They can be rude.  I assume this is primarily because they have not yet developed tact.  Granted, many people fail to ever develop that; but children are always absolutely honest and uncensored.  Knowing this is probably why this stupid little encounter upset me so much.

One of my nephews asked me yesterday, “Why do you eat so much?”  It was totally out of left field, because nobody actually was eating at the time… and when I mentioned this to my sister (because, like I said, it did upset me, and I just wanted to vent it out of my system), she started chiding me for allowing myself to take personally the random things a three-year-old says.  (Though, for the record, she had the wrong kid; it was actually a seven-year-old.  But whatever.)  Yes, I’m overly sensitive.  I’m sorry!!

Making this even more fun is the fact that my brother’s birthday is tomorrow, and we’re having a barbecue.  Eh.  Did I really need a reason to feel more self-conscious eating in front of people?!  I don’t think this is going to work very well… sigh.  Okay.  Moving on.

Last night I got together with a couple of my friends and we played a game called Smart Ass.  We had a whole pile of games to choose from, but we obviously chose this one because of the name… it was too amusing to resist!  I like games like that — they actually “make use” of a bunch of random knowledge accumulated from who-knows-where.  (One of the answers, which was actually supplied by me, was “Acropolis.”  I don’t even remember the question, because I have no idea how I even knew the answer!!)  Good practice for Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?  Heh.

Anyway… I think that’s about all the “excitement” I can handle for the moment!!  Some pictures should take care of the rest of you.  😉


Green cauliflower, roasted with garlic salt.  I wanted to buy orange cauliflower again, but Whole Foods only had boring white… of all the nerve!!  Happily, I did find a store that had the green and purple, though the purple was all icky.  I didn’t really mind — because it saved me the agony of having to make a decision!  (In case you’re wondering, the orange is vastly superior to the green.  In my opinion!)


I found these in the same store — aren’t they adorable?!  I just couldn’t resist buying them, even though I don’t particularly like pumpkin.  I’ll find something to do with them, I suppose… in the meantime, I can just enjoy their cuteness.


Wrap with raw corn, alfalfa sprouts, and hummus… I saved some of the corn that didn’t fit in the wrap so that my mom could taste it (the men in this house are hopeless when it comes to trying new things, unless said new thing is greasy / cholesterol-laden / sugar-filled / etc.)… she does not agree with me that raw corn is way better than cooked.  Hmph.  Oh, well!


Spaghetti squash with Lightlife Smart Tex Mex — I wanted to try this combo a few weeks back, but I just got around to it.  It worked quite well, if I do say so myself.  The grilled portabello mushrooms are there just because, well, I felt like it!  (Though I do have to say that for some reason, grilling them on the Foreman makes an awful mess.)

I also baked a birthday cake for my brother today…


I’d show you a picture of the inside (which is bound to be extremely unexciting), but he isn’t home yet, and you are supposed to cut your own birthday cake!

Oh, and by the way?  I really want one of these, as I seem to be incapable of growing lettuce the “conventional” way.

I’m getting this really irritating feeling that I’m forgetting something very important… I get that feeling from time to time, and I assume that it’s usually baseless, since nothing really terrible has ever happened as a result.  But it is still disconcerting, and it makes me feel like I’m wasting time because I’m not doing this really important thing, but how can I — I don’t even know what it is!!

Have a happy Monday — enjoy your Labor Day!  (Day off from work?!  Good by me.)


8 responses to “Kids.

  1. i totally feel you on how kids are sooo rude at times. i had a kid tell me i was fat. ugh that was the worst to tell someone that has an ED. kids also told me my teeth were yellow…and other DEGRADING things….you just gotta let it roll off your back like water. that was a bad analogy. cheer up tho! you’re not the only one it’s happened too!

  2. Kids ARE rude, humph. I still giggle about the one who told me that my heart monitor was ‘sooo last year’ 😛 I am sorry he upset you ❤
    Oh pumpkin jealousy – mine isn't all shiny like that! How unfair!
    I hope the barbecue goes ok x

  3. And people ask me why I don’t like (okay, hate) kids. I once had a nine-year old ask me why I was ‘so tall’ and was extremely confused until I realised that she thought I was the same age as her. Then she had a huge shouting match with me telling me that I WAS nine and I was a liar. Charming little brat, she was. And the problem is that you can’t stand up to them or tell them where to go like you would another adult without incurring the wrath of their parents. I can completely understand why a comment like that would upset you, but the amount (as in, what it looks like on the plate) that you eat is irrelevant because almost everything you have is so naturally low in calories that just because it *looks* like a lot (to a seven year old that is) it’s still well below the calories of a ‘regular’ meal. There’s barely anything in cauliflower, mushrooms, pumpkin or spaghetti squash…’90% water’ as my Mum would say.

    I love those games too…although I get a bit too competitive and pouty when I lose ; )

    Hope you’re enjoying your day off : )

  4. Kids say the most random things… I kind of like it to be honest. Not in regards to the comment you got (I would be upset too) but I just like how they say exactly what they think, rather than what they feel that they SHOULD say, you know?

    What kind of wraps do you use? I need to try raw corn. Soon. Because summer is over 😦

    ENJOY the BBQ. Or else 😛

  5. eek I know what you mean, kids can say some bizarre things. my brother does it all the time, and he’s 8 so a similar age. I agree that kids are honest but they also don’t think about context or logic…eg that kid who said you eat a lot might have thought you ate a lot of vegetables or something! I know my brother has told me anything from ‘why are you so bony’ to ‘why do you eat so many snacks’…it’s just whatever pops into his head at the time 😛
    I hope the barbecue goes ok, that cake you made looks great anyway!

  6. i LOVE those cute lil pumpkins. i dont think they are meant to be eaten thought, right? i thought they were just early indicators that fall was officially upon us.

    happy birthday to your bro. what a gorg cake!

    ooo spagh squash – it really IS fall!!

  7. I don’t like children. I prefer pets. lol 😉

  8. Funny, my cousin says the same things to me, too! Must be a little boy thing.

    I’ve been craving corn recently, and I love that you put it in a wrap with sprouts (my new obsession)! Gotta try that.

    Pretty birthday cake! I haven’t baked one in so long… it’s time.

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