Took Me Out To The Ballgame

To make my life easier I am just going to go through the day in chronological order!  So… first of all, I bought this on Sunday, based on the reasoning that it is more financially sound for me to make my own waffles rather than buying frozen all the time.  (Probably healthier too, and only an extra couple of minutes’ prep if I use a mix!)


Can I just say?  When the instruction manual states, “Do not overfill,” they mean it.  The waffle on the right side was done, but the one on the left side was not, and so when I opened the iron, half of it stuck to the top and half of it stuck to the bottom.  I closed it again in the hopes that the halves would re-attach themselves to each other, but … yeah, let me just say, the result was not very pretty!  Pardon the messy waffles in the picture.  I am going to re-try this soon and follow the directions properly!!


Thank goodness for the syrup / sauce … thanks to the oversized half, the other one was far too well-done and so it needed to get a bit soggy!!  (They’re whole wheat banana waffles, in case you care.  :p)

Before I get into the day itself, I’ll throw a couple of promised reviews at you!


Whole Foods carrot chips and Texas BBQ Primal Strips.


One thing about me: I love salt.  A lot.  Salt and crunch?  Awesome combination.  Way back when I had my first period of “recovery,” I probably gained the bulk of my weight back on such vegetable chips alone!  I don’t like that they’re greasy, but, well, that’s to be expected.  They don’t exactly taste like carrots, per se, but they have a nice subtle sweetness to them.  And they’re just the type of food that terrify me that “once you pop, you can’t stop” … eek!


I bought this on a whim because I happened to catch a glimpse of them as I was waiting in line at Whole Foods.  I love the idea of portable protein that doesn’t require refrigeration!  I’m not crazy about the sodium content, but that’s to be expected; it is “jerky,” after all.  I feared for my jaw / teeth, given my last experience with vegetarian jerky.  This wasn’t like that at all.  Taste-wise, it was pretty similar, but it wasn’t so hard to chew!  Don’t get me wrong; it’s not exactly easy on the jaw, and post-consumption, floss is advised.  But for what it is, I can’t complain.

Eventually, I found myself here…


…where I spent a lot of money.  Ouch, ouch, and ouch.  I really love my stylist, though!  You’d think that she would get all confused between clients, especially since I can’t afford to go as often as I should, but she remembers me every time.


I had some time to kill before I had to meet my dad, so I went through a bit of a second childhood.


It was an absolutely gorgeous day for baseball… sunny, but not too hot!  We had pretty good seats, too.  Well, until the guy in front of me kept bobbing his head into his enormous bucket of buttered popcorn.  (Which cost twelve dollars.  And by the way?  I hate the smell of buttered popcorn.  Anyway.)


I was not at all pleased with the outcome of this game.  We actually left in the middle of the ninth inning, because we decided to at least avoid the subway crush.  Which turned out to have been a sound decision… but even though I was annoyed, it was still infinitely preferable to being at work!!  I could definitely get used to this… I do, however, wish that my endocrinologist appointment was sooner, because it significantly cuts down on the fun factor of life when you’re half-asleep through almost everything that happens.  Not to mention that I’m really worried about starting school in a zombie state!!

Back home again, I created my own version of a soba noodle stir-fry… possible stepping stone to “the real thing”?  Who knows.  I used buckwheat soba noodles and a can of stir fry vegetables (baby corn, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and bean sprouts)… and Asian dressing because the restaurant says theirs has an Asian sauce!  I obviously have no basis for comparison here, but it was pretty good.  If enormous!


…This post technically isn’t “finished” (no verbal vomit?!  WHAT?!), but since I went to the supermarket with my mom and just got back crazy late, and old lady needs to sleep, it will have to do.  I’m happy to report that I managed to find the most adorable small spaghetti squashes … I bought two, because it’s so hard to find spaghetti squash that size!

Even though it’s my least favorite day of the week — TGIF tomorrow!!  I have grand plans to sleep through the entire weekend, but given the enormous pile of magazines awaiting my attention, I have a feeling I’m going to end up reading all night instead.  Hey, if I’m exhausted anyway, why bother sleeping?!

Have a good Friday and an even better weekend!


8 responses to “Took Me Out To The Ballgame

  1. I love your hair – mine is half way between curly and straight, sometimes one half is doing one thing and the other is doing the other 😛 I would love for it to be properly curly! And ooh, vegetable chips are wonderful 🙂 my favourite are beetroot. Sorry the game wasn’t so good. I hope your Friday goes quickly!

  2. sorry for being such an awful commentor!!! life has been a little bonkers and so I pretty much only have time to brief people’s posts and then skoot. Oops!

    Anywho, loved the beautiful waffle creation, the lovely new hair do, the veggie chips, and time at the ball game with your daddy! 🙂

  3. Ooh, I love homemade waffles!

    My bestie goes to Ouidad, too. Your curls are gorgey!

  4. laurasworthlesswords

    For just getting the maker your waffles look really good!

    I love your hair, it looks so pretty Id love to be able to get mine to curl like that, mine is so straight just wont curl at all, yours is lovely.

    Hmm I love stir frys, yours looks delicious, I went through a bit of a vegetable chip phase once myself, like Katie I really like beetroot or parsnip is pretty good to.

    Have a great weekend

  5. I second what has already been said: I’d love to have hair like yours! Such perfect ringlets are very rare and so many people have to spend hours and hours styling their locks to get them to remotely resemble the tumbling curls you have.

    Sorry about the game, but at least the sun was out for you : )

    I like to make veggie ‘crisps’ by microwaving carrots and sweet potatoes until they’re completely frazzled. I stopped making them a while ago after I nearly broke my implant/crown on my front tooth biting into a particularly hard/chewy microwaved potato ‘crisp’.

    I think Friday should be almost over for you by the time this comment’s posted…hope the weekend is a good one!

  6. aw..i miss my waffle maker. i use to be crazy about waffles. now i lean more towards pancakes. now there’s some fascinating info-lol. anyways, thanks for the reviews and have a great weekend! i love lego land!

  7. I’m SO mad jealous of your gorgeous hair…those waves and curls…I wish I had hair like that!
    AND I’m jealous of your waffle maker…I only just discovered George Foreman, but I want a waffle maker now.
    Boy, am I neon green with envy right now!

  8. WOW! Your hair is SO pretty! It looks really, really gorgeous. (I’ve always wished my hair was not absolutely stick straight!)

    Your waffle experience sounds funny. I used to work in a diner, and the one cook would make a HUGE mess because he always overloaded the waffle maker. Yours look pretty tasty, nonetheless!

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