Sucks To Be Right

So it looks like I was right.  Apparently, somehow my brain just knows if my body has lost weight, and for reasons I cannot figure out, that has a positive effect on my mood.  As in, I feel “happier.”  This is all incredibly frustrating for a million and one reasons.

Obviously, I did wind up going to see my nutritionist last night.  She got this fancy-pants new digital scale that calculates BMI and all that jazz… I’m not very pleased about that, I don’t think!  I absolutely don’t want to be a slave to the scale; I’d be beyond thrilled to never get on one again.  But something just rubs me the wrong way about having someone else see my weight while I don’t.  What do you think about “blind weights”?  (Personally, in this instance, I think it might be counterproductive… because if I weigh myself, I’m probably just going to get all obssessive over doing it every. single. day. whereas if I just look at her scale, it would only be once a week.  But what do I know, right?!)

Anyway, this would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic, but she practically doubled my calories again.  Why am I such an impossible freak?? — There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground with me.  Up the calories, I gain and don’t stop; drop them a little, and the process reverses itself.  I don’t want to be eating a crazy number of calories, but I also don’t want to have to stress out about it!  What I want is to be able to eat whatever, whenever, and not even think about it.  Bliss.

Sorry about that.  Moving on.

I’m still on a Finish the Peanut Butters crusade, though I suspect I’m fighting a losing battle.  Good thing I don’t care that much about eating peanut butter that’s a couple of months “expired.”


I’d like to point out that much of the blue here is not actually makeup — it is because I am tired and sleep-deprived.  At least it matches… IMG_0314



In the not-so-good-news department… look what came for me in the mail yesterday:


This is not such good news because when I replaced the battery and memory card, I immediately took a picture using flash… and it still smokes!  Of course, I called Canon right away, and I’m sending it back to them again, but really… this is getting to be kind of ridiculous.


I found this in my basement — and I have definitely had one before.  As I’m not a particular fan of hazelnuts, I don’t know why I have another one… but there weren’t TOO many hazelnuts in this one, which was good.  I think I ought to try making my own Jocalat bars using no nuts at all… I’m guessing that I should use dried dates for this??

Review, as promisedThai Peanut Primal Strips:



Texture-wise, it’s pretty much the same as the Texas BBQ flavor.  Taste-wise, it’s got a little bit of a kick — not too much, but enough so that it’s noticeable!


Soba noodles (halfway through the package, Ellie!)  with broccoli stir-fry vegetables… cold!  I cooked the vegetables with soy sauce, but I stupidly tossed it with the noodles in a colander, so it definitely needed some more “liquid” … but it was still good!

On my way home today, I saw a really cool moon.  I tried to take a picture of it, but this camera is obviously not meant for such things!


Maybe I am crazy — most people seem to think I am — but I am telling you that I can see craters on the surface of the moon!!

I am also extremely indecisive.  I saw this in Target the other day, and since I live in thermal shirts and sweatshirts all winter long, I wanted to get a couple of them because I have an impossible time finding thermal shirts that fit properly and are comfortable!  Don’t even ask what agonies were involved in deciding which colors to get… I wound up buying the wave crest and summer pink, but I was still thinking of exchanging them or whatever… and it makes no difference what color it is, since I’m going to be wearing a sweatshirt over it anyway!!  How on earth am I supposed to make “big” decisions when I can’t even come to a conclusion with regard to such stupid petty things??

Actually, that could bring me to another whole post’s worth of verbal vomit.  I’ll save it.

Have a great long weekend!


8 responses to “Sucks To Be Right

  1. At least you KNOW now…yeah, the extra calories isn’t a walk in the park, but you know the spiel. I never had great success with blind weights because I weighed myself at home, but if you don’t do that… I would say it’s worth it. Because really? It’s majorly messing with your head.

    SUCKS about the camera! Oy. I think they should just send you a new one? Another blogger had similar problems and sent it back 5 times before they replaced it 😦

    RE jocolat- don’t think it would be the same without nuts. You could try oats and make a breakfast cookie/dried fruit-type thing maybe? Or you could use almonds, cashews, etc.

