I Hate Insurance

Well.  I don’t know whether to rant and rave first, or dump all the pictures on you.  I think I’ll go with the ranting and raving, to get it out of the way!

My health insurance is a group policy that I get through work. As such, I waive the student health insurance offered by my school, because I don’t need to be doubly insured, do I?! Anyway, over the weekend I received a letter from the health department of my school, all about the insurance policy that they offer and its benefits… I was worried that this meant that I hadn’t waived it, so I called to double-check. I left a message to which I never received a response. However, I did get a letter in the mail today from the insurance company; with an insurance card!! On top of that, I also got an email from the school today telling me that the waiver deadline is September 25, so I am completely confused now. I tried to waive, and was denied because I’m no longer on my parents’ plan. I don’t see why that matters — I wasn’t on their plan last year either, and it isn’t like I’m uninsured! So I tried again, supplying the exact same answers, and it was accepted pending approval. I am still hopelessly lost.  (And freaking out about school all over again, but that kind of goes without saying!)

I’m sure that nobody doubts my ability to spew far more verbal vomit than that; but I’m just too lazy right now. So I’ll jump ahead to some pictures for a bit.

Just a little note on the barbecue … it was fine, I guess. I stayed far away from my triggering niece, which makes me kind of mean, but that’s too bad. I’m sure she was just crushed. (Note the sarcasm.)

These are some of the dead animals that everyone else enjoyed. 😉


Since I’ve made French toast out of waffles, don’t you think I ought to make waffles out of French toast too? 😉 Yet again, the genius that is me forgot to spray the waffle iron… but I did so after saving what I could of the first piece, which I hid at the bottom of the pile. :p


Salad with romaine, roasted Birdseye Italian Blend vegetables (which they don’t seem to make anymore, as I couldn’t find it on Birdseye’s website!… add it to my list), and tofu… I will spare you my ramblings on the adventures I encountered in the preparation of the tofu. And I will also be completely honest and state that I am rather mortified by the sheer volume of it, and then I will shut up about it. (But first I will add that I am currently in love with roasting vegetables with seasoned salt.)


Lightlife chick’n strips (marinated in Asian dressing) and brown rice… my blood pressure shoots up if I even think of the sodium content in this, I tell you!

This is a very, very sad occasion indeed, because I probably won’t be having fresh berries again for a good nine or so months… it isn’t worth paying the exorbitant price out of season, because they tend to not even taste very good!


I have some product reviews, too… try to contain your joy!

Ruthie said this was wonderful, so when I finished a box of cereal, I bought this to replace it! Whole Foods’ 365 Organic Peanut Butter Pows (apologies for the crazy angle of the picture):


First I made a huge mess by managing to spill some of it all over the countertop. Go, me! Then I finally tried it… oh, my goodness. It is loaded with peanut butter flavor! Actually, it tastes very similar to Nature’s Path peanut butter granola, but it’s not quite so “heavy,” so it’s easier to stomach first thing in the morning.

Musselman’s Lite Orange Mango Fruit ‘N Sauce


I am constantly confounded by the fact that I so often like mango-flavored things, since I don’t actually like mango! But I loved this; it might be my favorite flavor so far! It was sweet, but not too sweet; and the texture was just right… smooth and only the tiniest bit “chunky.”


Aunt Trudy’s Eggplant & Roasted Pepper fillo pocket sandwich … clearly, it doesn’t exactly resemble the picture on the box, but these things never do, right?!
I have no business eating hot food. Inevitably, I manage to burn my mouth on it. Which is why I microwaved this and allowed at least ten minutes for it to cool. Do you think it made any difference? Of course not. My palate is not happy in that it’s burned; it is, however, pleased with the taste of this, which is subtly spicy. And I love fillo dough in general… but the first few times I had this, I tried to use a fork and knife. Didn’t work too well because the dough would just flake away and leave me with a pile of mush. (A tasty pile of mush, but not very visually appealing!) I prefer using utensils to eating with my hands, but in this case, hands are the way to go!

On the agenda for the next week: I absolutely must find time to go to my “local dive shop” and do some proper research on getting one of these.

I have no idea why I used the dive shop I did; while I was very happy with them, they’re way up- and crosstown from where I work, and so it’s quite a hike for me to get there.  And there is apparently another shop just around the corner and a couple of blocks down!!  How could I have missed that?!?! … Anyway, the reason why it is so imperative that I get moving on this is because the pool was was 69 degrees tonight, again.  The water in the showers was pretty cold, too; though after the pool it actually felt quite warm!

Tomorrow is not supposed to be warm, really… this makes me sad.  But I hope you all have a great Wednesday!


10 responses to “I Hate Insurance

  1. The insurance thing sounds unnecessarily confusing, I really hope you get it sorted out! I could and so would eat that salad, it doesn’t look so big to me 😛 anyway, volume counts for very little. Eating half a kilo of lettuce is not the same as eating half a kilo of chocolate (I did that once too, at Easter when I was 13. I felt very ill!). I’m glad the barbecue went OK 🙂

  2. Yay for volume! Doesn’t matter about the amount ~ it’s just veggies and tofu, the calorie equivalent of about three french fries. That’s the beauty of such healthy food. I would have probably eaten two of them.

    Those peanut butter pows look like just the sort of cereal I would enjoy…and I love anything mango-related (real or otherwise)

    I don’t think you should feel guilty for staying away from your neice if it kept your mood more stable. Sometimes you just need to put yourself first (something which I don’t think you do enough of…and I probably do too much!)

    Hope the insurance thing works out…people truly are idiots when it comes to administrative issues.

  3. grrrr. sorry about the annoying insurance issues. i def am dealing with my own share of probs seeing how many phys therapy sessions my insurance covers, etc. blaahhhh.

    i have NO patience, and ALWAYS burn my mouth on hot things. :/

  4. laurasworthlesswords

    Your insurance sounds rather confusing, I get confused with stuff like all the time I really think people can make a sticky mess of stuff like that.

    Your salad looked delicious and not big at all, vegetables just make things look bigger. I wouldnt feel guilty about staying away from your niece, if you find that she may trigger you then think of yourself and just keep away. I avoid people and situations I may find triggery, you’ve got to look out for yourself.


  5. haha. i’m not crazy about mangos either but always like mago flavored things. it is very odd. the cereal and the fillo things look tasty. i’ll have t keep my eyes open. insurance companies suckby nature. i dread having to call my company and i usually will call several times about the same thing only to recieve different answers. wtf!?!

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