’s wedding.
  3. I am dying to go skydiving and to get a pilot’s license.
  4. A lot of times, when I meet new people, they assume I am a snob.  I am actually shy.  (Okay, so maybe I’m a snob too?  :p)
  5. There is a piece of lead (from a pencil) embedded in my palm.
  6. Tomatoes make me want to vomit… and avocados are a close second.
  7. I really do prefer solo vacations to traveling with other people.

So, today would have been a good day to don full star regalia (that sounds crazy) … because I wore this shirt. I know, I know, it looks like a pajama top. But it’s thermal!!


In lieu of the stars, I went with these earrings. (Not marbleized … just a bad, blurry picture!)


As for the sneakers (which would have matched perfectly, colors and all)… well, sadly, it was a non-issue, because today I wore boots. 😦 I need new ones, actually. Arrgh.

It was cold in my office. Surprise — the air conditioning is still going strong, 49-degree outdoor temperatures notwithstanding. And I think this may be contributing to my sore throat. Yeah, did I mention that part? I have a sore throat. Not fun. Especially since I did not sleep well at all last night: I didn’t make it to bed until midnight, and I woke up at 1.00, 3.00, 4.00, and 4.45, at which point I just gave up and hopped in the shower. Anyway, I hate hate hate drinking hot liquids, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so…


I had me some blueberry breeze green tea, though it was kind of pointless; it was so cold that the tea was only hot for about five minutes! Oh, well.

In digging around in my bar stash, I found one that expires on October 21…


Whole Foods 365 Organic Honey Roasted Cranberry Delight Bar… the ingredients are peanuts, honey, apple juice concentrate-infused cranberries, raisins, and dried apricots. Could easily be replicated, I think. This was pretty much like eating peanuts. Very sticky peanuts!!! And that’s an understatement…


You see??

In other exciting news, I think this is beyond ready to be eaten, but I have no idea how I’d get to that point… do I just uproot it?!  Any gardeners out there?!


I haven’t had quinoa in forever, but I did today… oddly, I think I like bulgur better!  But this works, too.  😉  With garlic salt, of course; and Steamfresh vegetables (broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas and water chestnuts).


When I got home today, I downed about a gallon of soup… well, not really, but maybe I should have!  I hate having a cold / sore throat!!  Oh well… c’est la vie… I also had a lot of work to do… and cooking… because Sukkos starts tomorrow night.  And after that weeklong affair, no more holidays for a couple of months, thank goodness.  So before I get into Verbal Vomit, here’s some of what I was doing…


curried eggplant 

curried eggplant

barley-rice pilaf

barley-rice pilaf

spicy okra

spicy okra

bulgur with buttercup squash
bulgur with buttercup squash

 After that (or rather, during that), I finally finished my part of my project which is due on Monday… I hate partner / group projects because somehow, my partner always seems to drop off the face of the earth.  I won’t be able to work on it over the first couple of days of the holiday, so I had to finish my part now.  But we’re supposed to be presenting it, so some coordination would have been kind of nice.  I just wish that my grade could reflect my work … but this is another one of those “oh well” moments.  At least I’ve done what I can do, and then tomorrow I don’t have to stress out about the other school things I need to work on because they’re not due quite so soon.  (Yup, I’m one of those people who always does things way in advance.) 

This morning I made the ill-advised decision to weigh myself.  In my defense, my brain was not operating properly (sleep shortages, you know), because I definitely should not be weighing myself; and if I do, it shouldn’t be more than once a week.  I weighed myself on Tuesday.  I saw my nutritionist on Wednesday.  And then this morning, for some stupid and inexplicable reason which I can no longer recall, I weighed myself again.  Leaving me in the position of having to convince myself that gaining half a pound in two days could quite easily indicate natural fluctuations instead of proving that a medication which causes weight loss in most people would have the opposite effect on me.  I should really give myself a few days before unduly freaking myself out.  However.  That would be a lot easier if said few days weren’t food-filled holiday days.  Oh dear.
I’m sure I had a lot more random babbling I could have done, but sleep is looking really attractive right now.  I hope that turns out to be a mutual sentiment!
Have a great weekend!