    Yay Soba! udon next?!!!!!!

  2. Ack, sorry about the increase. Maybe your nutritionist got you to cut out too much all at once last time? Sometimes it can be a really fine balance between gaining/maintaining/losing. I have never done blind weights but I can see the advantages/disadvantages. Maybe worth giving it a try?
    Sorry about the camera! I hope it gets mended properly this time. How annoying!
    I’m really indecisive too, if you could see me trying to choose between colours of long sleeved tops you’d think I was thinking about something which was going to drastically change my life 😛

  3. At least now you know that the thyroid issue you had, well…isn’t an issue in terms of weight gain and you should be able to maintain on a higher amount of calories than you originally thought. I’ve never been in that situation, but blind weighing would be very difficult for me ~ I’d be begging the person to know the number and would resent the shift in power balance. Really, you have to work out whether not knowing would be more damaging and frustrating than knowing, and although I’ve ditched the scales it has resulted in far more body checking and trying on different clothes multiple times to try and discern whether I’ve gained or not. It also depends on whether your default setting is ‘I’ve gained’ on a level bordering paranoia. But it’s certainly amazing that you stick to a set amount of calories with total control, no matter what goal you’re set…yeesh, I wish I could do that…seriously, that must alleviate some of the fears you have with regard to weight because you’ll never go out of control?

    I feel like such a slob looking at your immaculate make-up…perhaps if you saw a Canon representative in person you could flutter your eyelashes and be inundated with free cameras from him (or even her!?) It is ridiculous about the camera though…modern technology eh?

    I can’t make decisions about anything either; big, small or anything in between. Then once I’ve made the decision I’ll waste all my emotional energy worrying that it was the wrong one. When they gave us optional modules at Uni it was nightmarish…I changed my option FIVE times before returning to the one I chose originally/in the first place.

    If you don’t like those Jocolats I’d be happy to take any future purchases of them off your hands ; )

    Trite or otherwise, your comment was much appreciated : )

  4. Chin up, my dear. Hope you get some sleep (although your eyes do look lovely) and have a great labor day!

    (I don’t like Jocolats, either.)

  5. laurasworthlesswords

    Getting your calorie intake right can be quite difficult to balance sometimes, it just takes a bit of hit or miss and experimenting before you get it right at times.
    I have never done the blind weighing thing, the curiousity get to me to much and I wouldnt be able to avoid weighing myself elsewhere such as home and then that would defeat the whole purpose! I do see the advantages of it though, if you can manage to not weigh yourself elsewhere then it could help, sometimes I know my mood can end up being changed just by that number on the scale which isnt how things should be.

    Your necklace is just stunning,I love the design and colours they are beautiful.

    Im incredibely indecisive as well, even down to the most stupid things like what pair of socks to wear, at the end of the day no-ones going to see them so why should it matter? So I can feel your frustration there!

    Have a great weekend, xoxox

  6. are you freakin serious! how could cannon do that? you’re telling me that the fixed it but then didn’t test it to make sure it worked. i would be POed. get all crazy on them and maybe they’ll give you some free stuff-lol. your eyes look very pretty, even sleep deprived. sorry about the bad??? news at the nutritionists. one good thing is it does seem like you are in tune with your body since you foretold the outcome. keep your head up.

  7. Just wanted to tell you that your eyes are beautiful! I can’t believe that about your camera! I have a very similar one and they were nothing but helpful–haha even when my display went upside down and backwards!

    I think it is amazing that you question your body when it feels happy about weighing less. About blind weights….I do them at one certain doctor (the ED one) , I’ve asked other drs to do them to, but they never do. I’ve found it helpful in that I have to “let” someone else know but then not helpful in that I do obsess over what it says.

    Keep being amazing 🙂


  8. Did you know that the Chinese thought those craters in the moon is a rabbit and a woman? They have a whole story and festival celebrating it. I know. Crazy.

    Sorry abt the weight loss. Don’t be deluded by the feeling of “happiness” from it. It’s crap, and you gain NOTHING out of it. I guess the “good” thing abt the double of calories is that you won’t have to do that for long? Hang on there, sweetie.

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