It’s just a day of birth!!

Thank you for all of the compliments on my hair!!  I do have to say that while it is naturally curly in that I don’t need to use a curler to achieve the curls, it definitely requires quite a bit of “upkeep.”  As in, prior to my discovery of Ouidad, if I did anything to my hair other than beat it into submission by pulling it back and using copious amounts of products (read: highly flammable head), I would end up with an afro, for lack of a better word.  Actually, that would still happen.  It’s why I pay such an insane amount of money for my hair… I figure that I already spent way too many years looking like an electrocuted Q-tip!  (Though at the moment, I’m wondering if I should just give up on that for a while and pull a paper bag over my head.  My skin is not making me happy.)

Backtracking a couple of days… Friday was raw.  It’s still August!!  But it was rainy and windy and cold, and my poor feet screamed in protest at the mere thought of wellies… so I dug out these instead in a slightly misguided attempt at keeping my feet dry.


It didn’t really work that well… I still had slightly wet feet, and the frigid temperature in the office didn’t make that too pleasant.  I believe that the mercury has dropped enough that even though it’s not December yet, they can turn off the air conditioning!!  Or at least turn it down.  But I suppose that makes too much sense.  Oh, well.  In the name of “matchy-matchy” …


Clearly, I went through a “star” phase at some point.  Could be worse!

When I got home from work, I did the rounds… callling all three Targets in the area to find out if they had in stock the containers that I wanted.  The last one I called — the furthest from where I live — had one left, and they said it wasn’t possible for them to hold it for me.  So I ran out all helter-skelter to get there ASAP.  When I saw the box on the shelf, I all but dashed over to it like a crazy person so that it shouldn’t literally be snatched up from right under my nose!!


Aren’t they so pretty and colorful?!  😉  (Yes, I took this picture in my car… I was excited!!  I know that this is rather pathetic.  Sue me.)  I was still trying to decide which set best suits my purposes — because this one doesn’t have the smaller, half-cup containers — but considering that I already have some smaller containers, and that I went through so much aggravation to get this set, I think I ought to stick with it!  (I returned the Bed Bath & Beyond containers today, and already packed tomorrow’s lunch into one of these, so I guess that takes care of that.  ;))

Blame that aggravation on this next move of sheer brilliance.  I don’t know how a company feels justified in marketing a waffle maker as one with “nonstick plates” when they clearly are not!  I was still all frazzled, and so I forgot to spray the plates first.  Whoops.  Guess it will take another try to get “pretty” waffles!!


I had to beautify them on my own this time, I suppose…


I’m really starting to like my brother’s camera, now that we’ve gotten better acquainted… and I was getting excited at the prospect of getting a new one!  But I got an e-mail from Canon; apparently they’re going to fix my camera, free of charge, and send it back, also free of charge.  While this is good news, it’s too bad that I won’t be getting a new camera just yet!  I’m wondering if maybe I ought to play around with the ISO on my camera… maybe it would make a difference?

To replace the victims of my apparent sock killing, I bought these.


I am a total geek, I will admit.  But I loved these because they’re so… colorful!  And nobody can even tell that they’re anything but black from the tiny bit that would peek out from a sneaker / shoe.  Yay!

Saturday night, my parents gave me the mysterious birthday gift… well, it wasn’t a mystery to me, but it was to the rest of you!  😉



Don’t mind the reflection of the cabinets in the screen… that thing is seriously shiny!!  (It’s a Dell Inspiron Mini… no more lugging a clunky laptop around when I travel!  Whoo!)

Today was actually my “real” birthday — well, depends whom you ask, I suppose.  But I was born on this day in the month of August, so make of that what you will.  😉  I “celebrated” by cleaning my room.  Whee!  I just didn’t want to deal with the clutter and all, what with classes starting again… *cue sobs*  I also had some culinary excitment…

I’ve tried white cauliflower, purple cauliflower, and broccoflower.  But despite my best efforts, I was never able to find orange cauliflower.  Until now!  I uncovered this treasure in Whole Foods on Friday.


I roasted it with seasoned salt and minced garlic.  I just love it how the simplest “recipes” turn out to be the most fantastic!


I may have eaten the entire head.  All by myself.  Yikes.

