Blogger’s Block.

I have yet another case of “Blogger’s Block,” which should be a legimitate condition of some sort!  This is totally random and has nothing to do with anything, but it just popped into my head and I tend to be kind of random that way so I’m going to mention it anyway… for no reason whatsoever, I just remembered a story I once wrote for a creative writing class.  It was about a pizza delivery guy who lied to all of his friends and somehow had them believe that he was actually matriculated at an Ivy League school.  He wound up killing himself, I believe.  I wonder what I did with that piece… anyway, moving on!

Pictures first, words second? Not too many pictures, actually…

"overnight" oat bran... for some reason not as good as last time... i think it needed more liquid.  oh well.

"overnight" oat bran... for some reason not as good as last time... i think it needed more liquid. oh well.

peanut butter and banana "panini"

peanut butter and banana "panini"

This was an experiment (a la Jaime!) … one which made quite a mess out of my Foreman!  And it’s one of the older ones without a removable grille, so washing it out is always fun fun fun… but that isn’t the point, the experiment is!  It definitely wasn’t awful by any means; I think I just prefer bananas to be cold, or at least room temperature.  Warm bananas don’t seem to be my favorite thing.  You live, you learn, right?

Yesterday, I went to the pet shop… my water samples tested perfectly (which should be a relief, but is not, because they tested perfectly two days before the epidemic too), so I am very tentatively going to attempt to build up the population again…


I know it’s all but impossible to see anything in the picture… but I got two silver dollars, a Bolivian ram, and an algae eater.  We had two silver dollars before, but they had grown really big — these are TINY.  And I had a Bolivian ram too… they’ve actually got personalities.  I know, it sounds crazy to say a FISH has a personality, but they just do… they seem to have expressions, or something.  Speaking of which, the algae eater that I got is rather… feisty.  When I was transferring it from the bag to the tank it just jumped right out onto the floor, and I had no choice but to pick it up with my bare hands.  Picking up a slimy, slithering little fish?  NOT easy.  And kind of gross, but I wasn’t about to kill ANOTHER fish!  My dad says we should put up a memorial plaque.  Ha, ha.  Everyone is making fun of me about it, but I’m sorry, it really DID upset me!!  (The answer to this is always, “Did they have names?”  I don’t understand the connection, but no, they didn’t, because I once got three neon tetras and named them Moe, Larry, and Curly.  One died, but since they all looked the same, I didn’t know which one it was, and that was the last time I ever named any of them!)

That’s that for pictures… I feel like I should / would / could say something here, but like I said, I have blogger’s block, which I am currently defining as an inability to write of anything substantial or meaningful, so I will just ramble senselessly instead! …

Tomorrow I am going to my “best friend”‘s son’s third birthday party.  (A boy’s third birthday is kind of a big deal here, otherwise I wouldn’t even go.)  I plan to be there exactly long enough to be able to say I didn’t just blow through like a sandstorm… which I guess means saying hello to the people I know, handing over a gift, and leaving.  The whole gift thing actually slipped my mind until my mom pointed it out… like, oh, right, I have to do that too.  (Maybe it’s a total cop-out, but I am giving him books.  Which isn’t a cop-out under general circumstances, but they’re my books.  One would assume that my “best friend” already owns them, but since she hasn’t ever mentioned anything about them, as far as I know, she is not even aware of their existence.)

One of my sisters came over today, along with my brother-in-law and all of the kids who aren’t at sleepaway camp.  I believe I was born twenty years too early, and this is why: when I was a kid and an “adult” was speaking, they automatically took precedence.  When I was a kid, “adult” meant anyone older than myself, even if they were only thirteen or something.  So why is it that I feel like that’s all been flipped now?  Maybe it isn’t the adult / child thing — maybe it’s me!  My sister claims that she has to tend to her kids so that’s why she wanders off mid-conversation… yes, I can understand that, but it takes a quarter of a second to say “excuse me.”  Besides, in my paranoia, I actually HAVE paid attention to this, and it seems like it only happens to me.  According to my therapist, this is because I just take it instead of assertively telling people that they’re being rude to me.  With good reason, I guess, since when I TRY to point it out, I am just accused of being self-centered.  Also according to my therapist — though I happen to agree with it — I need to learn how to make my own decisions regarding how I feel about things instead of relying on others’ opinions to back me up.  (It’s probably because I can’t do that that I got as upset as I did about my dad’s reaction to what happened to the fish.)

