My aquarium population is all but decimated.  The algae eater didn’t even last ten hours, and the majority of the others were dead this morning.  I am the worst pet owner who ever existed; I cannot, and should never, be entrusted with any living thing.  All I do is kill them.

It probably seems like I am overreacting and catastrophizing.  Maybe I am.  But it must be the straw that just might break the camel’s back, because I am thisclose to losing it.  Whatever “it” is.


6 responses to “Murderer

  1. Don’t worry girl, I am kind of known for killing pet turtles…eek.

    Hope you feel better ❤

  2. *hugs* I’m so sorry about your fish, but you’re not a murderer and you’re by no means the worst pet owner in the world.

    Fish are actually notoriously difficult to take care of (I should know, my entire tank’s inhabitants died TWICE and then I eventually gave in and sold it) and NONE of my other pets have suffered similar fates ~ my guinea pigs lived to be eight years old, my hamster died at the ripe old age of four and my cat is currently eleven.

    Please don’t blame yourself for this: you’re a lovely, caring, sensitive person and the affection you have and the emotions you invest in your animals is truly heartwarming.

    Chin up ❤


  3. there is no way that this is your fault and you *know* this rationally…take care x

  4. urg… fish are not the most resilient of animals…

    And like everyone else has said, this is definitely NOT your fault. Hopefully I’ll be chattin with ya later tonight or maybe tomorrow. Sounds like you need some venting to do… perk up chica, life will go on! And, by the way might I remind you that you have a few AMAZING things to look forward to!

  5. oh sweetie! Im so sorry that the fishies weren’t doing okay 😦 I dont know if this will help any but i do know that if you wash the tank with soap and water before filling it with water and fish, the fish can die for the soap residue. So maybe that was it. Please please please dont take this out on yourself! Fishies die and thats just life. You would make a fine pet owner but it all takes time and a little practice. People who have babies arent just instantly amazing at taking care of them. All in good time sweetie, all in good time.

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