In other culinary adventures, after I mentioned that I had never tried Indian food before, Ellie sent me a pretty simple recipe for lentil dahl.  I made a couple of (very minor!) changes, but it probably still looks the same…


Oh, well, in looking through my memory card I found that I apparently took a picture of the earrings I put on this morning.  I forgot about that.  Old age is getting to me.  😉


I’m trying to think of what to do to avoid getting all depressed about classes starting again… the idea of a bath is very appealing, except that after three minutes, I get bored!  I wonder if a book would solve that problem… hmmm.  And I do have a yoga DVD I wanted to try… DVDs get sucked into some sort of vortex in my room.  I mean, they’re there, but I just never seem to get around to them!!  It’s kind of an irritating habit, even to me.

Okay, I’ve really babbled on long enough!!  Just a very quick verbal vomit: school is starting tomorrow.  I am freaking out.  The end.

Have a beautiful Monday!


14 responses to “It’s just a day of birth!!

  1. Gorgeous earrings! I love accessories so much. Don’t worry about school. You’ll be fine! I started last week and I’m trying not to stress by all the assts. but you gotta do what you gotta do. We’ll make it!

  2. i LOVE the star covered kicks 🙂

    btw im ALL about the mega sock purchases…i went to H&M last week with my sis and the only thing i left with was a sh!t ton of socks haha.

  3. Oh! My! God! Green waffles! Be still, my heart…Now if only they were green tea!

    And electrocuted Q-tip!!! WAHAHAHAH! you never fail to crack me up, you! I LOVE you to bits!

  4. Have a greeeeetttt birthday! (or, I hope you had a great birthday!)

    Haha I totally understand the electrocuted QTip….I have curly hair that I now straighten. I have given up! I look like Bozo the Clown on crack 🙂

  5. I love socks, lol. LOVE the computer! They ordered it from China?..

    Man, your lentils look really good. Mine always look like a big gloopy mess!

    Hope school goes well 🙂

  6. Ooh, I have star earring just like that! Wow, orange cauliflower…you get the most interesting vegetables, Britain is definitely deficient on that front. Happy birthday for yesterday! The computer is really cute, it looks like my Dell’s baby, hehe. If you’re a geek I must be one too, I get excited about socks and food containers as well 😛
    I hope your first day back at school goes ok ❤

  7. I finally have enough socks, but somehow I still am wearing the same underwear that I had in eighth grade. Don’t judge.

    I am all over that orange cauliflower! Must find.

  8. Wow, I’ve never even heard of orange cauliflower. Glad you liked it!

    Those containers are the bomb dot com. I like the snap n seal action, and since they’re color-coded you can find the top and bottom easily!

    And… I know you’re not into birthdays, but I hope you had a nice one. At the very least, your room is clean, now, right? 😛

  9. haha loving the matching start earrings and shoes! hehe How fun!

    And happy birthday!!! Soundsl ike you had some fun and got a pretty neato gift…that computer looks awesome!

    AND OMG GREEN WAFFLES! Those look to die for and I want some NOW!

  10. Happy Birthday : ) That’s such a cute little laptop and I’m so happy it seems to have gone well for you!

    Hehe, I went through a ‘star’ phase with clothes/jewellery too (back in ye olde days when I made more of an effort with clothes/fashion lol), which shortly preceeded my ‘skull’ phase…you do have such lovely taste in earrings though.

    Those waffles look pretty darn appetising to me, and I am exceedingly jealous of your orange cauliflower (and your digestion! My tummy would kill me if I ate a head of cauliflower…NOT due to the amount, just because of the fibre content)

    I am freaking out over school too: two more weeks for me. Just remember *deep, slow, cleansing breaths* as my own Yoga DVDs like to say.


    P.S we have the same socks…I’m a sucker for anything multicoloured because then I can organise a system whereby I have a certain colour for a certain day of the week. Oh yeah, I am that sad/anal.

  11. try not to freak chick. that never helps. just breath and know that you ill move any mountain in your way. good luck with school. i loved all the color in this post. even, or ESPECIALLY the cauliflower 🙂

  12. haha loving the matching start earrings and shoes! hehe How fun!

    And happy birthday!!! Soundsl ike you had some fun and got a pretty neato gift…that computer looks awesome!

    AND OMG GREEN WAFFLES! Those look to die for and I want some NOW!;. All the best!!

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