As a final page from the Old Lady Chronicles, I went to bed about 1.15 last night (this morning), and I didn’t get out of bed until 12.45 today.  (Well, I did, but I just fed the fish and got right back into bed so it doesn’t really count.)  Why doesn’t it even shock me that I am still tired after all that?!  I seem to either get too much sleep, or not enough.  Comfortable media and I never did mesh very well!  I am getting my blood drawn on Monday, hopefully.  My doctor said that he’d be “happy” to go over the results with me… I think that if I have to sit in his waiting room for another three hours for that, I will be about as far from happy as it is possible to get!  So I am assuming I will not take him up on his offer… for which I’m sure he was planning to bill me, too.  Ah, well — sucks to be him!

Having babbled sufficiently for someone struck with blogger’s block, I am now going to shut up.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


8 responses to “Blogger’s Block.

  1. rediscoveringlauren

    that peanutbutter and banana panini looks delicious 🙂
    Enjoy your sunday darlin,

  2. adventuresofrecovergirl

    I feel the same way about my sister! Granted, it’s not to tend to children (she is more immature than I am… so if she had children we’d all be in a world of trouble :P) but if the phone rings or she’s around others it’s so easy for her to “drift toward her friends” Meh, maybe I’m with ya in that I gotta speak up when she does that (I get the whole “your being too sensitive” crap as well… uh, it’s rude! duh!)

    And doctors will do anything for that co-pay. Hence why I’m stealing my test results and consulting my therapist/my big book of lab results Mwahaha 😛

    Have a nice restful Sunday!
    ❤ Jenn

  3. Don’t worry ~ I’m suffering from a severe case of ‘bloggers’ block’ today too! I would love to read that story of yours ~ the way you write on the blog is really captivating (sorry if that sounds creepy!) and I’d imagine your creative writing is excellent.

    Of course fish have personalities; in my opinion every animal does, including spiders and wasps. That’s why I won’t ever kill one and get really upset whenever anyone else does. It’s natural and human to be distressed by the death of a pet, no matter what its species.

    I never stand up for myself in ‘real’ life either and kids in particular walk all over me because I’m afraid that their parents will verbally murder me if I criticise their little darlings (I hate children lol), but you don’t deserve to be treated so rudely! And once you do make yourself heard people are far less likely to do it because, predominantly, people don’t like beind confronted and want to avoid conflict.

    Many thanks for your comment and, despite my blog name, I hate cooked bananas! That’s why I always arrange them arround the edges of my bowl of oats…warm bananas=eww!

    Have a great Sunday

  4. themilkfreeway

    I hope the birthday party goes OK 🙂
    I would be sad about the fish dying too! I don’t see how that’s worth teasing someone over, poor you. Good luck with the new fish, I hope your tank continues to behave itself.
    Haha I slept really late for me today too – didn’t get out of bed until 9.40. The world is apparently ending 😛

  5. Bloggers block is definitely a very real condition.. I feel I have it at times too.

    Enjoy the birthday party! I hope we get to chat soon! (;


    p.s SLEEP IS GOOD! Send me some!

  6. lilveggiepatch

    Mm, I love a hot peanut butter and banana sandwich!

    Glad you’re getting some sleep 🙂

  7. Ah blogger’s block. I hate it when I get that too. Like, staring into the screen just blanking out…and then typing, “Yummy”. Haha!
    Hey, why “best friend”? I think I might have missed that part…
    By the way, is it ok if you make your font a bit bigger? I’m blind and always have to squint to read it xp

  8. Good luck with the new fish!!! **sending good vibes**

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