Zzzzz… oh, wait, not time for that yet!  Actually, I had a little chat with a woman who works for the same institution that I do… she’s very into alternative medicine.  She said that acupuncture helped her carpal tunnel sydrome, and that they’d probably also be able to figure out why I’m so tired, because it isn’t something that Western medicine can solve.  You know what?  At this point, notwithstanding the fact that I’m a natural skeptic, I’m willing to give it a shot.  What’s the worst that will happen — I’ll be tired and my wrist will hurt?  I’m already tired, and my wrist already hurts!  And I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing me go on and on about it, so I’ll shut up on that topic now.

Semi-related to that, though, several people wondered why I have such a crazy doctor.  It’s because I don’t usually go to the doctor, so in the intervals between visits, I forget just how truly insane he is.  Yes, it’s convenient to use him because he’s right around the corner from my house; but for heaven’s sake, if I sit in his waiting room for three hours, I may as well travel somewhere further!

Nothing too exciting really happened today… I was going to stop off at Blockbuster on my way home.  Generally, I go on a Sunday, watch the movie that day, and then return it the following Sunday.  But I can’t do that now because I won’t be here a week from Sunday.  (Wheeee!)  But by the time I finished with all of my other “errands,” it was so late that I wouldn’t have had time to watch a movie… and I had a total brainstorm which involved getting the movie on Sunday and returning it on Friday.  Duh.  I am a genius.

So, this is what some of my abovementioned “errands” involved…

I bought some more fish!  Three of the one on the left (hi fin black tetras) and two of the one on the right (albino rainbow sharks… is it just me, or is “albino rainbow” kind of an oxymoron?!).  So far, they seem to be fine.  *knock on wood*


I finished a box of cereal this morning, which means I get to buy another one!!  Puffins were on sale at Whole Foods, so I decided to go for that… but doing so involved a decision, and you know how horrible I am with those… I couldn’t decide whether to get the original or cinnamon variety.  In the past, I would have just given up and bought both of them, but nope, not going to do that anymore!  (I got the original in the end, because if I want cinnamon before I actually get a chance to try the cinnamon variety, I can always add my own, hmmm?)


Oooh, and this is exciting.  I found it — and it was more expensive than I would have liked — but the “best by” date wasn’t until April 2011, and it’s so hard to find, so I bought it anyway.  Not going to start it yet, because I have to finish what I have!  (I also found Mighty Maple — in another store, and that was REALLY too expensive.  Hmph.)


I rarely (okay, never) do this, but I made a wrap consisting of something other than sprouts and hummus!


Mustard, spinach, beets (totally lifted that idea from Ruthie), and Lightlife bologna.  ’twas pretty good, actually.  But maybe a tad over-stuffed, you think?!


Another little adventure (oh, how sad my life can be)… Kashi Mighty Bites.


I proceeded to decapitate and dismember every single one of them.  I must be a sadist.


Okay, a bit of verbal vomit, naturally.  My mom called me at work today and asked me something about those plug-in air fresheners… namely, which scent to get.  (The store she was in only had stinky ones, so the answer was none.)  When I got home, there was a notebook on the table.  Yes, I’ve been looking for a notebook — but why on earth did she pay that much money for it?!  And it’s purple, which is slightly annoying because the one I have now is purple, so I won’t be able to tell the difference.  Not a big deal — I can return / exchange it, right?  No, because she didn’t take the receipt.  Then I went upstairs into the bathroom, and she bought toothpaste.  Crest toothpaste, which I prefer over Colgate… but it wasn’t the kind of Crest I like, and now I’m going to have to use it anyway, because everyone else prefers Colgate!  I’m disproportiately annoyed, I know, because she WAS trying to do something nice for me… but for heavens’ sake, if she called me about the plug-in fresheners, why couldn’t she call me about this??  Or at least take a receipt.  Sigh.

Also a potential rant — but one I will skip since my wrist isn’t too happy with all this typing — is the phone call with my nutritionist today.  I called to tell her about my thyroid “issues,” which, by the way, have me really freaked out.  But I can’t get into that now… I wish I could, but my wrist is yelling at me.  Maybe it should join the choir in my head, because I’m suddenly really anxious about this weekend!!  And my mom is taking me to lunch on Monday.  Um, it’s Friday, why am I stressing myself out about Monday?!  One day at a time… one. day. at. a. time.

Have a gorgeous weekend!


11 responses to “Tired

  1. hey, don’t underestimate the powers of acupuncture. Really, it can work wonders.I hope it helps.
    And no such thing as overstuffed wrap! haha!
    And hmm…about your mom, no need to get so worked up over fresheners and toothpaste. Such small matters are not worth wasting precious emotions over. It’s more worth it to maintain your peace and relationship with your mom than get upset over toothpaste, don’t you think? 🙂

  2. Good luck with the new fishies! 🙂

  3. How would you react if someone (say, your mother) were to complain to you because you bought them the “wrong” color journal and the “wrong” toothpaste?