12 responses to “Cooking Zombie

  1. Interesting facts! I used to hate tomatoes and avocadoes too but now love ’em! I’m dying to go sky-diving too!

  2. fruitsveggieslife

    I suppose I consider myself tagged then. 🙂

    I hope you and Mr. Sleep get caught up. I hate missing him.

  3. Tomatoes, vile? Blasphemy I say. Though I’m 100% with you on the avocadoes…evil things, they are (I’m just having fun using adjectives that are anagrams because I’m excessively nerdy)

    I have had the exact same accusation levelled at myself with regard to being ‘stuck up’ or snobby when in fact I’m usually just plain terrified and inherently shy anyway. Then again, most people are idiots and I think you’re entitled to a little superiority, particularly if they’re obtuse enough to mistake shyness for snobbery.

    The one thing I like about my course is that there’s no group work required until the second semester. I absolutely, unquivocally loathe it. I totally agree with you that it’s a ridiculous method of assessment and I too want my grade to be MINE, to reflect my work for good or ill. I can’t stand people who are parasites, who feed off the hard work and intelligence of others. Equally so, I wouldn’t want my grades bolstered simply because I was lucky enough to be paired with someone brighter than myself: I’d feel like a complete fraud. Try not to let your partner take advantage of you if at all possible: I’ve ended up being a doormat so many times in those situations and her/his behaviour is just not acceptable.

    Honestly, half a pound is neither here nor there. I know it’s easy to say that, but it’s such an infinitessimal amount that there’s no way it’s reflective of the medication you’re taking.

    That’s a gorgeous top you’re wearing! I seem to own a ridiculous amount of clothes featuring star patterns…


  4. Just found your blog and I really like it!
    Hope you will continue fighting, because it’s so worth it…

    Have a great weekend!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  5. laurasworthlesswords

    Ahh Im very shy to and unfortunately people can mistake that for being snobby. I went sky diving once, it was totally amazing Id love to do it again, definitely try it sometime!

    Hmm its so hard to resist weighing yourself once the idea pops into your head but yeah only two days after a proerp weigh in isnt enough to get an accurate result. Id forget about it till its time for your proper one again, anyhow 1/2 pound isnt much!

    Lovely looking pics above, I really like quinoa its a nice light grain 🙂
    Have a great weekend,xoxo

  6. I love your top! Stars make everything nicer 🙂
    I have been accused of being snobbish or ‘up myself’ (that seems a rather anatomically difficult insult to me though) for being quiet too. I always thought it was ironic that people seemed to think that I stayed on the outside of things because I thought I was better than everyone else when really it was because I thought everyone was better than me and would tell me to go away if I tried to make friends. Meh.
    I know it’s easier said than done but try not to panic too much over the weight fluctuation – half a pound doesn’t count as weight gain, that could be anything! It might be a good idea to put the scales away until a week or so after the holiday finishes.
    Good luck with the group work – I am also not a fan!

  7. I feel your pain about a cold office. It can be 80 degrees outside and I am inside wearing a sweater. Loved the random facts. I have a tiny piece of lead in my foot. And the earrings are so cool!

  8. I also have a secret desire to go skydiving! A friend from high school went skydiving to celebrate her recovery and becoming a therapist! I think I’ll wait for a similarly exciting occasion. Haha, maybe I’ll go to one of those places where you skydive inside 🙂 Less distance to fall….

    I also hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate group projects! You would think grad students make good partners: NO! Myself and another grad student always pair together–we know we work well together!

    I hope your weekend goes well 🙂


  9. Hi!
    Grill marks= with a grilling pan. (or on a grill/bbq). Easy peasy;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  10. I’ve been weighing myself everyday. And I’ve been thoroughly amused by how I gained 5 lbs one day and lost 7 lbs the other. Yup, weighing scales cannot be trusted.

    I want your bulgur.

  11. It must be nice to have such a big family! I’m an only child and have two cousins.

    You’ve been cooking up a storm! I really need to start cooking eggplant before Fall gets away from me.

    I’ve started only weighing myself before and after long runs, to see how dehydrated I get. It’s interesting to think of the body more in terms of science and less as… well, YOUR body!

  12. that shirt is cute >_<

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