For A Change!

 Whew.  I don’t know why, but today was just exhausting!  Nothing overtly awful happened, but I had to struggle to get through the day.  Come to think of it, that’s probably because I didn’t sleep well last night at all… I woke up at 1.00, 3.00, and at 4.30 for good.  And I didn’t get to bed until at least midnight for reasons about which I will ramble … see, I wanted to get this Sterilite Ultra-Seal set in Target.  I was there on Sunday, and they had it, but like a total idiot, I bought a single container instead.  Then when I changed my mind, they didn’t have the set in stock anymore.  And there are no rain checks on it because it’s a “seasonal item.”  (Um.  It’s a food storage container!  Since when is that seasonal?!)  I wound up buying Target brand Gladware containers instead, and I’m going to return the single Sterilite one.  But the point is, I came home late from Target, and then I was occupied by a butternut squash, so … yeah, bed was but a distant dream!

On to today.  I reminded Mr. J that I’m not going to be in tomorrow, and he wanted to know if he needed to sign off on my personal day… which he already did.  I tell you, he has a mind like a steel trap.  I told him that he already did that and I was just reminding him, and he smiled a big cheesy grin and said, “Oh, great, I like reminders!”  If he calls me tomorrow to ask me where I am, I am going to shoot someone.

Here’s another Mr. J treasure.  Maintenance was polishing the floors out in the hallway and in nearby rooms.  A lot of times when they do this, they use too much electricity and blow a fuse, causing half of our office computers to shut down — mine and Mr. J’s included.  When it happened today, he let loose with a little yelp: “Hey!”  I had just come in from the hallway, so I figured out what had probably happened, and I told him that they were cleaning the floors.  He told me I should have stopped them.  I just said incredulously, “You wanted me to tell them not to do their job?”  He said yes and ran out of the room to do that himself… and one of my co-workers told me that next time I ought to spread myself out on the floor and force them to run me over if they wanted to clean!  (Facetiously, obviously.)  I’m sorry, but I don’t have that much self-esteem, I guess, that I am going to tell people who are doing their jobs, “Hey, I know your boss told you to do this, but my boss doesn’t like it, so quit it.”

Anyway, since we had no computer power for a little while, I played around with my brother’s camera for a bit to try and figure it out.  I think we’re getting along somewhat better now… so here’s Take Two:


A double chocolate chip mini muffin crumbled into vanilla yogurt… again!  There are twelve mini muffins in a package, which drives me crazy, because I have to eat them day after day until they’re gone or they’ll go bad, and I hate having to do that, because it makes it incredibly easy to get into a rut.  Someone like me, who hates change and will go to any length to avoid it, should not be doing things repetitively like that.  Which brings me back to the matter of those containers I wanted to buy…

Every day that I eat lunch at work, I have to walk ten minutes each way to get a salad, a process which takes about ten minutes in itself.  I have been long aware of the fact that bringing lunch from home would save me time and probably a great deal of aggravation, as well as money… but like I said, I hate change, and the idea just freaked me out.  Besides, I liked that I could get outside and walk instead of sitting on my butt every. single. second.  Well.  I am a total genius, as it turns out, because if I bring my lunch from home, I can still go outside and walk somewhere… except that I can actually accomplish some other things too, so it essentially adds half an hour to my day!  How cool is that — most people have a twenty-four hour day, but I can have one that is twenty-four and a half hours long.  So… today on my “lunchwalk” I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and purchased this:


I may or may not return it.  Depends on whether the biggest size fits in my refrigerator at work.  Yep, I have my own refrigerator…


…before you get too envious, I’m going to say that this isn’t a perk of the job; it’s my own refrigerator!  Getting it to the office was quite an adventure.  And the container on the bottom shelf is one of the “Gladware” containers that I bought in Target last night.  So, yes, I “took the leap” and actually did bring my lunch with me!  (I have to say that Elise was a big inspiration for me there — because her lunches always look so nice all packed up like that!)

Last night, I put it in the container so prettily.


Apparently it didn’t travel quite so neatly!!


It didn’t matter, though; it was still good.  I’m serious, people: if you only do one thing with a butternut squash, ever, do this.  It is hands-down the best recipe I’ve ever tried using butternut squash, and trust me, I’ve used a lot.  (The measurements are the ones that I used last night.)  Just preheat the oven to 475 F, combine about 10 ounces of peeled cubed butternut squash, a teaspoon of brown sugar (I used Splenda brown sugar blend), a dash each of salt and black pepper, and a chopped shallot; toss to coat.  Bake for twenty minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally.  Heaven emerges.  I never put it in anything before, but obviously here it’s combined with black beans and romaine.

Here is a very very sad event, though…


That was my very last one.  (Nature Valley apple cinnamon Chewy granola bar.)  Now I really must go back to Israel!!

Since today is apparently a day for jumping into things with three feet, I tackled another “obstacle.”


You don’t even want to know how long this has been in my freezer.  (Neither do I, to be honest!)  I bought it once when I was feeling “brave,” and then stopped feeling that way!!  The weirdest thing about this is that I never even really liked cheese pizza, so it’s very strange that it’s a “fear food” for me.  I think it’s partly because I coincidentally haven’t had “real” pizza (because pizza dough topped with onions and mushrooms does not exactly a pizza make) in seven years… and that’s how long I’ve had my ED.  For whatever reason, pizza does freak me out.  But we’re being all daring today, aren’t we??


