“Even the darkest hour is just sixty minutes long.”

I stumbled across that quote today and I liked it, so I decided to use it and save myself the aggravation of coming up with a clever post title, since creativity clearly is not my forte!
 Pictures first, words second!
my $1.99 shirt... guess it fits after all, which is good, because i'd feel really stupid trying to exchange / return that

my $1.99 shirt... guess it fits after all, which is good, because i'd feel really stupid trying to exchange / return that

earrings, for old time's sake

earrings, for old time's sake

I saw this on Jaime’s blog yesterday, which reminded me that I had one in my basement… so I decided to dig it up.  


organic food bar kid's oohmega! cherry pie bar

organic food bar kid's oohmega! cherry pie bar


inside peek...

inside peek...

this looks like a frog ... or a creature of some sort!!

this looks like a frog ... or a creature of some sort!!

essential ingredients! 

essential ingredients!

Yeah, okay, a lot of pictures for one silly bar. I’ll stop now. My take on this bar: it had a nice soft texture, and the cherries gave it a bit of a chewy consistency. That said, it didn’t taste like cherries; in fact, it didn’t taste like much of anything at all! It wasn’t bad… it just wasn’t good, either. So I’m neither yay-ing nor nay-ing this.
I tried to get a picture of my “track marks,” but I’m right-handed, and most of them are on my right arm… and my left hand cannot take a steady picture for anything.  But I tried.  Please note: the purple in the upper left is a bruise from a needle.  The four dots in the shape of a triangle right below that are not; they are “beauty marks,” though I fail to see what is so beautiful about them, but anyway… if you look veeery closely, you might be able to see three more punctures in the crook of my elbow.  I didn’t bruise at all besides for that one tiny one… he was surprised, but that’s why I prefer to have him do it over my doctor!!  Well, that and avoiding a three-hour wait.  Can you imagine if I’d sat and waited three hours for THAT?!  AHHHH!
I conducted a little “experiment” today… for no particular reason whatsoever, I bought a can of stir-fry vegetables earlier in the week.  It had baby corn, water chestnuts, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots.  (I hate bamboo shoots… the smell alone makes me gag… so would someone please explain to me why I eat them anyway?!)  I steamed the vegetables in a microwave steamer basket, and topped that with vegetarian stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce.  Apparently, I should have seasoned the vegetables beforehand, because as it turned out, there wasn’t all that much sauce!  Oh, well… live and learn, as always.

Words now! …

I had a lovely swim tonight… the pool wasn’t frigid, for once!  It was 72 degrees (as opposed to the 69 that seems to have become the norm)… what a difference three degrees makes!  It was a bit chilly at first, but once I got moving, it was pretty close to perfect.  🙂

However, I had a somewhat odd encounter in the locker room… there was a girl / woman there who was one of those chatty types, and she was rambling and yapping about all these random things.  Keep in mind I’ve never met this person before in my life, so it was all rather strange!  Then she suddenly said to me, “You’re so damn skinny!  I’m so damn jealous!”  I actually didn’t have much trouble just shaking it off, which was pleasantly surprising, but I am rather perplexed.  Why do people think it is okay to make comments like this?!  I mean, seriously.  Just imagine what would happen if I approached an obese person and said, “You’re so dman fat!  I’m so damn glad I don’t look like you!”  Because, really, aren’t they just two ends of the same spectrum??  Either way, I just ignored her, because really… how are you supposed to answer a comment like that?!
I have been vindicated, because I was out-bid for those baseball tickets.  Let the search continue… I wish they would just appear on my doorstep.  That would be kind of nice!  😉

Ever since I’ve had my current job, my mom has been coming into the city in the summer (she teaches during the year, so she has some free time for these couple of months) to take me out to lunch.  Which pretty much means the same thing as every day for me, except that she’s paying, so Hugh Jass comes to town.  She asked me what day would work… for a bunch of reasons that I won’t bother getting into here, I said tomorrow.  She decided to come on Monday.  She always does this… she asks my opinion, and if whatever I say coincides with what she was going to do anyway, she lets me think it was all my idea.  Otherwise, she just ignores me.  It is so profoundly irritating!!  Rawwr.

I’ve actually been a bit introspective today, but it’s just too late for me to delve into that right now… beauty sleep is a must!  (How sad… it’s only ten o’clock!)  I had such an exciting day, though, it’s bound to be tiring.  (Note the heavy sarcasm.)  Well, actually, it started with a fight on the train — not that I was involved in it! — but that was about the most unusual thing to happen.  The next most exciting thing has yet to occur… that will be me crawling into my bed and falling asleep.

Have a happy Hump day!  J is probably showing up for one day tomorrow.  Me = not happy about this.


13 responses to ““Even the darkest hour is just sixty minutes long.”

  1. So sorry that you have to deal with rude comments like that. It is pretty insensitive to comment about someone’s weight. Ever since blogging, weight is not a topic I bring up in a conversation.

