Lazing Around

Nine hours.  That’s how much sleep I had last  night.  Is this not incredible?!  Yours truly “slept in” until 7.30.  Whoa.

It was raining when I finally did get out of bed, so I decided to take a nice leisurely shower.  Upon making this decision, I discovered that the showerhead hose is mended with electrical tape.  Better than the slug I found in my shower in Barbados, but not exactly conducive to easy showering.  Oh, well… got the job done, anyway!

Several observations… why do these hotels never have overhead lights?!  Just lamps… which can get rather… dark.

Another observation: this place is humid.  So humid, in fact, that it puts the humidity at home to shame, and believe me, that isn’t anything to sneeze at.  Also, it isn’t exactly a pedestrian-friendly place… I wanted to go to town, and supposedly it is a five-minute drive, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone (the whole I-am-a-sedentary-log thing) and just walk instead.  Let’s just say it didn’t take the twenty minutes I’d thought it would… probably partly due to the fact that most of the time, I was precariously treading along the side of the road, trying not to fall into a ditch or have my toes run over!

In any case, I did get most of what I went to get… including a 1.5 liter bottle of water, which I will be using, in part, to brush my teeth. Drinking non-potable water, or using it to brush your teeth, will apparently not kill you. Still something I’d rather avoid. I just need a snowglobe and a flag now… and I’m not so sure I want to drag myself back to town tomorrow afternoon! Actually, I’m a little upset because I really wanted to go horseback riding… 😦

As it turns out, it began raining again later in the afternoon, chasing me from the beach back to my room… where I was forced to watch more TV than I have in a very long time (well, not very difficult, as I never watch TV!) because while I brought four books with me, I’ve read three of them already and I want to have something to read on the flight home! I always either under- or over-estimate how much reading material to take along with me!

Since I’m lounging around with not much to occupy my mind, I’ve got some verbal vomit… well, not very much, but I think I now know why I have such issues with making eye contact with my therapist… I mean, I’m not that great with eye contact in general, but with her, I’m hopeless. I think it’s because I’m “exposing” myself to her. I suppose it’s easier to do that if I’m not looking at her. (I know, I know. Total “duh.” I’m slow, what can I say?!)

The internet connection today is even sketchier than yesterday, so no pictures… but I think that, as much as I adore my camera, I may need to invest in a new one. I very rarely use the flash, but when I did yesterday, it started smoking! Has that ever happened to anyone else?! Somehow, I don’t think this is an expected event in the life span of a camera…

About the post title, I just don’t think I really know how to “laze around” … I just end up feeling, well, lazy! Which is the point, I suppose, but still. I can’t help feeling like I’m turning into just another overstuffed cushion on the chair!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


5 responses to “Lazing Around

  1. aww..i’m sorry things are not going exactly fabulous. i hate lazing around too, it makes me feel so hopeless. but somehow i seem to do it quite often.

  2. smoking??? ummm…no!!

    dude, i would KILL for that much sleep. congrats!

  3. Lol I am also incapable of lazing. It makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. I think it’s definitely a useful skill to cultivate though! Ack about the smoking camera…pretty sure that’s not a normal thing.
    I have the same problem with eye contact. I can only talk about personal stuff if I’m looking at the floor 😛 it’s highly logical of me, paying someone to be a non-judgmental listener so that I can stare at their floor and wonder what on earth they think of me!
    I hope you have a good day ❤

  4. I sleep so well in hotels because of the curtains, too! My mom and I were just talking about that today.

    My camera has never smoked… I think you should get that checked out!

  5. Sometimes, I feel as if I have to “deserve” rest, and often won’t listen to my body until exhausted. I HATE that, because it is exactly not honoring or respecting myself….would you like to do a guest post about how to be lazy?

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