When you have to shave a layer of ice off the top?  Yeah, totally been in the freezer too long.  Because of that, I don’t feel that I can give this a fair review; but I do have to say that I think I may have quite liked it, and if I liked it even in that condition (and apparently I left it in the oven for too long as well!), it must be good when it hasn’t been mistreated that way!  The strange thing is that there are supposed to be three rectangular slices in the box; I had one rectangle and one square, which evidently never was cut in half to form two rectangles.  Weird.

Included here… raw corn (also inspired by Elise)!  I was actually quite ticked off, because I bought an ear of corn at Whole Foods this morning (see it in my fridge above… heh), and there were so few kernels on it!!  Next time I am ripping open the husk, that’s it.  Anyway, I am officially a huge fan of raw corn; so much better that way!!

I also made zucchini garlic sticks… the complex method involved pouring Lawry’s garlic salt into a plastic baggie, dumping in the zucchini sticks, shaking the bag to coat the zucchini, and lining up the sticks on a sprayed baking sheet… I broiled them in the toaster oven for what I think was about twenty minutes.  And then I rejoiced about the fact that I now have a relationship with this camera that doesn’t revolve around I hate you!


And just for the amusement factor, I think these socks are officially ready to be tossed in the garbage… seriously, I’m going through socks like mad!  I like to think it’s just this brand, rather than believing my feet have some sort of strange sock-destroying qualities.


It isn’t even 9.30 yet, but I am so exhausted that I’m seriously pondering going to bed… I may not be going to work tomorrow, but it is going to be quite a long day!  Because I am taking off work, I scheduled an appointment for a haircut (which would explain why I had a good hair day today… it thinks that if it behaves I will change my mind?  Ha.  Though my bank account would appreciate that)… and then I’m meeting my dad to go to the game!  Whoo!!!

And speaking of appointments… I finally did make one with my endocrinologist.  I needed the first morning appointment, though, so I won’t be able to see him until September 15.  Boo.

And with that, I think I can stop babbling because I believe this post is incredibly, impossibly long by now!!  Oh, but before I do — some of you were wondering about the book situation (published / not published), but in my probably excessive paranoia I would rather not discuss that on my blog.  If you do want to know, just e-mail!

Okay, I really am going now.  Have a happy Thursday!


8 responses to “For A Change!

  1. Totally random, I love my containers like yours from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    I got ones with little compartments from Whole Foods (haha, I take my lunch every day, love having my little containers!).

    Hope you had a good day 🙂

    PS Your pics inspire me to try new foods!

  2. I am going to have to try butternut squash like that now. I think we have one in the house, so that solves lunch! Well done for the pizza 🙂 lol no, pizza dough with onions and mushrooms doesn’t sound very appetising, but I still eat pizza despite the gluten and dairy free business. I buy gf bases and put tomato puree, vegetables and something like pumpkin seed butter, pistachios or soya cream cheese on top.
    I hope you have a nice day off, it sounds promising! Fingers crossed that Mr J leaves you alone too 😛

  3. FYI- those muffins freeze really well. I used to bring tons back from the US and freeze them (corn ones with jam = really good!) I think your post-travel salad looks great! I have a really cool salad tupperware tub that has a built-in ice pack and little pot for dressing that you just push from the top and it squirts it down. I feel it with ketchup because I’m cool like that 😛 I need to try that butternut squash recipe…LOVE squash. Just don’t love cutting it 😦

    Enjoy Ouidad! So weird- 2 years ago when my mom was in the city, I met her there just as she was paying and we left. She went last week and one of the guys that work there asked her about me?!!!! Strange. or sad. LOL.

  4. Mmm, that squash salad looks delicious! Your meals recently have been so varied and creative ~ congrats on conquering all those fears : )

    Wow, J sounds like a total…well, it rhymes with ‘last mole’ (yep, that’s a lame rhyme but about as close as I could get) I don’t think anyone would feel comfortable going and and telling those people to stop their work…and I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Mr. J the finger in response.

    I hate packets of things that have to be eaten quickly too…it’s like there’s an obligation to finish them regardless of hunger or desire, and I always end up in that situation living with one staunch anti-vegan parent and one parent with anorexia.

    I’m sure they sell those Apple Granola bars in the UK…I’m not so sure of the customs regulations though, but perhaps I could send you some? I’ve tried to check the rules on sending packages from England to the US but they’re so confusing and I wouldn’t want you to have to pay customs charges for them like I did when I tried to order Sun Warrior protein powder…£40 of additional customs fees taught me never to do that again!


  5. i think that’s funny you brought your own fridge. that is something i would do. your boss sounds like such a strange can you believe i have yet to try butternut squash? i really need to!

  6. man oh man…ill try not to be TOO jealous because there no way i could bring my own fridge and store it in the nurses lounge (sigh). and my locker barely fits my backpack (yes, i am still sporting the backpack due to my spine issues -haha). anyways, sorry the travel didnt sit well for the ensaladas, but they all end up in the same place anyways, right?

    ps im craving BN squash now…mmmmm

    off to do sabra union square sunday research

  7. I don’t know why, but this post really made me smile. The idea of you throwing yourself on the floor to stop maintenance from doing their job might have had something to do with it… I can’t believe that Mr. J would try to stop them!!

    Lovin’ the eats, too! Way to go for bringing your own stuff, and trying new things! And thanks for the bnut squash tips… 🙂

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