I DO like fresh pumpkin after all!

Remember my adorable little pumpkins? The ones which were presumably so shiny because that allegedly would keep them from rotting? Well, if that’s what the gloss was for, I have to say that it is highly ineffective! I’ve had a spaghetti squash on the counter for a few weeks, and it’s fine; I’ve had an acorn squash even longer than that, and it’s fine too. These pumpkins? Not so much. So I had to use them up ASAP. Hence…

romaine, chickpeas, roasted button mushrooms, roasted pumpkin

romaine, chickpeas, roasted button mushrooms, roasted pumpkin

Maybe the last time I had fresh pumpkin, it was just a “bad” one?  Either that, or the preparation method is really important, and you definitely can’t go wrong with roasting!!  And just for the hell of it, here’s what happened to my beautifully arranged piles, en route to work this morning…


Oh-so-sad.  What else is oh-so-sad (actually, it just annoys me) is that while this was really good, I didn’t get to enjoy it fully; I kind of had to gulp it down, because I went to the dive shop today to look into buying a wetsuit.  The guy I went to see?  Yeah, he wasn’t there, because apparently he doesn’t work Mondays.  So someone else was helping me, which was fine… but I hadn’t intended to try on all of these suits!  Wriggling into and out of skintight neoprene in a rather warm shop?  Not exactly the least time-consuming of activities.  Also not for the very body-conscious, but whatever.  As it turns out, I can’t get a wetsuit that will do double duty for the pool and ocean diving; so I’m thinking that maybe it makes more sense for me to just get a rash guard for now.

Anyway.  I was also really rushed because I had to leave work early today to get to class… it wasn’t actually my first day (see my initial freakout over that one here), but I had a week off because of Labor Day, and one of my professors canceled his first class, so for all intents and purposes it was the first day… for that class, at least.  Thanks for all the well wishes, either way!  They were much appreciated.

It was sort of okay, I guess.  I mean, it’s a lot of work.  I am insanely overwhelmed.  I am convinced I’m going to ruin everything and flunk out of grad school, but then I should remind myself that I thought that for my entire first year, and it didn’t happen.  I can do this.  It’s just really, really hard for me to balance everything out and accept that it’s impossible for me to do everything perfectly all the time… and that there are not enough hours in the day for me to do it all.  (Prioritizing = decision making = something at which I royally suck!)

Oh, and this is for Sarah, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve posted these before!


I’m hugely exhausted — I don’t know what it is about that school building, but I always leave tired and with a headache.  I think it just doesn’t have a very good ventilation system, and the fact that three hours are spent in a stuffy computer lab probably doesn’t help!  The only reason why I didn’t collapse into bed the moment I walked through my front door is because I had to make my lunch for tomorrow… which, of course, involved some roasting!  It’s okay, though, I guess, because I get to sleep a little later than usual tomorrow; my appointment with the endocrinologist is in the morning, so I’m going in late to work.  You think I might finally get to the bottom of why I’m so tired all the time?!

Just as a random little sidenote, check out this absolutely enormous blackberry!!  You can’t tell just how freakishly huge it really is, but it is like The Great Mutant Berry or something.  Yipe.


Have a great Tuesday!!


5 responses to “I DO like fresh pumpkin after all!

  1. I hope the endocrinologist is helpful, I know from experience that being a medical mystery sucks! Somehow it’s not so bad when there’s an explanation. Wow, that is a good blackberry 🙂 I have a pumpkin to eat too so I am going to take your suggestion and roast the first lot. Do you leave the skin on? It looks like it from your photo…which would definitely make preparing the thing a lot easier.

  2. Hopefully the appointment will give you an explanation for what you’re going through, but if not there is the possibility that you’re suffering from an element of burnout: stress has a huge effect on how tired you feel (high cortisol levels aren’t great for anyone!) and you are working like superwoman, as well as now having grad school added to that. There are so many worries and anxieites for you that I am astounded at how well you cope: the supervisor of my postgrad course actually wouldn’t award any scholarships to people who were intending to do the course full time and attemtping to work as well because she didn’t believe that they’d be able to last more than a month through the intense workload. On top of that, you’ve still got the added aspect of being underweight, which obviously puts a huge strain on your body anyway. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, cut yourself some slack! The only way you could possibly mess anything up is if the tendency to panic gets the better of you: I know this first hand!

    I know exactly what you mean about internal rooms being utterly draining: I always feel like I’ve got flu when I emerge, bleary-eyed from seminars/lectures. The combination of artificial lighting (no natural daylight) and little air to speak of is truly horrible.

    I’ve never liked fresh pumpkin, but the only way I’ve ever tried it was as soup (which was disgusting, tasteless, bland and bitter). You’ve inspired me to try roasting it now 🙂

  3. laurasworthlesswords

    I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. I find working for long periods of time in a room with a computer and artifical lighting can really make me feel bad, I think it puts a lot of strain on your eyes which can lead to a headache.

    You sounds ultra busy but remember as you said you made it through the first year you can do this again. Just be careful you dont try to do to much and end up burning yourself out, set out a plan of how you`ll do your work but also give yourself some time to do other things. You can do it 🙂

    That blackberry looks lovely, freakishly big!

  4. thats a FREAK a$$ blackberry! dang!

    love the packed lunch…glad the pumpkin was successdul. did you roast it in this cray cray summa heat? i have no desire to fire up the oven quite yet, but im going to try it soon now that youve proved they are in fact edible. haha. how did you hack into it exactly?

  5. Hee, hee! Thanks for the earring shot! I love all your jewelry!

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