  2. When people make comments like that, they think they are complementing you. Because in our society, being skinny is pretty much the best thing you can be– no matter how you get there! People also don’t realize how prevalent eating disorders are, and that usually when someone is really underweight, it’s not by accident!

  3. Im so sorry that the woman in the locker room said that to you. She really should be more careful especially because she has no idea that you are someone who is actually underweight and trying to get healthy again. Unfortunately, our society is really effed up, if you ask me. Focus is put on the most unimportant things and the body happens to be one of them. Just ignore her rudeness and remember that you are moving in a positive direction and trying to gain the weight that your body really does need.

  4. themilkfreeway

    Ugh, I hate it when people feel that it’s appropriate to make comments about someone who is underweight. Particularly because someone who is very underweight is far more likely to have a serious illness like anorexia, crohns or even cancer than for it to be natural. I would have told her I had an eating disorder just to see the look on her face 😛 lol
    Aaargh I have a blood test in an hour!

  5. You poor thing! I’m surprised there’s any blood left in you after all of that. Your outfit is lovely as always. I’m not crazy about the Organic Food Bar brand either and agree that they often taste bland…and bamboo shoots! They’re the food of the devil! Good for you for managing to make them edible.

    As for the woman, I’ve never known anyone say something like that with the intention of upsetting the person on the receiving end. I do think it’s a little different to calling someone fat because, as you pointed out, being thin is a source of envy, where as being overweight is a subject of disgust. I know what she said was out of line and extremely unhelpful / insensitive, but we’ve got to the stage as a society where craving thinness is an ideology and I’m sure she meant it as a compliment. Saying that she wished she looked like you is very different to ‘I’d never want to look like you’ and I’m sure you’d be far more hurt if you were at the opposite end of the scale. So sorry if this sounds harsh at all and I completely agree that it’s not her place to say anything, I just felt a little sorry for her as she’s obviously highly insecure in her own body…but those loud, chatty people are highly irritating.


  6. wow gorgeous earrings girlie! Love ’em.
    Those raw bars are so hit or miss. They either have great flavor/texture or none at all.

    I HATE when people say how skinny I am. Yes, I know. No I don’t weight 70 pounds. Yes I eat. Thank you get over it. I feel like there is such a double standard. Sure people can make a comment about how thin you are, but you cant just go up to someone and say “wow your really large”.

  7. adventuresofrecovergirl

    Oh people who tend to make comments about everything! I have yet to figure out these people who need to comment on everything, but if they’re anything like my roommate, who does this as well, then it’s an attention thing for them. So if it IS an attention thing I guess ignoring it is the best thing, because attention whores get a bit much at times.

    I’m sorry about your mom. It seems like she tries, but doesn’t really get how to follow through. Sometimes parents can be a little dense like that (my dad does stuff like this all the time… and that whole didn’t-you-like-this? Yeah-when-I-was-five, stuff.)

    Have a fantastic Wednesday (hopefully with minimal J instances :P)
    ❤ Jenn

  8. lilveggiepatch

    Sorry about those comments. I think, because being “skinny” is such a (ridiculous, albeit) ideal for our culture, and being overweight is looked at as a weakness, people think it’s okay to say this. Obviously, it’s not. I hope it’s not getting to you too much.

    I’ve never seen those bars! I’ll be on the lookout.

  9. ughhh i was just saying the other day how much i hate comments like that — it’s such a double standard that people think they can say whatever they want to people who are thin, but you could never ever say anything rude (on the same playing field) to someone who is overweight. i just wish people would just leave others alone! but alas, this is not how life works, right?

    what an interesting bar! thanks for the thorough review 🙂

  10. Oh that quote is awesome!

    People are so “out there” sometimes… but I think you are a pretty well-grounded person and know better than to believe and take to heart everything you hear.

    Your poor ARM! I tend to bruise easily with blood being drawn too… but it’ll go away! (:

    Talk to you soon girlie!

  11. OMG. I get comments like that all the time. True-life examples:

    1) “You’re so skinny! EAt more! Eat more!”
    2) “Why are you so skinny? Teach me the secrets.”
    3) “You know you’re skinny, right?”
    4) “Dang, girl, you’re all bones! how much do you weigh?”

    Freaking hell. I already KNOW I need to eat more, and AM eating a lot more than you anyway, and the secret to being so skinny is starvation and anorexia, which I don’t think is that much of a secret, and I’m not blind so I KNOW I’m skinny already, and why the hell should I tell you how much I weigh?!!

    We should form an organization: Leave the Skinny People ALONE.

  12. eeekk! needles! eeekkk!!!
    thanks for the shout 🙂 and the bar review!!! im going to have to try that one out soon to see whats up!

    ughh! HATE those comments– people can be sooo ridiculous and unaware sometimes!!!!

    glad you had a nice swim– and have a great lunch with mum xoxoxox

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