“Bamboo makes up 99% of a panda’s diet.”

…I wonder what comprises the other 1%… water??

First things first, to get important business out of the way.  Look what I found!! 




The calorie count on this is higher than I’d like, but considering that I’ve been going to Whole Foods practically daily for the past month to find this, I think I can manage to overlook it for the moment.  Review to follow once I’ve tried it!  I was very disappointed to see that the German Chocolate Cake Jocalat has coconut in it, though… I knew the Tropical Fruit Tart did, but not the German Chocolate Cake!  I think I prefer Jocalat over regular Larabars… oh well, plain old chocolate will do.  :p 


vanilla yogurt, fiber one, skippy natural pb
vanilla yogurt, fiber one, skippy natural pb


Maybe it’s me, but I can’t seem to mix peanut butter into anything.  I warmed it in the microwave beforehand, and while that did give it a more “melty” texture, it did not become drippy enough for me to really swirl it into anything!!  I guess this is where PB2 would come in handy… but unless someone wants to make a donation to the worthy cause ;), that isn’t happening, because I don’t want to buy four jars of it before I’ve even tried it.  Any tips on how to stir peanut butter into something else??


waffles with chocolate syrup and banana

waffles with chocolate syrup and banana

Note to self: in the future, heat up waffles in the microwave, as the toaster oven makes them impossibly crispy.  How do you heat your frozen waffles?
I went on a trip to the pet store… a very irritating trip due to traffic!  The more I drive / take public transportation, the more I am convinced that the best way of getting from point A to point B is with your own two feet… anyway, the ammonia level was fine, which I guess means whatever I did worked.  So I got another algae eater (on the right), plus a little catfish (on the left, in the bottom corner of the bag) to replace the one that died last week.  Plus a whole bunch of filter inserts and random assorted crap… this is why we call the fish “little tax deductions”!

In other not-so-exciting news today, I got into a little collision.  Not a big deal, both of our cars were fine, not even a scratch… which is especially great because I don’t care to share this little incident with my parents, and if the car was damaged, I’d have to do that, considering that it is their car, and all.  But somehow this turns into a session of “I am an idiot” … there are lots and lots and lots of people out there behind the wheel who definitely should not be driving.  Maybe I’m one of them!  So what if I don’t insist on going twenty-five miles per hour over the speed limit and cutting people off left, right, and center?  If the end result is the same, does it really matter??  (Of course, none of this self-recrimination means I’m going to stop driving.  I don’t really think I’m a danger on the road, which is the only thing that would make me give it up… I just feel like an idiot, is all.)
I was telling one of my co-workers about what happened to me on the subway platform the other day, and he wanted to know A) if she punched me in the face and B) if I hit her back.  I said that no, she didn’t, because if she had, I wouldn’t care if she’s twenty or thirty years older than I am — I definitely would have hit her back.  I mean, way back when I took martial arts classes, it was with the intent of self-defense, and this doesn’t exactly qualify because I hardly view a rabid spinster as a threat to my physical well-being… but I’m sorry, I am NOT okay with random morons assaulting me!!
Good thing about today: for some inexplicable reason, the air conditioning was off in my office.  The hallways were frigid.  My office temperature was close to perfect.  The bad thing about today: I was so exhausted that I was practically dizzy from it, and if the end of the day hadn’t come when it did I just may have passed out!!  This is not a joke, I really have to do something about it…
Staying in bed until noon tomorrow sounds about right.
I really must finalize my vacation plans very soon, because J is leaving at the end of next week (YAY!!), and I need him to sign off on my vacation days first.  I really, really, really, really hate planning things… the logistics drive me batty.  I need my own personal travel agent!!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


13 responses to ““Bamboo makes up 99% of a panda’s diet.”

  1. I can’t wait to try that Lara Bar! I love the Clif Mojo PB & J bar, so I’ll have to see how the two compare.

    Good luck with the new fish! 🙂

  2. OHH I want to try that PBJ Larabar SO bad! I’ve heard they are wonderful!

    That’s no good that you are so tired you’re dizzy! I really should have let you go to bed when I started talking to ya last night… my bad!

    No more car accidents little lady! Drive defensively! Because it is VERY true what you said about other people being stupid drivers!

    Hope your weekend goes swell! We’ve got some plannin to do!

  3. omg some lady hit you!?! thats freakin crazy– i hope you are feeling better love!

    i found that bar yesterday and cannot wait to try it as well 🙂

    sorry about the car incident– but so glad you are ok.

    as far as ‘swirling’ PB– have you ever tried it out of a pouch? i know justins nut butters come in pouches– or you could always put some in a plastic sandwich bag and cut a small piece off one of the corners and squeeze it out– that might work?

    cute fishy! 🙂 xoxox

  4. I cannot wait to try that lara bar!! and your waffles look soooooo good!!!

  5. look at all those delicious eats! SO jealous of your bar find! I have been searching all over for those delicious little guys! I cannot wait to try them out once I find them

  6. I love Skippy Natural. It is my favorite PB!
    I use PB2 to mix into things. I discovered that you can buy a single jar from netrition.com if you don’t want to commit to 4. It’s the same price, too!

    For the record, I toast my waffles, cuz I like em crispy!

    Have a great weekend. Catch up on that sleep!

  7. themilkfreeway

    Can’t help you with the peanut butter, the only time I’ve ever managed to get it swirled into something was when I was making rice porridge on the hob and added it while I was still cooking. I hope you figure it out!!
    I hope your new fish settles in ok, heh. I love fish! Ack, I’m sorry to hear about the car thing – it’s easy for two people to lose concentration just as the wrong moment. It’s even easier to get hit by a stupid person, it’s certainly not proof that you shouldn’t be driving!
    I hope your air conditioning stays off 😛

  8. themilkfreeway

    oh for goodness sake, you can tell I only got up an hour ago, I wrote ‘I hope’ three times in that comment. Oh well!

  9. Sorry about the accident…that is ALWAYS hard! Do something to nourish yourself…
    and answer my question and enter the Amazing Meal Giveaway!

  10. lilveggiepatch

    Laras are high in calories, but they’re made of good, healthy fats with lots of fruits and nuts, so I think they’re an excellent snack.

    Can’t wait to hear about your vacay plans!

  11. The Lara is so good! Are you allergic to coconut? I highly doubt that the German chocolate one would taste of it…

    PB and Co smooth operator mixes in well- NOT the new no-stir though. Failing that, I am coming in October if you want to split a PB2 order? I’d like a couple of jars but don’t need 4.

    Can’t wait to hear your vacay plans! I still think SCOTLAND!

  12. i think the other 1% of the pandas diet is larabars…or hummus. neither is a bad option. i havent seen that lara flavor yet…is it new? im a recent lara convert, so i may be behind…

  13. Uber jealous of your larabar find girlie! I bet you will love it, just like everyone else in the blog world.

    Okay so that waffle breakfast is seriously making me hungry! Loves it.
    Interesting fact about the panda bear too!

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