Recap of Recent Events

What have I been up to of late? … not writing, evidently!  My word well has dried up, I guess.  That, and I’ve been too busy freaking out over various stupid things about which nobody wants to hear, least of all me, so it’s best if I keep quiet.  In that vein, I’ll let the pictures do the talking now… in no particular order, here is just a bit of the excitement that has been my life over the past few days.  (Insert dose of heavy sarcasm here… I know, I know, my life is just too thrilling for words!)

slipping into an elevator, resulting in carpet burn and ultimately bruised knees

slipping into an elevator, resulting in carpet burn and ultimately bruised knees

completing the Sunday crossword -- ON SUNDAY (yes!)

completing the Sunday crossword -- ON SUNDAY (yes!)

baking honey cakes... for a "sweet new year" (help)

baking honey cakes... for a "sweet new year" (help)

yoga burst with rodney yee

yoga burst with rodney yee

roasted broccoli stir-fry vegetables with asian dressing and soba noodles (there are closer to five servings in the package, not four...)

roasted broccoli stir-fry vegetables with asian dressing and soba noodles (there are closer to five servings in the package, not four...)

a package from POM Wonderful... thank you, Molly!!  (reviews to come)

a package from POM Wonderful... thank you, Molly!! (reviews to come)

ezekiel 4:9 original granola with warmed soymilk, (cold!) banana and cinnamon

ezekiel 4:9 original granola with warmed soymilk, (cold!) banana and cinnamon

Anyway, I’m sure that was just enthralling.  Some unphotographed moments (due to the fact that most of them took place over Friday night / Saturday, when I can’t use my camera): traipsing to my sister’s house through a deluge to surprise her because it’s her anniversary weekend (and a nephew’s birthday)… wearing a red poncho that makes me look like Little Red Riding Hood.  (To ward off the inevitable teasing, I brought it up first… by telling her Grandma, what big teeth you have.  Did the trick.)  Traipsed halfway across town to escort my brother-in-law’s niece home, not because I wanted to burn an extra half a calorie, but because it was a nice thing to do.  Confirmed that the boat from China docked, and the containers with my book were unloaded.  Also got the same form email as last time from Canon re: my camera.  Ate some freakishly huge leaves from my “radish garden,” though there are no radishes in sight.  Found out we had an unexpected guest, one who kept leaving the top up on the ice dispenser… which is better than the toilet seat.  Caught up on Season 13 of America’s Next Top Model: I am a shameless addict.  (And I want to know this: if this season is for girls 5’7 and under, and it’s generally open only to those 5’8 and over, what happens to us poor souls who are between 5’7 and 5’8?  Lost in the shuffle?  How very unfair.)

And this is the biggie: Realized that this Friday night is Rosh Hashana.

I do such an astoundingly thorough job of being in denial that I honestly did not realize it was coming this soon.  All that food?  All those people?  For such an extended period of time?  Not my idea of fun.  I actually firmly believe that holidays — ALL holidays — were strictly designed with kids in mind.  Of course.  They get all the fun, the adults get all the work!  Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again, just for a couple of days, so that I can experience loving holidays again instead of dreading them.

And I’m also in a state of hysteria — extremely controlled hysteria, but hysteria nonetheless — because it’s back to school tomorrow.  I’d elaborate, but just thinking about it makes me dizzy.

Hope your week starts out on a great foot!


12 responses to “Recap of Recent Events

  1. ha, I hadn’t thought of that regarding ANTM! I’m 5’7.75 I believe (I only really know in metric!) so will be angry with you 😀
    no worries about the X-word…I love them too. shameless addict. and your handwriting is FAR neater than mine!
    I hope tomorrow goes ok and the worry is unnecessary 😉

  2. I love that yoga dvd! Shoot me an email if you ever want other suggestions!

    I have a serious addiction to TextTwist and Suduko. Borderline unhealthy 🙂 But fun!

    I hope tomorrow goes well for you!

    Thanks for the comment about my letter 🙂 Haha, working on part 2 of my assignment now!

  3. I am forever bruising my knees too, so I can relate. 😦

    ANTM is an absolute joke. When I did modeling people used to ask me about it and that’s what I’d tell them! To be a model you have to be 5’9″ and over, and because I’m just 5’9″ I was considered short. Most models now are ridiculously tall– literally 6 feet! I know, because I’ve seen them in person… besides, how many winners of that show have actually become “top models?” None.

  4. mmm I have forever bruised knees from years of volleyball!

    congrats on finishing the sunday crossword! that’s a big to-do man!

  5. I am soo addicted to antm, it’s quite sad haha.. but I do admit that this season is kinda pointless, I mean in real life I doubt those girls will ever get booked, ya know? Maybe for like commercial or something, though

  6. best of luck on your first day of school tomorrow, my dear! Yeah, everyone has a bit of hysteria…but at least you can control it. Hope you enjoy!

  7. laurasworthlesswords

    I love antm as well, it starts over here tonight 🙂 I didnt realise they had lower the height limit though, interesting.

    All the best with your first day at school, I always find the first week or so a bit crazy till you get settled in.

  8. Fellow ANTM addict here ~ oh, to be 5″7.5…growing four inches overnight would be a dream.

    Good luck with school ~ I’d be very suprised if you aren’t the brightest one there anyway and any other problems will hopefully get ironed out once you’ve established a routine…the first few weeks are always the worst.

    I’ll be thinking of you


  9. I’m quite happy being short, I wouldn’t want to be a model – you couldn’t pay me enough to be anorexic for my entire career 😛
    I hope your Monday has gotten off to an OK start, I agree with Jessica that the first couple of weeks are always the worst! Changing between routines is hard work. Aw, your poor knees too! I hope they heal up soon 🙂

  10. Sorry you fell! Poor legs.

    I really should bake some of those honey cakes… I’m heading to my boyfriend’s house (sans boy… wish me luck!) for the holidays and I want to impress!

  11. Man, Katie ^ and I think alike. I was just going to say I should bake some honey cakes! (Me n Miss LVP had big plans a while back to make a Russian version, but we never did 😦 ).

    Good luck with your first day of school. I am sure that it will go fine, no matter what you think right now. Just try to let the little things go….
    Did you decide on a backpack yet? THAT would drive me bonkers!
    (Also, I do hope to see your first-day-earrings choice…)

  12. how was school? those honey cakes look good. sorry you fell, at least you know where the bruises are from. i’m always trying to guess what i did to get the blue/black spots all over my legs 😦

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