    Although I realize I’m being harsh, I’m not trying to attack you. I know one comment isn’t going to change your entire outlook on life, but why do you think people/what do you think they accomplish when they point out the flaws/shortcomings in inconsequential interactions or events? I’m not trying to tell you to “stop complaining” or “be positive”- it’s your life, blog, choice, etc. so say what you want. However, it might be helpful to think about why you tend to err on the negative/cynical/sarcastic side of things. Do you think this has had an impact on your recovery- perhaps you struggle to regain your life because you don’t think you have anything to look forward to?

    Look, I am fully aware that being smiley and chipper all the time is not only creepy but difficult and unrealistic. BUT, I do think that making an effort to appreciate what you do have and being proud and happy about how far you’ve come could really help your self-esteem and your enjoyment of life.

    Give it a thought- or not. Either way, I wish you the best.

  4. yesss for the beets! haha Isnt it delicious?! Oh and Cinnamon Puffins are delicious so definitely try them!

    In regards to the journal and the toothpaste, those are such small, insignifcant things to get upset about. I dont mean to sound harsh but you should be thankful that she did something nice for you and thought of you. Toothpaste is toothpaste and while we do have preferences in what kind we use, getting upset about it isn’t something worth the energy. Remember that your mom was just trying to be kind by picking up Crest instead of Colgate for you. That alone was a very thoughtful thing of her to do. She could have just bought you Colgate, which you like even less than the Crest toothpaste. And obviously your mom knew that you were looking for a new journal, which is why she bought you one. And given that you have a purple one, she probably thought that you really liked purple, which is why she bought it and was willing to pay an expensive price for it. At the end of the day, it was the warmth in her heart that bought those things for you. She loves you and wanted to do something for YOU! Just keep that in mind and try not to let the little things get you so worked up.

  5. hey girl!!

    oh no!! im so sorry about your wrist!!! ive heard acupuncture works WONDERS– i would have used it for my ITB if i werent deathly afraid of needles– especially ones staying in me for extended periods of time lol!!!

    LOVE kashi mighty bites cereal– and girll that wrap looks DELISH– you can never over stuff a wrap (come on– havent you seen mine lol!!)

    i can totally relate to getting annoyed with mums and that whole thing– but i think you have to look at it as– she was just trying to get things she thought you would like– i’m sure she didnt intentionally get the wrong thing– i think the last thing mums want to do is to upset their daughters– i remind myself of this whenever my mum ticks me off or gets me the wrong thing (which happens OFTEN!) and let me tell you– i definitely throw a little tantrum– and realize that in the scheme of things– its not really taht big of a deal (easier said that done in the moment though! haha)

    have a great day xoxoxoxox

    PS– take it one day at a time girl– dont worry about MONDAY– enjoy your WEEKEND… whenever my mind starts to worry and wander– i just remind myself to be present in the moment– no worries!!!!!

  6. themilkfreeway

    I am a huge sceptic too, but if I’m desperate enough I can happily abandon that for the ‘try anything’ mindset! It’s worth a try. I hope it helps! I get RSI sometimes too, it used to flare up horribly when I was writing the evil termly 5000 word assignments for my OT degree, ugh.
    Yay for more fish! I hope they settle in OK. You are making me miss having fish. Hmm. Lol at the cereal decapitations 😛
    I hope you have an OK weekend, without worrying too much about Monday. Try not to let it all pile on top of you ❤

  7. You made me laugh so much with your cereal killing spree (pun most definitely intended). I couldn’t do that with my Outback Animals though!

    What beautiful fish! Fingers crossed that they’ll be true fighters and come through for you. I think accupuncture is definitely worth looking into: it really helped my Uncle with his back problems and although I’m a natural skeptic, I share your open mind in the respect that if it might help, why not give it a try? I truly hope things get better for you *hugs*

    I’d like to offer some support in contrast to a few of the comments above: yes, it is quite a small thing to get so stressed over but with all the things you’ve been going through (and the fact that I do believe you may have depression) and the fact that your family doesn’t seem particularly accommodating of your illness, I think your reaction was not necessarily about the toothpaste, but symptomatic of the strained relationships in your family and the additional stress of the thyroid issue. Please don’t feel guilty or upset about the situation. You have enough problems to fight against and I think you’re such a wonderful person that I would be so sad if you took some of the above comments too personally/to heart.

    Hopefully one day you can move on to butchering animal crackers ; )

    Huge hugs to you again

  8. the wrap looks great, even though i don’t like beets, lol. yay for new fish. i want some more but i’m afraid of messing up the community i have now. so yeah….enuf random ramblings. have a great day !

  9. aww new baby fishes 🙂
    You know, I have never had beets before. They intimidate me for some reason. What do they taste like?

    delicious wrap though!

  10. one day at a time love. breathe. reboot. pb and co is so $$$! i wanted to buy smooth operator the other day, but just couldnt bring myself to it.

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