Year Over.

Age appears to have mellowed me.  That isn’t quite right — it’s just that I am so exhausted, both physically and mentally, that I simply haven’t got the energy to panic very much about the fact that I haven’t made the slightest dent in the reading I need to do for school.  I am not at all used to being apathetic, but I guess I’ve run out of steam.  In the plans for tomorrow: wake up just as early as always (5 AM, for the record), even though I don’t have work (due to the fact that Rosh Hashana starts tomorrow night… agh), so that I can be at the lab when they open at 7.30 and avoid getting stuck behind a line of people there.  Gym for semi-sanity.  Home to read everything I need to read by Monday so that I don’t have to deal with it over the holiday.  Go to the library (yay!).  Cook some more.  Take a nice long nap!!!!

Anyway.  As usual, I’m going to meander all over the place in no particular order.

I met my friend for lunch yesterday.  I honestly cannot believe I used to find takeaway salads exciting / appealing…

romaine, kidney beans, sprouts, mushrooms, croutons, balsamic vinegar

romaine, kidney beans, sprouts, mushrooms, croutons, balsamic vinegar

Not to be overly egotistical or anything, but I make better salads than they do. :p (Elise, I totally owe you for being my inspiration to finally start bringing it from home!)

Case in point: this salad I made today. 

 romaine, sprouts, roasted acorn squash, raw corn, edamame, honey dijon vinaigrette

romaine, sprouts, roasted acorn squash, raw corn, edamame, honey dijon vinaigrette

I was actually really excited about this salad; but it did not live up to the hype.  The dressing saved it, but the squash was disappointing.  I was awake until midnight last night to finish roasting it… but apparently I haven’t had much success with acorn squash of late!  It just didn’t have much flavor.  There are so many vastly superior varieties out there, anyway… and I am sort of addicted to buying way too many:

delicata squash, carnival squash

delicata squash, carnival squash

These are lined up on my countertop alongside a spaghetti squash and a buttercup squash; I tried to take a picture of all four of them, but the camera battery died on me, and I don’t know where my brother keeps his charger.  This is the last picture I managed to get before said camera death, which explains why it’s blurry, I guess: 


For some more randomness, look at this absolutely adorable mini pineapple I saw in the supermarket last night!!  (It was not so adorably priced; I have no idea what one would pay for a regular pineapple, but I have a sneaking suspicion it is far less than this.)


You know me and my love of mini produce… so it took some self-control not to spontaneously purchase this!!  (The fact that the acid in pineapples [which I actually love] tends to give me canker sores may or may  not have been a contributing factor here.)

Oh, and in case it’s not coming to a location near you… winter appears to be very close at hand.  Sad.  And also just the right weather for this:


Coming from someone who should never eat hot food, this is kind of strange, but I love soup.  I always have.  And mushroom barley is one of my favorites.  Although it doesn’t need to be freezing outside in order for me to eat soup, so please keep a lid on the frigidity, thank you!

As I mentioned, Rosh Hashana starts tomorrow night; hence, I spent most of the evening in the kitchen cooking (instead of doing my school reading or even watching last night’s ANTM)… I cannot wait until I can arrange my own kitchen the way I please.  I spent ten minutes looking for the thyme, which wound up being underneath a bag of barley, a bag of beans, and two bags of egg noodles… my mom has this habit of just shoving things in, and it is extremely annoying.  Particularly if we already have one, and the old one isn’t moved to the front to be finished first.  Basic stocking rules, people.  Anyway.


maple roasted carrots

maple roasted carrots

asparagus quiche in a brown rice crust 

asparagus quiche in a brown rice crust

apple rice pilaf

apple rice pilaf

…And then the camera died, so no more pictures on that front.  I did actually fill both backpacks and took turns wearing them while I was cooking (and yes, I felt very stupid doing that), in order to see which is more comfortable.  Do I even need to say that I am still totally undecided?!  This is getting beyond ridiculous and beginning to verge on completely pathetic already.  I should just close my eyes and point, or something.

My therapist is riding the Medication Train again.  I find it rather ironic that we’re all about developing opportunities that enable me to make choices for myself, and here I have a choice, and a firm opinion for once in my life, and it seems to be worth nothing!  That and many other things could actually spur quite a lengthy Verbal Vomit session right here, but lucky for you, I am far too tired, and need to be at the lab in eight hours, so I will be quiet now.  It will suffice for me to say that I am a little bit freaked out over the holiday, and a lot a bit freaked out over school, and in a weird way I feel like I’m the only person on my little individual planet.  I should really name that planet.  Suggestions are welcome.

Have a great weekend!


12 responses to “Year Over.

  1. Sounds like you’re burned out. Get some rest chica! You would love my new earrings I bought yesterday. Dangly silver eiffel towers with diamonds. SO cute I thought of you. Have a great Friday!

  2. haha, those pineapples are cute >_< hang in there hun!

  3. sorry about the camera. i never liked store made salads, but i did make my own salads with the BORING-EST ingreds. your post just made me think…why? was that again?? yeah, now they are wayyy better. ive been introduced to a bunch of new things now…

    haha…love all things miniature too 🙂 but that includes mini prices too. so wayto fight the urge and pass up the gimmick with a 200% inflated price tag 🙂

  4. Shana tova umetuka !

  5. laurasworthlesswords

    Your salad looked good, nice and fresh :-). Your earings are beautiful as well, you seem to have some really nice ones.
    Ohh mini pineapples, I saw one of those in the supermarket, I wonder do they taste any different, like sweeter? Hmm supermarkets seems to take advantage of the novelty factor with mini fruits and bump the price way up.

    Its a tough choice with those backpacks but if there is very little between them maybe close your eyes and pick one or else if your like me you`ll never decide!

    Have a great weekend and make sure eto get some time to chill out! xoxo

  6. I’m in exactly the same situation as you with regard to my reading! Productivity seems to be evading me at the moment (hey, when doesn’t it?) Your plan of action seems great though…although a nice long nap should certainly be on the agenda. I’m always astounded by exactly how hard you work.

    Love the mini-pineapple. I can’t handle the bizarre acid/enzyme combinations in it either, but I can still enjoy it from an aesthetic perspective ; )

    Hope the holiday provides a little relief and relaxation for you, despite your reservations about it.



  7. fruitsveggieslife

    L’shanah tovah!

    I hope that this coming new year will bring you relaxation and relief from these stresses. 🙂

    Love you!

  8. Happy New Year, lady! Hope it brings you good health and happiness.

    I LOVE fall squash. Lovelovelove!

    Get some rest, my dear 🙂

  9. Your food is so beautiful! I wish I had half the cooking skills! And, so colorful! And, fun!

    My therapist is on the medication train, too, hard core. I had a severe hypoglycemic reaction to one and she wants me to try it again (noooo thank you!). I am trying to convince her to let me keep going w/ her session and group and such and then try it if I couldn’t function (apparently, she already thinks that). I also think that she thinks that I will eventually give in again (no time soon after last time)!

    Have a good New Year! Sending you thoughts of peace and happiness!

    I think you should keep both bags! Why not! Might be in the mood for one or the other one day (or if one breaks)! Or, you might need both one day!

  10. Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was enjoyable. Your food certainly looks enjoyable!! 🙂

    I, too, am a sucker for anything in miniature. I have paid the outrageous amount for the mini pineapple, however. I couldn’t eat it, though, because it was too cute… So I looked at it until it started to go… I’m a goof.

    Soup=best food. Love it. Could eat it every day. Twice a day.

  11. Mini pineapple is cute and all, but I would not pay a premium for it.

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